Were you team Blue or team Red?

  1. Red, got it Christmas 98 with the atomic purple game boy and a pack of Pokémon figures. all while my friend got blue with a yellow game boy and a different pack of Pokémon figures. Boy that was the best christmas ever.

  2. Blue. In fact, I always got the second version in each pair of games (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Pearl, SoulSilver, White, White 2, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Moon, Ultra Moon, Shield and Shining Pearl).

  3. Interesting, I never thought of it it as first and second, I just always picked the "red" version, red, gold, ruby.

  4. Silver counts as the "second" version? Red and Silver were always more popular, I didn't know any other kids with Gold. I had Blue, Gold, and Leaf Green, and then jumped ahead to the last one I played, which was Moon, like you.

  5. Blue, then Yellow because it had some newer features and Pikachu of course. Then Silver. I usually picked Bulbasaur though as they were one of my favorites.

  6. Somehow I totally missed Pokémon and never got into it. I suppose it helps that I didn’t have a Game boy either. Thanks for listening to my pointless story haha

  7. There is quite a bit of pop culture stuff that people are super into that I just never got into, like game of thrones, Star Trek, Digimon all kinds of movies…. Just because it’s huge doesn’t mean everyone is into it.

  8. I had blue as a kid and because of the box art Squirtle was my first starter (and still my favourite). Now that I'm older, I prefer Red, because my standard team has become Blastoise, Marowak, Vileplume, Arcanine, Pidgeot and Nidoking/Mewtwo

  9. The absolute best Christmas I ever had was the year I got these. Moms let me open a gift on Christmas Eve and I got Pokémon yellow and the pikachu edition game boy. Stayed up until 5am playing under the covers. Next morning I opened both red and blue. Best Christmas ever. Thanks mom :)

  10. I was Team Fuck That Noise; I've Got Two GameBoys, A Link Cable, and an Estranged Father Who Tried To Buy My Love.

  11. Team Red, as it happened to be a gift from my parents, but Squirtle was my first starter and the first time I ever play any Pokemon game, I have to go with the water starter still to this day!

  12. I was on team No-tendo... Because I fouldn't afford a gameboy back then and have never really liked Pokémon.

  13. I chose Red! Along with a Yellow Game Boy Color just for the Pokemon game. Then Pikachu Yellow on release. Years later Blue to complete the series 😄

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