Biden Calls Fox Reporter 'Stupid Son of a Bitch' Over Inflation Question

  1. This guy's been dumb or at least making like it for a while. Only reason I even know his name is Jon Stewart used to rag on him.

  2. godamn that was beautiful. i may not have agreed with him on a lot of what he stood for but i'd fuckin vote for him based on that soundbyte alone.

  3. That interaction is kind of telling, it shows how Fox News radicalized and now controls the Republican Party. They had this idea long before trump and his fans.

  4. I dislike biden, but I thought it was hilarious when during the presidential debate he said "just shut up man" to Trump lol old people swearing is a treat

  5. I personally hate his "America's Grandpa" vibe. He doesn't feel genuine, and to me it just feels like he's pandering. I think my favorite video of him was when someone approached him and told him he was anti-Union and he responded by telling the guy he's full of shit.

  6. Trump slapped his small penis on the table and made everyone oh and ah over it. Time for Biden to do the… you get what I’m saying

  7. I’ve only related to Biden twice…first when he fell asleep during the Climate conference and when he told Trump to shut up during the debates. So I agree with this.

  8. I don’t like Biden, but if he starts publicly calling conservatives idiots, etc. he will gain a lot of points from me.

  9. I heard a a lot of Trump Supporters hide their racism behind "he says what's on his mind." There is no better saying what's on your mind than calling a reporter a stupid son of a bitch.

  10. This is the most heat I’ve seen off Biden since he said that “will you shut up, man?” line we all wanted to hear back in 2020.

  11. The open hostility in politics is a little tiring, but I loved this. It was such an old man thing to do (passively calling someone a stupid SOB not realizing your mic is on and people can hear you), and it was so off-the-cuff and genuine. It was hands down the most endearing thing I’ve seen him do in the last 6 years.

  12. It may just be me but I want to see a president whos language is more colorful. After 4 years of hearing people say they like trump because "he tells it like it is" it would actually be nice to have a president go "aight bet, mothafuckas"

  13. I mean, what does he really have to loose? He was VP for Obama, successfull politican and potus. In the current mood of the USA I doubt he’ll get re-elected.

  14. I am sure in the article typos happen even though they should double check on those. But isn’t it misspelled and not misspells

  15. I wish they would say that shit out loud during questioning. “That’s not a very good question, and here’s why… In fact, it seems like a lot stupid questions come from you. The press keeps me in line to make me better at my job, but you need to rise to the occasion and be better at your job, or you won’t be invited back”

  16. I kinda love when Biden gets caught with these things. Like the hot mic that caught him saying "this is a big fucking deal" to Obama and Obama's face just reading "dammit Joe, NOT NOW".

  17. I think explaining why it's not a good question is extremely crucial to this. If you think back to trump, he would always undermine the press and threaten not to let them in anymore when they asked questions he didn't like. The key difference would be trump just didn't like the question, whereas you would have to go into detail about why the question is poor to avoid looking like you're just undermining them.

  18. “That’s not a very good question, and here’s why… In fact, i am responsible for the inflation rate we have this very moment. as every day goes by, my decisions will punish every single tax payer and there is nothing you can do about it until the next election cycle. so guess you'll have to save up to manage to reach the end of my term."

  19. I went over there and was pleasantly surprised that the top comments, sorted by best, mostly acknowledge it was funny and one said something like that they would like it if trump had done it.

  20. I chuckled at this, but as it turns out, there's a decent amount of positive comments about Biden, and most others are just saying "glad Biden brought civility back"

  21. Just went over there and it seems most of them thought it was hilarious. I'm not a fan but seems like they are at least staying on brand. One thing we can actually agree on then. It was hilarious.

  22. That whole thing with the guy saying let's go brandon when he was on the phone with the Biden's really annoyed me. Normally I wouldn't give a shit, but the hypocrisy of it was frustrating.

  23. To be fair to Biden, this reporter also has a history of being called stupid on camera. John McCain asked him why he’d say something so stupid back in 2017.

  24. You may be right that we should expect more from our highest political office, but I don't have a problem with this. I tried your method, and it was never Trump speaking his mind that bothered me. My problems with Trump were never how he said things, but what he said and meant. I for one, enjoy this based Biden moment.

  25. Careful with the anecdotal "a lot of people angle". I know someone who used that a lot, and what can I say? A lot of people didn't like him. A lot of people. You know what they say? Nothing good. It's a shame, a real shame.

  26. At the same time... What else does he have to lose? He doesn't have half the senate and anything said is going to get spun anyways.

  27. I honestly don’t think there’s anything unpresidential about cursing or calling people out on blatant falsehoods. What I think is unpresidential is using curse words and insults as a crutch for not being able to speak intelligently about a topic. Donald Trump would ONLY use childish language in his retorts, if Biden did the same I’d hate him in a very similar way.

  28. Trump and Biden are basically the same person on different sides of the political coin. Both are old, out of touch, racist white guys with a bad temper and thin skin. Back in June, Biden opines that the hesitancy in the Hispanic population to get vaccinated is bc they're afraid of "being deported". He's got a rich history of making dumb racial comments. Let's not act as if Biden isn't racist as well.

