Do you feel a 3060ti is worth it as an upgrade from my 1080?

  1. If you’re going to buy a 3080 and have a chance to buy an EVGA model, you can purchase an extended warranty up to 7 years I believe.

  2. I have a friend who go to Europe and buy one rtx from EVGA, and he says "dude, is one the best option we have today, because the card is good and the warranty/customer service is very good to".

  3. What's your plan for a monitor going forward? I have a 3080 which is a beast on a [email protected] screen. But if you have a 1080p monitor with no plan of upgrading that soon, it would definitely be overkill. Arguably, it's currently overkill for a 1440p screen.

  4. Once the next batch of triple A games are out that wont be the case anymore. The 3080 will be a nice 1440p card for the next 2 years imho. Especially if you consider the 10/12GB Ram issue.

  5. I had a 1070 and 1440p 144hz was struggling as well and decided on a 3080 if possible, 3070 at least. Weep for my wallet as a 3090 was all that was in stock.

  6. I bought a 6800xt, thats the 3080 but from AMD, the thing has so much power! I feel you will be good for at least 4 years, maybe longer

  7. Hey man. I upgraded from the 1080 to the 3060TI 1 year ago and i gotta say the difference was quite big. I'm running 3440x1440 and the 1080 could not handle most games on max settings/60fps. With my 3060TI i can run almost every game at max settings and it has the huge plus side of having DLSS (Whenever it's supported). So in my opinion it's definitely an upgrade and should be more than enough for 1440p :)

  8. That’ll feel like a massive upgrade, but I always tell people to spring for the 3070 if they can. If not I’ve been very happy with my 3060Ti, though it does have to make some compromises occasionally. Ray tracing in CP2077 makes it struggle for example.

  9. Either upgrade to 3080 or stick with your card for one more cycle imo. Not enough of a jump in my eyes to 3060ti/3070

  10. You are sidegrading... if you ckme from a 1080, yes the 3060ti is better thrn the 1080 for sure but it is a lower end 1440p card. I wouldnt go with less then a 3070 or better a 3080 with 12gb. You had a great card with the 1080 and you should again get the same tier, otherwise the 3060ti might very well not keep up so lomg as the 1080 did, depending on the games you play but since you say your 1080 doesnt do it any more i guess you play gpu demanding games jn which case the 3080 is perfect for you to give you another couple of years of nice 1440p gaming. Edit: Just my take on it.

  11. I have an Aorus 3060Ti Elite and it gives amazing gaming performance. I upgraded from an RX 580 and the performance difference was huge as expected. I tested the RTX 3060Ti in 50 Games @ 1440p on my YouTube channel. Check it out. Great card

  12. 3060Ti games pretty solidly at 1440p, I’ve had one since it came out pretty much and you’re basically looking at being able to play most open world games at high or max settings at least at 60fps. It still struggles with something like CP2077 with ray tracing, i leave it off as it’s not really worth it. Elden Ring I can max out settings, slightly older games like RDR2 can be maxed out and get over 60fps. You can turn down the graphics for FPS games and get 100+ fps. Tbh you might want to spring for the 3070 if you can. If not it’s a very solid card for the price that’ll get the job done possibly with a few caveats here and there.

  13. What’s your avg FPS on elden ring with the 3060TI if you don’t mind me asking? I recently got a 3060TI and I’ve been struggling to maintain 60 FPS on medium settings.

  14. Absolutely. RTX 3060 Ti is considerably faster (it beats 1080 Ti with ease, not to mention a regular 1080), you'll get more vram and very fast rt- and tensor cores. So yeah, it's a great upgrade.

  15. From someone who moves from a 1080 - in 1440p I'd go higher. I'm using the 3070 at uw 1440 now, 1440p before, and it's struggling a bit. Still a massive improvement over 1080 though

  16. Works great for 1440p gaming in my experience. I think going with the best you can afford is a good call though. I wish I got something a little more future-proof when I bought my 3060ti last year.

  17. My jump was nominal (in a way) considering I upgrade from the previous generation (2080 TI FTW3 Ultra > 3090 FE). With the 3090 FE I went this route to secure a long-term card so, I won't be considering 40 nor probably 50-Series.

  18. So I went from a Vega 64 (similar to 1080) to a 2080 Super (similar to a 3060 ti) - Note that I got the 2080 Super for a really great price before everything went insane. (Sold the Vega for $300, got the 2080 Super for $550)

  19. I'm seeing lots of comments saying, "just get a 3080", from people who don't know a 3060 ti and 3070 are very close in performance and a 3080 is a lot more money for not that much more performance.

  20. what are liked are the 4th and 9th series in both geforce generations, but I also had a gef3ti for doom3, a 3080 is gonna be like a 4070 so thats all right I suppose

  21. no I just upgrade from 1080 to 3080 ans recently down to 3060ti. fps is 30 fps less than 3080 but i saved 1450-580 =870$. I paid 1180 for 3080 and sold it for 1450 bought 580 for 3060ti

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