For how long could it be growing?

  1. Humans are so weird. I get a millimeter of ingrown hair and its all red, pissed off, and hurts like hell. This dude has a hole head of hair thats ingrown and only decides to remove it so he can ask the internet a question.

  2. Right! I get one and it's intolerable within a week of growth. How did this person live with this for a year plus?

  3. I had a dark spot on my shoulder that I picked at and I found a BB. Later I learned that when I was really little my brother shot me accidently with his BB gun but they never found the BB. They thought he hit my back, no idea how it migrated to my shoulder.... unless I've been shot twice that I didn't know about.

  4. I just experienced a pain-relief memory from when I had one pulled out by my doctor. PFB is no joke, and when you have a 4-month curly in a neck fold get removed the pain relief comes in waves like a high.

  5. I found one on the bottom of my bf’s ass cheek. Was the slightly infected kind. He said he felt it there for years and hadn’t known what it was. Let me poke/squeeze it out and it was soooo satisfying 10/10. Also bf was happy to no longer have uncomfortable lump on ass

  6. They really do. I could use those things at home. Anyone what what kind of tweezer things those are and where I can get some?

  7. This one seems not so bad, when I get them they become red and swollen until they're expelled in a boil.

  8. I have so many, I can pull for hours and still find more. I have hairy legs and most of the hairs there are doubled up, lots of ingrowns

  9. I wish I could force this to happen to me. Every few months I’ll find a nice surprise in my beard or something. I just wish I knew if I’m supposed to scrub bacon grease on my face or something to make it happen more often.

  10. They turn to dust when you try to see how long it was. Mine was in my cheek just under my eye. It was at least 6 inches long. Then a pile of stinky dust

  11. These feel weird af when pulling out. But like the first strand was more than enough. Wasn't expecting a pile

  12. Nah man it looks more like those worm parasite things that wriggle out of praying mantises or spiders or whatever. Needs more girth and wriggle action.

  13. I had never cleaned my shower drain until a few days ago. I have very thick 2.5 foot hair. I stuck my hand down in there to see why it wasn't draining, and i pulled out a two foot sausage shaped hair glob. there was more in it than i have on my head.

  14. I had one of these that was growing on my tailbone in highschool that turned into a cacoon rats nest and had to have it surgically cut open to be cleaned out. Was really fucked up.

  15. I work with a guy who had the exact same thing also on his tailbone and he had to get operated on to remove it after trying to ignore it for way too long. He swears by anything that it was the single most painful experience of his life and had him in tears night after night. Even after the operation he remembers the pain and goes to annual checks to make sure it doesn’t reappear.

  16. I’m sure it hurt, but man that sounds super satisfying to be the one cleaning it out or have the relief.

  17. I had an ingrown at the jawline—thought it’d be a quarter inch or so…got the needle under it, and a hair an inch long rolled out, with the remaining three wound up in a little greasy ball! Never knew it was there! No pain, nothing!😱🤢

  18. Same. Except mine was a bump (like a pimple) and one day it formed a head. I popped it and started pulling. Got to the end and pulled it out. That hurt. It bled. The strand I pulled out was 6 inches long (at least) and was thick. Thick-but you could see parts of the strand weren’t entirely developed. Still have a scar where the hole was on the underside of my jawline.

  19. I feel you. I’m super jealous. I’d love to have ingrown hairs like this. I’ve had a few in grown hairs here and there but they’re never more than like a half inch long if I’m lucky. I want like a nice 6 incher if not more.

  20. There's no earthly way of knowing Which direction we are going There's no knowing where we're rowing Or which way the river's flowing

  21. I have one of these on my chest that's been there since at least middle school and I'm 24. Is it safe to attempt doing this myself? I'll be using a rusty Bowie knife

  22. Story time. My partner when I was an EMT for like 4 months complain that his dick and balls would hurt, but didn't know why. He would just leave work if the pain was so bad. Long story short, doctors found out an ingrown hair cause enough swelling around his balls that it pinched off his semen tube.

  23. I squeezed a spot like this on my ex’s cheek and a hair not unlike the one in the video came out curled up probably three inches long and very smelly.

  24. SUPER Lucky person there, i had on one my neck that wouldnt go away 6+ months, finally cut it open with a razor blade and pulled a big hairball out. but it was a huge lump on my neck and crazy amounts of pain.

  25. when I was 11-12, I often had scabs on my legs from falling while playing around or whatnot and I have a disorder that leads to me picking and scratching at spots a lot

  26. Ive had these in my pelvic area, they don’t hurt like normal ingrown hairs but its so damn weird when pulled out how long it actually is.

  27. Had long 1 grow on bottom of foot it was unbelievable pain walking around felt like I stepped on nail,.pulling it out was awful feeling

  28. I love pulling ingrown hairs out. That would've been fun as hell. I'll get a knife out from my knife bag and just start digging into where ever I've got one. My mother walked in on me when I was younger with one to my throat and blood all over my knife and neck, her reaction was pretty great 😅

  29. Uggghhh this isn't terrifying, it's just gross. Can we please not have these kinds of videos on here anymore please.

  30. Years ago I had what's called a pilonidal cyst, 3 of them actually at the same time. It was awful and required surgery to fix. Ruined my adult film career.

  31. They can grow a lot, trust me. Once one grew inside my father's butt and it got bigger than a golf ball. He had to get a surgeon to remove it, as it didn't allow him to sit down because it hurt a lot

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