  29. You're right to an extent for me as well, but I actually didn't so much mind Trump using vulgarity as much as him picking on the little guy. Frankly, I found Trump appalling but hilarious. I laughed at something damn near every press conference I watched.

  30. But it's actually all bitching about civility and ignoring all the bullshit they cheered Trump on for. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  31. No, I don’t think they would clutch their pearls. I think they would be on the ready to call out the left’s hypocrisy, given that they clutched their pearls for four years.

  32. anyone who defends Trump or Biden so vehemently is loser. Ya'll basically just care about blue vs. red. The fact that these two dipshits were chosen to lead the country is a fucking failure on all accounts.

  33. Here's the deal, as a guy that grew up with veterans it appeals to me that Biden never insulted veterans to their face or made fun of the parents of a dead service member.

  34. I assume at least half of them are bots/paid accounts. No one could actually like these guys or think either of them care about everyday Americans. And the other half that aren’t bots just blindly hate the other side

  35. What if your defense isn't vehement? What if it's just like: Yeah, this reporter is a prick. Probably shouldn't call him a stupid son of a bitch, but he's not wrong.

  36. Honestly, I know this seems tame or normal after 4 years of Trump, but I still say this behavior is unbecoming of a President. Never was a big Biden fan at all, but this is just as disappointing as if Trump had said it. In the next 8 years the White House press briefing are going to look like re-runs of the Jerry Springer Show at this rate.

  37. Haha what a funny Biden blooper surely these comments are all either laughing about this event or criticizing it. Surely an entire different political party and their politicians who barely have even the slightest connection to this event could not be roped in and criticized for such a funny event.

  38. It’s so funny to me that Biden is literally doing things that republicans should be in love with. Increasing police budgets, refusing to cancel student debt, no min wage increase, calling people names, etc. Swap the D for an R after his name and every republican would be licking his boots.

  39. The presidency turned Obama's hair white and that man was being fed by Michelle Obama who might as well be an Olympian health coach.

  40. I feel like Trump really raised the bar on shocking presidential behavior, This doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

  41. The US has to stop electing elderly men as presidents. There is an age limit for young. There should be a limit for old too.

  42. I mean, it's a really obvious question, but you should be able to recognize the obvious question as a softball, and answer it extremely eloquently, considering you're the president.

  43. I will never understand American fanatism politics. People who thought Trump was undignified and wanted him sacked for things like that are now saying this is fine because Trump did it too. This is the worst case of circular reasoning I've ever seen.

  44. It's too bad that Fox is full of disingenuous assholes, because asking what Biden plans are to address inflation before the midterms is something I'd actually like to know the answer to.

  45. Ya he just asked "is it a liability" - that's not the question they should be asking. They aren't trying to get answers they are trying to get clickbait.

  46. What's Biden supposed to do about it if all 50 republicans vote no on everything and a couple Democrats keep fucking around?

  47. I don't understand how the question is a stupid question. Inflation at about 40yrs high is actually a pretty good fucking question in an election year.

  48. The question was (I'm paraphrasing): "do you think inflation is a good thing for you politically in the midterms?" It's a dumb rhetorical question fishing for sound bites.

  49. I didn’t see noted anywhere that Biden called Doocy and apologized. Which he did. The nature and responsible thing to do. Doocy does ask dumb questions.

  50. If Trump was planning on sending ground troops to a country that paid his son millions, reddit might indeed be handling the news differently.

  51. Yeah and 95% of the comments here are praising Biden for saying this Lol ( unless negative comments were removed) the double standard is unreal.

  52. I clearly remember him saying if anyone is disrespectful to anyone, he would fire them on the spot. So far that’s twice he has insulted a fox reporter. If you can’t handle questions then ignore them.

  53. I love how everyone is circlejerking around his statements just because hes a Fox reporter. Inflation is a real issue and some in the Feds have a massive spending issue..

  54. Inflation is crushing the poor. Especially the poor with any bit of savings in a bank. But Reddiots only care if their party is winning. I fucking hate 99% of this comment thread.

  55. “But I am not joking when I say this, if you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect... talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot.”

  56. libs all of a sudden think this shit is okay when they were crying over this shit when trump did the same thing , republicans all of a sudden think this is “unprofessional” after they were praising trump for it

  57. Everyone is in here praising him for this, but God knows they'd be singing a different tune if this were a president from the other party.

  58. Inflation is just a numbers thing JACK! Let me tell Ya back when my old friend Marvin luther king freed the slaves the minds kamala told me listen president Trump had Skippy peanut butter in Vietnam what was the questions you should be asking.

  59. This sub reddit was suggested by whatever fucked up algorithm reddit uses to make suggestions. On the bright side, I finally get to see where the 30 percent that approve of biden hangout.

  60. Eisenhower said the same words about Douglas McCarthur(sp) this doesn’t seem like it should be headline news. President said a dirty word!!! Film at 11

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