Black real estate agent, clients handcuffed outside of Michigan home they were viewing

  1. "Open and shut case, Johnson. Apparently this black guy broke in and hung up pictures of his family everywhere. Never seen anything like it." - Dave Chappelle

  2. It was totally some dementia suffering old dude who panicked and thought it was still the days when they used to burn crosses when those "uppity" folks got ideas they could live in the suburbs.

  3. Most likely the cops were called them as a threat so they wouldn't move in to the area. Probably said they were breaking things, etc.

  4. Not just harassed and arrested, having your life put in imminent danger. They had guns, with no effective safety mechanisms, drawn on them for absolutely no reason. There was no investigation or police work done prior to an escalation to the threat of use of deadly force. Against innocent Americans. All participating officers should be fired and investigated for treason.

  5. Shame on the neighbor that called, but shame on the police dept for jumping the gun (literally) also-how tf after breonna taylor do we still not have officers announcing themselves? I'm hoping the 911 call becomes public - I doubt they were wearing body cams

  6. These returning robbers are skilled next time some robbers might actually place stuff in the house like furniture and tv’s.

  7. 7 police officers with guns drawn responding to the threat of a burglary? And no cop announced themselves. Yeah, it would be interesting to hear what the 911 call sounded like. The situation could have gone terribly wrong.

  8. When I was a teenager my friends and I hung out at a local playground and the old lady who lived next door hated older kids using the park so she called the police on us one time. Four cars surrounded the park and eight officers leapt out at us, guns drawn. I have no idea what the lady told them to make them pull guns on us, but they eventually ascertained we weren't a threat. There were six of us in the park that day, and two of us (not me) got personal visits from the police later that night to apologize to the parents.

  9. Who has 7 officers respond to a burglary? Gun drawn, sure, but like two officers is all you need. 7 officers is like “suspect is armed and dangerous” type territory, not some dude is breaking into a house type territory

  10. According to various news stories about this incident, the original call was that a squatter that had been forcibly removed from the premises the week before had returned.

  11. Exactly. There would have been “for sale” and “open house” signs and probably more than a few showings. Anyone paying attention would know it was being shown, not burgled.

  12. This is true. I rented a room with this married couple who told me they are selling their house shortly after finding out they were pregnant. They told me the reason is because there's too many black people moving in the neighborhood. We are all white. They offered to rent me a room in their new home, but I declined and just rented a house instead. I can't stand racists and being white people for some reason think it's ok being racist around me.

  13. Not to mention the real estate agent AND the potential buyers actually Waved at the Neighbors before fucking entering the home. Absolutely incredible on all counts. Assholes really do break the laws of fucking nature, thermodynamics, darwinism... the whole damn kit and caboodle.

  14. Am from michigan can confirm your theory. Its sad you'd think michigan was a southern state its completely segregated in northern michigan. I move up to get away from the city and instead moved into maga territory and my small town is 100 percent white and the first black family to ever live here in the early 1900s was lynched. Someone literally typed up the story and it spread around facebook last year. I regret moving here one hundred percent but im currently stuck because of health issues. Im also white. I dont like it here. The people the stigma its everything they fear in others its all projection.

  15. There was an old lady who used to anonymously call the cops on any “ethnically diverse” people who would look at house in the neighbourhood. She thought she was doing the neighbourhood a solid by keeping undesirable people out… Most times the cops would just roll up, have a talk, understand what was happening, and take off… Houses only went on the market every now and then over the years, so nobody at the PD put things together. She off the cuff mentioned it to another one of the neighbours one day… I can’t help but think it had the desired effect in a lot of cases unfortunately, because who wants to live in the neighbourhood after that introduction.

  16. They got what they wanted, too. You think black people are gonna consider moving into this racist shithole after this? Cops did their job scaring them off on demand.

  17. Here's my theory: the neighbor who called the cops knew the people weren't burglars. They just wanted to scare off prospective African American buyers to keep the neighborhood white...

