Drop Dead Fred. I’m a bit older than most of my buddies and none of them heard of it. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

  1. As a Fred I got called this by a girl when I worked at Walmart as a kid. No regrets great movie. Glad it's on digital so I could show my kids this movie.

  2. Rik Mayall was a brilliant esoteric comic, much better known in the UK for his work in television. His passing in 2014 was sudden, and far too soon.

  3. Mark Hamill was a big fan of Rik Mayall. After Riks passing, Hamill decided to say yes to a cameo in the show Man Down, show in which Rik Mayall played Greg Davies father. Great show also starting Mike Wozniak, who is on the current series of Taskmaster

  4. My friend was really into Drop Dead Fred when we were in high school. He had a thing for Phoebe Cates and British humor so he loved it and I just sort of loved it because we were going to watch it a million times anyway, so I might as well enjoy it.

  5. This comment is a literary tour de force. It has everything. Papa John's. Video rentals. A chute into which nothing else can be packed. Everything.

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  7. This was my immediate first thought from seeing the movie poster above. And then the scene where he stomps poo all over the new carpet. Fucking classic.

  8. I saw this movie when I was super young, and my child mind told me that "cobwebs" was referring to her underwear. It wasn't until I thought ot it again years later that the real meaning dawned on me

  9. In the TV edit they took out the word bitch and she was referred to as the Mega Beast but it just wasn't as funny

  10. Episode #219 released on August 1, 2019 for those interested. It is such a high energy episode, I was exhausted after just listening to it.

  11. You now have made me re-listen to the podcast! Good timing since I super in a sad mood, instant cheer up.

  12. I was a huge fan of The Young Ones but this was a lot more mainstream so very disappointing IMO. "Beetlejuice" as a Chick Flick was my take on it.

  13. It's sad movies like this get so little playtime on the movie channels. They play the same crap over and over when there is old stuff like this around.

  14. After watching this my brother and I cut our hair off, slid around on the floor on our backs trying to look up people's skirts and called lots of people Mega Bitch. It was a really bad year for my poor mother.

  15. I just started listening to this podcast about a month ago and was hoping someone would mention this movie was talked about in there.

  16. In high school at school a friend of mine asked me if I had heard of it (which I never had) and told me about this movie and she quoted it (“she’s got cobwebs!”). It was literally the first time I’d heard of the movie. So for her birthday I found it and bought it for her. When I gave it to her she asked me what it was. I recounted the story of when she told me about it and all that and she said she’d never seen the movie, never heard of the movie, and she didn’t remember any of that.

  17. This movie and the movie Heart and Souls (they came out within a few years of each other) made me feel better about having an imaginary friend as a kid. Both of these movies can still make me cry like a baby.

  18. For years at the used media store I worked at. Drop Dead Fred was one of the most requested movies.....problem was it was super out of print so used copies would sell on ebay for 60 to 70 dollars. We would price it at 45 and no one ever questioned why it was so expensive and the few that did we explained and they bought it anyway without bitching at all.

  19. Me and my grandma loved this movie, it was one of her favorites. she passed away in 2015, I watch it every now and then in memory of her.

  20. 'Snot Face!' Loved this movie as a kid. Rewatched as an adult and it still hits, but on a completely different level.

  21. This was the first time I saw Carrie Fisher in anything other than Star wars and I was baffled by how different she looked

  22. Classic Flick. My sister and I watched this so many times as kids growing up..Recently rewatched it and realized how fucked up the humor is (in a good way). But in no shape or form should we have been allowed to watch it as many times as we did lol

  23. Brings back some memories. I sure miss Blockbuster. Around the same time this was on video I saw Big Man on Campus. With a guy named Bob Ma'luga Luga Luga Luga Luga. That's one Ma'luga, four Luga.

  24. I wish I could find the VHS tape I used to rewatch this on as a kid! It was complete with early 90's cable TV ads as I had recorded it.

  25. Last year, early in the pandemic, I watched BlackAdder for the first time, and Fred pops up randomly throughout that series. That was a pleasant surprise.

  26. “Morning, snot face” My sister & I still use this greeting on a regular basis. I love the last creepy ass 20 minutes of this movie, too!

  27. My sister and I still call the romantic interest Micky Bunce by that name. Whatever that actor is in, he will and forever be called Micky Bunce. But we were kids and thought his name was Micky Buns.

  28. It's so amazing what the whole "OxBridge" group managed to produce. It was a time of weird, over the top humor and this little group of people managed to make:

  29. Definitely a favourite of mine and my siblings. My sister and me watched it not too long ago. Still great

  30. I ignored this when it came out, but then I discovered The Young Ones and eventually realized it was one of the greatest movies of all time.

  31. My best friend and I rented this when we were 9/10 on one of our weekends together and absolutely loved it!

  32. Oh, yeah! I loved this one. My favorite scene is when they destroy the dining area with dirt. It looked like so much fun. I don't remember very well all the details of how we had acquired that VHS tape but it was one of those things from a cereal box where my parents? older siblings? SOMEBODY mailed in the cereal box cut-out and it arrived in the mail. Couldn't have been me or my twin sis. We were like four lol.

  33. This movie actually made me feel like the imaginary figment. I ended up watching this about month ago, it made me realize why I act so eccentric. We all grow up under a tyrantical reign of childhood. So who wouldn't want a friend questioning the normal? Thank you Fred

  34. I had a friend hype this up as her favorite movie ever. When I finally had the opportunity to watch it I did. This movie is so bad. Not even so bad it's good. Just plain terrible.

  35. This movie was my shit. My mom showed it to me when I was a kid because she was honestly young when she had me, so it was like she was just sharing her childhood with me. I remember watching Drop Dead Fred when I got older and couldn’t believe I watched it as a child lmao!! I was definitely too young to grasp some of the humor but it’s funny looking back at it now.

  36. I scoured the internet to find a DVD for my brother for his birthday one year. A region free blue ray player is a great thing to own.

  37. My little sister watched this movie every freaking week back in the day. Made me dislike the very mention of the movie.

  38. My sister, seven years my senior, used to love this movie. When I was maybe 4 years old, I saw the scene where Fred smashed his head in the refrigerator and it scared the hell out of me. My sister would threaten to play this movie whenever I was misbehaving and I’d always straighten out right away because I was horrified.

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