Found this in the basement of my new 🏠

  1. Sounds great until the cops show up at your house because it’s a match for a missing person or in the evidence of a murder victim. Have fun explaining that you just found it.

  2. At least there's a key in the lock. Probably how the guy wearing it escaped into the duct work to watch you sleep at night.

  3. Bro what? It's scratched and nicked to shit, both the ball and the shackle, and the chain is clearly weathered. In no way does it look new just because the owner may have cleaned it

  4. Reminds me of how a serial rapist was walking the women he abducted on leashes in his garden. The neighbors saw and thought it was "kink" lmao

  5. My buddies have a ball and chain similar to this, except the ball has a handle attached to it; the reasoning is for bachelor parties. The groom to be is chained to it and has to carry it around as they barhop with all the guys.

  6. It was used during exercise period. Which took place in the basement. It was for their batty Aunt Helga who lived in the attic.

  7. That’s a gag bro. We used to paint houses and apartments and leave the exact same thing. Or we’d spray paint the wood under the carpet asking for help. Someone just had a sense of humor here.

  8. Best case scenario it’s a sex thing, worst case you are going to find a lot more terrifying things buried in that basement

  9. Local guy known for liking BDSM and kinks, often took men home for wild shit apparently, one time a naked man was found running screaming from the house, but wouldn’t press charges. Last year a young guy goes missing after telling friends he was going to a guys house for some freaky sex, found dead in the guy’s sex dungeon, he’d eaten his balls at some point, too.

  10. It’s definitely from a bachelor party. It’s a gag where you all gang up on the bachelor and make them wear it for a night, as the ol “ball and chain”.

  11. The fact that they left it there leads me to believe something went sideways. Cause I sure as hell ain't leaving my ball and chain for the next guy to use.

  12. I wonder how many bodies are buried in the basement. I remember the Mythbusters burying pig carcasses under concrete as part of testing how good ground-penetrating radar was at finding corpse cavities on their Jimmy Hoffa episode.

  13. Out of curiosity, how good was ground penetrating radar at finding corpse cavities, and at what depth did they determine radar could not detect corpse cavities in which corpses were entombed? And any other details about successfully concealing corpses that were revealed in that episode.

  14. My step-dad's family did a joke with a ball and chain when he got married to my mom (they then again re-used it with my sister and her husband). You write the spouse's name on the ball, attach it to the ankle, hide the key. This is done on bachelor night at the start of the party and left until the next day.

  15. The real question is what are you doing with all that extra time you saved using the emoji in place of a word?

  16. For a ball and chain that looks practically new? What's next? Reporting the previous owners because you found some fuzzy handcuffs and a whip?

  17. Lmao it's a gag wedding gift. These things were only ever used in real life to encumber fleeing slaves and forced laborers. It would have to be made out of tungsten to actually hold someone in place.

  18. What are you doing with all the free time you saved by hitting the house emoji instead of just typing house?

  19. Bro u might honestly want to report this somehow. That only points to bad history in that basement and who knows maybe could actually help save someone if whoever put that there is still doing weird shit . You never know

  20. Doing some rough calculations, steel is about 0.28 lbs / cubic inch. If that sphere is about 10 inches in diameter then it has a volume of about 523 cubic inches, which would mean that thing weighs about 150 lbs (68 kg).

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