  18. Absolutely. You don’t break into a house with lock and key (most important part), and you certainly don’t do it dressed professionally. These guys just wanted to harass black people out of their town and should face charges for swatting considering guns were pulled

  19. Probably the truth. Any neighbor would see the “for sale” and “open house” signs, moving trucks and weekly showings.

  20. did the car even match the previous description? wonder how many red flags get raised or buried in this investigation.

  21. Which is shitty, but the fact that the cops showed up like they were about to get involved in a gang war of absurd. Once they saw the fire sale sign, they should’ve chilled out and approached the scene as a domestic issue, and then ticketed the person who called them.

  22. I grew up in a fairly rural/semi urban part of Michigan. Lots of racism there unfortunately, in guessing it's that way all over the more states I live in. Never realized it until I got older and moved away. Not as just out there as some other parts of the country but it's certainly there, I'm guessing it has to do with all the white people moving away from the cities.

  23. Yep. As a white Canadian who visits frequently I’m shocked how people casually say incredibly racist comments, to me/in front of me, thinking my thoughts are mutual. It’s stunning.

  24. That should legitimately exist. I(F) actually always try to bring a white male friend with me when I go to negotiate a price for something expensive, and when I need to get repairs on my car. He literally just has to stand there, and it always goes better. I'm lucky I have friends that'll do it for free, but for real someone should start that business because it would sell

  25. I lived with a Mexican friend and his family. He was always having me deal with companies on his behalf and even the landlord one time. I thought it was strange given some of these companies offered services in Spanish and the lease was in his name.

  26. I brought one with me when I asked for sterilization surgery and it worked. I'm not making this up. OHSU said no. I show up to UW with a white male and the surgery was covered by my insurance.

  27. I saw somewhere where a white woman married to a black man chose to drive everywhere they went so as not to give any impressions that she was in harm's way. So, something happened previously to them or someone they know for them to start doing that. Its fucked up.

  28. I forget what media outlet, but I just watched this. A black woman got her home appraised because she was trying to sell. She then asked her sister's white husband to stand in on the second appraisal and the home was appraised at like, 100k more.... WTF?!

  29. I can't imagine being black. You're in a house, and you're "burgling" it. You're outside a house and you're "acting suspicious". Like they exist in some perpetual state of being suspected of a crime.

  30. I was returning some children books to the library one night and two cops had their hands at their hips ready to draw their guns. I haven't been back there since.

  31. The "neighborhood watch" shit Ring camera has is nothing but a racist watch. Every week a video of a black person on the street acting suspicious. It's a video of a black person walking and happening to look around. Not even on property. Just looking around with their head. And "OMG THIS SUSPICIOUS LOOKING PERSON IS WALKING AROUND! KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN EVERYONE!". It's pathetic how weak and shitty these people are.

  32. The first time I visited the US, I had just landed in NYC and was exiting JFK. I went up to a police officer to ask for directions. They pulled a gun on me, made me lie down on the ground, and then cuffed me. Frisked me down. Then let me go without giving me the directions I had been trying to ask for.

  33. It's not just black people, though. I look vaugely hispanic and unless I had a short tight military haircut and a clean-shaven face I'd had cops called on me for simply walking through nice neighborhoods and parks near fancy homes to get a reprieve from my childhood trailer park home nearby. I've also had cops with their hands on their guns approach me on multiple occasions and one time was hand-cuffed and placed on a cruiser because there was 'A series of robberies in the last week' and I looked 'suspicous'. It's just panicky old rich people abusing the emergency line, most of whom happen to be white.

  34. I believe this is Schrodinger's African. A black man in America is both innocent and committing crimes at any given moment, and their state is only determined when a white person observes them and decides to call the cops.

  35. There’s a good chance the neighbor saw a black couple and was worried about their property values. They got angry and decided to call the cops with a made up story about burglars.

  36. I don't buy the burglary argument one bit. The neighbour may have claimed that he thought he saw a robbery taking place, but in reality he saw a black guy and a realtor and realized he could potentially have black neighbours. Even if the black guy is found innocent, what are the odds he'll want to live in that neighbourhood now?

