Post workout muscle dancin'

  1. I'm not an author of this vid, but had the same thing couple of times. Usually in the middle of the night, that pain is unbelievable... Like a knife penetrating your muscles, horrible

  2. Need more potassium, my feet used to damn near bend in half because of muscle spasms after working out in the heat all day but now I consume way more potassium and haven't had any more issues, bananas have 300mg per banana but we need 2k a day so I just drink BodyArmor because they are packed with potassium.

  3. Nah it didnt hurt he’s just crying for no reason lol I get these sometimes and yah I can guarantee that it hurts a ton

  4. Used to get that all the time when I was a competitive swimmer. Wake up in the middle of the night hurting so bad my whole body clenched up couldn’t breath couldn’t scream. Until it finally unclenches and hurts for a few days after. People get so surprised that you get dehydrated swimming… we don’t drink the pool water lol

  5. Protip drink about a pint of water or more before bed this can greatly reduce the likelihood of it happening. If it starts to happen immediately jump out of bed and stand up with your foot flat against to floor like you normally would and do not relax your muscle. It will feel tight but it will not get the chance to knot up and put you in the extreme pain that you get. When the tightness leaves try drinking water before bed and as an extra precaution tuck the blanket tight under your feet to your foot and toes are pointed up instead of down. It will be uncomfortable and strenuous for a while but it will help keep from letting the cramp come back.

  6. If cramps continue make sure to eat plenty of potassium and drink enough water, I also had cramps and I found it not having enough of either can cause the cramps.

  7. Oh yeah, after I came home from one of our training bases in Barrie, Ontario, I had that exact same thing happen. Something tells me it’s over exertion and your muscles get really fuckin pissed at you because they’re trying to heal and you randomly start needing to use them again

  8. Alot of people call it a Charlie horse. It wakes me out of my sleep every once in a while, it's agonizing and it's sore for a couple days after.

  9. I get those too, I'll wake up for no apparent reason and a few moments later one or both of my calves will cramp up. Ive had cramps in my arms, thighs and back, and nothing hurts as bad as my calves.

  10. I feel your pain. I woke up in the middle of the night once because of my calf cramping like that. I had a pretty bad bruise in the area the next day which freaked me out more than the cramping

  11. I've had calf, hamstring, thigh, and abdominal cramps on this level before. They stay sore for days and the pain is insanely intense for the period of the cramp.

  12. I get cramps in the side arches of my feet. It's awful. I was a sprinter in HS/college and I took full advantage of the free masseuse they provided us, but even then, they'd keeping happening. Plenty of water, electrolytes, etc. My doc just says I'm genetically predisposed to them and that all I can do is manage it. I'll still get them randomly even though I haven't ran in 5+ years. Not fun.

  13. I’ll stretch when I’m sleeping and my calf will cramp up super bad. Punching it is my instant reaction for some reason lmao

  14. Hell no! Happens to me often after a good workout. Mines are bad but this is on another level. U usually domt wanna touch it until it calms down and then you wanna rub it. Any movement after it ends triggers it all over again.

  15. You don't even need to over work your muscles for this to happen... Just flex your calf the wrong way and it's Charlie horse time... Also this guy should be stretching his leg as far out as possible if he wants to fix this

  16. I developed plantar fasciitis this past year (working from home —-> walking bare foot on tiled floors—> zero arch support). One of the exercises to alleviate the pain was stretching the calf muscles. Did it constantly. The delightful side benefit was that my nightly Charlie horses are gone!

  17. THANK YOU had to scroll WAY too far to find this. Foot cramps, pull your toes up, calf cramps, stretch your legs and foot to be as long as possible. Learned this at 15 after some max weight squats

  18. Charley horses absolutely suck. Get them in the middle of the night, have to dance like a fool, screaming at the top of my lungs.

  19. I get these randomly at night sometimes and it's the most agonizing shit ever literally. it feels like my muscles are being twisted and torn apart

  20. Poor guy had a muscle spasm. I used to have those a lot a few years ago. Btw standing up on that leg instantly makes it stop. Consuming salts prevents it.

  21. Yes! I was looking for this comment, I literally just have to stand up and walk on it a little and it goes away. It looks really ridiculous though when I’m in the middle of sleeping lol

  22. Pro Tip: WALK IT OFF!! Not joking! Seriously! Get up and walk. Your brain's signals to your muscles telling it to walk will override any cramp triggers. I've actually just stood. Standing is enough to get them to stop.

  23. I once cramped during a rave and dropped and there was like a hole in my calf and I was rolling in pain asking for some one to stretch me and people were looking at me like I was just fucked up on drugs which I was but it was the cramp that got me there and some event asshole told me to crawl to the elevators and I can get help there but eventually someone came and helped me stretch my leg. cramps are fucked

  24. This happened to me a lot during pregnancy! I’d wake up in the middle of night in excruciating pain and there was nothing I could do. Just sit there crying with gritted teeth in the dark waiting for it to stop!

