The Golden Gate bridge on its 50th anniversary in 1987

  1. Idk why but I know it’s crazy but I always get morbid thoughts when I see large groups of people, like, all It would take is one Big nuke

  2. How boring, people going out and meeting face to face at 1 of the biggest street fairs ever. In 1987 I dreamed of staring at a piece of glass all day.

  3. I was there! In a stroller, but still. My mom said it was the most claustrophobic thing she had ever experienced. I'm kinda glad I don't remember. Particularly being at crotch height or so.

  4. why is the photo in black and white if it was 87? you would think for a significant moment like this they’d capture it in colour

  5. I was there !!!! the thing you don't see in this pic is that the bridge deck was almost straight. afterward, the engineers said they were afraid the bridge would collapse. crazy

  6. Every time I see anything about the Golden Gate Bridge the only thing I can think about is the absurd fact that it is never NOT being painted. After going from one side to the other they instantly start going back again to the other side. That's just insane to me. I'm going to go out on a limb here and speak for all Californians to say that keeping that perfect shade of orange is unnecessary. Keeping that iconic image is probably done so more for tourists than it is for anyone else even though San Fransisco doesn't need any gimics to attract tourism.

  7. Dosent any one think about ‘what if hou need to piss or shit, or you got the runs’ your fucked 😂

  8. Actually this is more relevant to this sub than 95% of the shit on here. There is nothing especially horrific, but it's easy to image this shit going terribly in a thousand ways. Imo this is a solid post.

  9. 1987 in San Francisco the big health scare wasn't covid it was AIDS. It's hard to believe, looking back at those days, that hiv/ aids would now be managed like it is today. I think we have to think of covid like this. It will not go away but hopefully it won't kill so many people as we figure this thing out. Your right though, you wouldn't get a crowd like this today because of the fear of covid. Prayers to those affected by both!

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