  37. I was thinking about how this might influence potential buyers or even the value of the home due to the violent police response. I would be pissed if I was the homeowner trying to sell. I wonder who all gets to sue who in this kind of situation.

  38. When a house in your neighborhood is for sale, it's not uncommon to see people driving by real slow and strangers going in and out of the place.

  39. Imagine living there, at the lightest effect; the neighbor with profound distrust and dislike, goes in the house and watches you from the window whenever you go out. Assuming any crime has something to do with you. (I'm assuming he's old) not letting the grandkids play with your kids. Knowing the police are on his side and will over react to anything.

  40. just stay there a couple more times and observe who was peeking tbrough the blinds. then call the police on them and say its being robbed by 3 black men fight police calls with police calls

  41. I understand police showing up to do their job. I don't understand why it has to be guns drawn raid. Why can't questions be ask and answers verified, without handcuffs?

  42. Well, most of the time active shooters are sensible enough to be white. So of course they are treated more reasonably.

  43. They should be able to sue for defamation and false allegations or something I think, idk I'm not a lawyer but that sounds right to me.

  44. That’s actually a good point; I didn’t consider that it was a longer term strategy. Who would want to buy the house after experiencing something like this? I would feel unsafe having my kids around a neighbor like that.

  45. "we've always done it that way" is literally the worst possible reasoning to, I would say, 99.99% of all actions human beings are capable of taking.

  46. The times that I have messed up the worst have mostly been when I've felt like I needed to take a particular action because that was what was required by my role. That's not to say there's no place for protocol, but protocol has the weakness of not being able to adapt to specific situations as well as people can.

  47. At this point black people getting guns pointed at them for the "crime" of existing is not even remotely Onion-ey anymore

  48. Man police policy is such a problem. So one random 911 call and cops show up and surround a house, guns drawn? No questions, handcuff the 'suspects' immediately?

  49. No, no. The cops share blame. ACAB, my dude. You KNOW if this had been a white father, son and realtor there would have been ONE happy smiley cop. But no they had to line up SWAT style. What were they planning on doing? Suiciding them? Using the former squatter as target practice? That response was 1,000% unnecessary.

  50. The previous squatter had a black Mercedes. Because the people in this story had a black car the police was called. And quite possibly because they were black.

  51. You would be surprised. We have a lot of homeless people living in this vacant lot near my work. Some of them have old BMWs and other older luxury cars. One has a 4 year old nice truck thats worth at least 30k$

  52. The core problem with policing in the US is that the police are trained to view everyone they encounter as a threat. Add to that layers of biases (socio-economic, racical, nativism) and almost every encounter is toxic.

  53. And you know what? Almost everyone is a potential threat because the whole country is armed to the teeth. Here in the Nordics you can still have a good old wrestle with the police because they can be reasonable confident you are not armed and won't escalate. I know how sore subject gun control is to Americans, and how impossible people say it is, but I really think its the biggest driver to how police are acting nowadays.

  54. Not much consistency in this or other sources. It’s almost like the cops got caught fucking up and are trying to find the right magic words to make it go away. Sovereign Citizens in blue.

  55. How is it not illegal to call the cops on completely innocent people? It's a crime to file a false police report.

  56. I’m so tired of these people getting anonymity while the victims of racism are posted all over the media. Guess who’s gonna get the death threats ?

  57. That area of Michigan is awfully racist and white. When I read the headline I said to myself “this is probably Grand Rapids area” before even clicking in.

  58. Yup. You see more confederate flags driving around there than you do in Oklahoma. And you see a lot in Oklahoma.

  59. That’s the real story here, guns drawn, it’s a horrific accident waiting to happen. Imagine if they had looked out the window and freaked out rather than reacting calmly…

  60. I’ve seen the video you’re referring to. It’s actually a separate but similar incident that happened in Ohio (this post is about an incident in Michigan). I wouldn’t be surprised if this scenario has played out many times.