  25. I remember back in 2011 when I was travelling through the U.K, for the first two weeks I would wake up with the most insane debilitating calf cramps, that lasted for what seemed like an eternity and could barely walk the next morning, still no idea what randomly caused that as it never happened again, basically; if you haven't had calf cramps, it's a billion times worse than it looks lol

  26. Used to get this in my sleep. Was horrible if I didn't wake up immediately and point my toes up towards my head.

  27. I have anomalous calfs, they are huge and this used to happen often when dehydrated and lazy. If you are able to stand up, lengthen your leg and stretch the calf it always stopped for me.

  28. I have that at random sometimes. Had me waking up at night and prancing on one leg in late teens, but since then I was diagnosed with a neurological problem and now it happens rarely since I medicate properly.

  29. This is one of the most painful things. I try so hard not to cry when it's happening. Muscle cramps are hell . Happens about 5 times a year

  30. Yo get this guy a towel to chomp on or something, cramps like that are one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. Can't believe he isn't screaming in pain.

  31. You sure it's not some worm dancin' inside? I had some moments when my muscles was twitching, but never like this. I hope it normal and I'm overreacting. Stay save, bruv.

  32. Had that in my neck after squats and deadlifts, overdid it while I was spasm On the floor wife was trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, get muscle spasm pills in shoppers it helps a lot

  33. If your calves start cramping, usually pushing your toes downward will help them stretch out and stop. My expertise comes from being a swimmer and doing underwater kicking drills with fins and having absolutely wicked calf cramps.

  34. Holy shit his pain tolerance is amazing. I would've been screaming on top of my lungs. This shit is extremely painful

  35. I get terrible leg cramps. Usually happens if my legs are left out of covers and the cold make it cramp. Need to bend your toes/foot towards you to stretch out the calf muscle for relief. Feels bruised for many days after depending how bad it hits. Constant fear of mine every night that I’ll get the cramp. It’s pure torture.

  36. I’ve very rarely had cramps this severe but I think the most logical way to describe cramping is like the most sore you’ve ever been, but your muscle is flexing itself as hard as it can no matter what you do, thus causing indescribable pain.

  37. I had something like this (not nearly as bad) when I ran my first marathon. Some guy passing me handed me a mustard pack and some water and it went away. Life hack if you ever get one of these I guess mustard has crazy electrolytes!

  38. That happened to me after a 90 min bike ride. As soon as I was on the couch after the ride, I felt both of my legs practically giving out from this pain.

  39. My mouth does this - I tend to have what can be described as a pained smile under my mask most of the time because of the spice of life that being on the spectrum entails (/s). Sometimes I end up having painful mouth muscle spasms, never fun

  40. How is this man still holding the phone?!? Any muscle cramps, especially Charlie horses in my calves, are the most gut wrenching pain! Like doubled over, praying to a god I don’t believe in pain. Lord help this man! Get some bananas and water in him!

  41. 1st off you need to hydrate to avoid this happening especially before bed if you wake up to these make sure to drink a quarter or half of a glass of water before bed. If you wake up to one of these starting you need to immediately stand up out if bed. Your feet need to be flat on the floor do not let your toes and foot point down and do not bend your leg. You are giving your muscle slack which will allow it to knot up. Think about if you have a rubber band and you stretch it out and you start to twist it eventually it rolls over itself and makes knots, but if you pull it out stretch more the knot doesn't happen. That is exactly what your leg is doing. You need to stand like a soldier at attentions until the tightness starts to ho away you can feel it but it's not going to hurt like it does if you have your leg relaxed. I hope this helps some of you. DRINK WATER!!!

  42. When I was still in high school I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming because of these. The muscle would pull so hard to the sides my father would run in and he could fit is whole fist in and try to get the cramp to pop back in place. So let me say when I saw it tease you for a sec and then go full cramp I felt that to my core.

  43. I’ve literally only had cramps in my calves. Worst pain of my life every time. It’s that kind of pain that you physically have to make a noise. Usually happens at night when I’m sleeping so it’s the rudest awakening known to man.

  44. I used to get major calf cramps abruptly mid night and would bite hard on a finger just so I can bear pain dividedly. One morning, I told my aunt about the horrible feeling then and after the cramp and she told me a trick I'll never forget. I don't know how many people know this, neither did I, but if you stretch whatever body part is cramping, it stops. Watching people let the cramp continue and praying it goes away, really hurts me as much as if I was having the cramp. Really, I just wanna save somebody from the misery by letting them know... just stretch it out.

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