  61. As a black man I would never buy a house in an all white neighborhood, for what, to deal with the headache there are many mixed neighborhoods out there or even upscale middle class neighborhoods with ppl of color, some of the ppl of color go in these neighborhoods just to say, oh I’m the first person of color here, then wonder why there is a cross burning on their lawn, it’s been happening for decades and still happens,it’s my opinion but just to avoid all the issues that might come I rather have a peace of mind Bc I tend to fight fire with fire and I won’t back down frm some crazy neighbor, I’m not saying all white ppl are bad hell there are black folks I won’t live around either but all it takes is one bad neighbor

  62. How do you look at those two men and think home burglar? The guy on the right looks like he works at a bank or library lol. Jesus Christ how racist are these neighbors.

  63. Reminds me of the story where cops got called on a black man moving into his new house or the other time where a black police officer had the cops called on him cause there was a suspicious man dressed as a police officer with a flashlight.

  64. Former agent speaking. I didn’t think much of it at the time but a black agent in my brokerage would often ask another white agent or me to show houses in the super white areas. It might have been a coincidence but this is a possibly why.

  65. I live in the UK, and I cannot imagine what it's like for Americans. Cops called to a break-in here don't bring weapons. Nor do thieves.

  66. Cops called to a break-in in the UK don't even bring themselves, they just give you a crime reference number over the phone for your insurance claim.

  67. It’s so confusing, Americans love winning Olympic gold medals, by using African-Americans. Especially in basketball and track. Not to mention the NBA and the NFL.

  68. A lot of Racist backward Narcissistic behavior out of Michigan? Whats up there Guys? Why are people trying to form white supremacy militia and fuck with minorities like its pre 1960's Mississippi?

  69. I can understand maybe the police being there if they were called. But even if it were the squatter that they claimed, why so many and why with guns drawn?

  70. I can almost guarantee you that it was a neighbor that called and said that the house was being broken into because they don't want black neighbors. Probably some 70-year old white b****that believes segregation should still exist.

  71. If the cops followed protocol, then the people who wrote the damn protocol are racists, the cops need to understand that.

  72. This was terrible. Karen's called police and they over react. The verbiage those interviewed, tell me a lawsuit is on its way.

  73. I thought it meant the estate agent had handcuffed the clients. I've seen that in porn, so it seemed the most likely explanation to me.

  74. I bet it was a neighbor calling the cops. Best thing for this gentleman to realize is that these racist fucks won't stop when he moves in either. I hope they pursue justice against the caller.

  75. Wow. Utterly ridiculous. Half the cities in the midwest were on fire last year due to cops and people protesting this shit. We will never learn.

  76. This is why people ask for police accountability. Looks we'll never get there. Police would rather shoot a minority than reform.

  77. Being black in America. They constantly tell the world about their issues but nobody cares. It's very sad. Only the Muslims could closely relate.

  78. It's a neighbor who wants to be sure potential black buyers choose a different neighborhood. Cops are more than happy to assist with a ridiculous show of force.

  79. “Yes, your crime is being black and being able to afford a house in this economy. Get ready for your shake down.” Cop: grabs dude’s hand, slaps himself. “We’ll add assaulting a police officer to the charges.”

  80. The cops can't even make up a coherent story to explain why they were there and brought out a whole SWAT team. On one hand, they claim they were there because of a "squatter driving a similar car" as the real estate agent, then on the other hand, they claim they got a call on a burglary. Pick a story goddamn. And neither of those reasons warrant the response the cops gave to the poor real estate agent and family.

  81. In other words, another lawsuit extorting tax payer money to bail out a racist and ignorant police department. We need new laws requiring cops to carry personal insurance to cover this type of total incompetence, now!

  82. "The home had been broken into before. The person who was arrested was returned." So, this real estate agent came in PREVIOUSLY. And they reported a breakin BEFORE. This is NOT the first time this racist piece of shit has called the cops on a black real estate agent for this house.

  83. So I bet the asking price on the house just went down a bit. Racist neighbors aren't good for property values.

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