What do you think happened?

  1. Misadventure. They used the camera to light their way while lost in a rugged jungle. It’s tragic but not all that mysterious.

  2. In 2016, a Dutch article appeared. The most extensive investigation of the forensic specialists and the Panaman authorities revealed that it the girls probably fell of a cliff of thirty to fourty meters. It's unlikely that they got lost, as the trail is clearly marked and it is a one-way summit.

  3. Finally a comment with more info. The fall seems to make sense, however how would both of them have fallen at once? I guess it is possible but wow.

  4. I think one fell. Was severely injurered or dead. The other panicked, using the others phone and flash. They found bone fragments, no? Freak accident that happened to good people

  5. I actually think the dog part is very interesting, which I don't remember reading about a dog when I first learned of this case. How did the dog return and not the girls? It evidently knew/figured out how to get out and could have guided the girls. I would assume, if they were lost and desperate enough, they would try letting the dog take the lead and follow it.

  6. Why would you not just share everything you know instead of saying there’s a lot more but DYOR. Clearly you have a good handle on the story. Why not tell us?

  7. Most plausible theory is that they got lost and injured; then died of exposure. Probably took photos in the dark to light their path as they tried to hike; which is why there’s so many photos. It’s very easy to get lost and then end up in a bad spot with a minor injury (sprained ankle). The bleached white bones is pretty normal after remains have been laid out in the elements for some time; especially in a hot, humid environment like the Panama jungle. Decomposition can happen rapidly. Finding a boot with a bone in it is also not surprising since scavengers likely picked the remains clean. Hopefully they were already dead when that part happened.

  8. It doesn't make sense that the flashlight of the camera was used to light their way. The only time the camera was used after they got lost (on April 1st) was on April 8th between 1.29 and 4.10 AM and most of the photos show the sky, not a trail or something like that (

  9. But the camera wasn’t used until a whole week later April 8 from when they were “lost”. Certainly they would’ve used the cameras flash on the night of April 1st if they were truly using it as a light source.

  10. They got lost. People don't realize how easy it is to get lost out there. I spend a lot of time in the mountains and it is by far my biggest fear. It is an ever present danger and by the time you realize you're lost it's to late.

  11. It's like when people were trying to post bigfoot Alien conspiracies after that couple in California took a baby and a dog on a hike in 110 degree weather and they all died. "But they were experienced hikers!!" Humans make mistakes that nature does not forgive. People forget how easy it is to get lost and die if you're in a remote area.

  12. Then why weren’t any bodies or remains found? They found all these other puzzling clues except no bodies or bones.

  13. The dog was fine, his name was Blue. He followed them for awhile then turned around and went back. I don’t think they were dog people bc they didn’t take any pics with it, so maybe hanging out with them wasn’t much fun for Blue.

  14. I'm late to the party on this one but my friend's mother died from dehydration after a small fall while hiking in relatively metropolitan Phoenix. A fall in a humid jungle in the jungles of Panama would likely be 10 times worse.

  15. I feel like it is part of the "let's find ourselves (preferably far abroad)", "we are world citizens", "koombayah" mentality that sadly makes some people really naive.

  16. Literally thousands of people travel to Central America with no incident. The first part of the route the girls took is a well established tourist trail. Obviously completley tragic outcome here, but it's silly to say they shouldn't have gone there and gone on a hike.

  17. I’ve seen this doco and thought about it a lot. My theory is that they got lost and the pictures were means of light from the flash at night to view things they couldn’t see. However the bags left packed on the side of the road still have me scratching my head.

  18. There are all sorts of theories. I'm leaning toward they just got lost and died of either exposure or dehydration.

  19. They probably got followed after the peak and murdered. The missing 509 file in the camera and the fact one phone was turned on multiple times but the pin entered was wrong it’s enough to suspect a murder case.

  20. It might also be that one girl was still alive, while it was the girl of the other phone that still worked. Seems the most plausible explanation to me. Dehydration, panic attacks and dispair can also lead to forgetting something as simple as your own pin code. It might be murder, but all in all, getting lost seems like the most probable option (as is so often the case in the wilderness). The missing 509 file is strange, however. But why would the murderer risk being identified by touching the phone? And why would he not take the phone and the belongings with him? Why just deleting one picture? It might have been a technical bug or something like that.

  21. Really interesting case. One thing no one mentioned was that the backpack was found with two bras in it. Were they the same bras as seen on the girls in the photos? Or was it an extra bra for each? Why would they bring extra bras? So I’m assuming they were the bras the girls were wearing. Why would they take their bras off when lost in the jungle? Was it too hot at night? I don’t really think anyone in their right mind would take their bras off in that instance which is one reason why I’m thinking foul play was involved. But it’s hard to say..

  22. Prob their bras, I don’t wear a bra anymore but in humidity a bra can seem so much hotter and heavier so it’s most likely they took them off

  23. There was a series that looked into disappearances couple years ago. One episode was on these two . They travelled to the location and tried to step by step figure out what happened . Found their case fascinating .

  24. Speaking from experience and someone that lives in this area of the world, don’t come here on vacation if possible. If you do, check out places to avoid at all costs, please. Inform yourselves

  25. Or the finrgerprints found on one of the girls bra, phone and backpack, or the weird calls they made or changes to the phone that was found in the backpack, and the fact that the friend they met on the trip was found murdered a few days after their vanishing.

  26. This post really is full of misinformation. The dog wasn’t theirs, they where tourists and the dog was from the house they where staying at. Also, it wasn’t full of “100 mysterious photos”, it had 90 photos that are suspected to be made because they where trying to use the flash as a lightsource. It id highly suspected by local authorities that foul play was involved, more than probably someone was following them, being that the way they where killed wasn’t possible to be made by any animal, and there was another dissapearance with the same M.O. not much later and not so far in the country. And to be fair, even if I wouldn’t say they had any fault, never go to el pianista or any other route in the mountainous jungle without a guide and protection.

  27. A man who is a psychopath found an opportunity. Something most people can’t understand about the pictures meant something to him, and that’s why they exist. Sad.

  28. I read it as “two vaccinated students” and I was like, what kind of shit posting fuckery is this?

  29. There was a dog in the village who followed them some time through their trip to this jungle, but the dog came back alone before the sun went down.

  30. They are dutch…I honestly am not surprised. The dutch live in such a bubble, we often talk about how we are not amazed how they don’t get killed(crime or accident) in third world countries, that they seem to love to visit. I have never met people with such a large lack of situational awareness. For example just driving, it’s amazing they 100% just assume everyone else will follow the rules and often don’t even look if the other road users are actually following the rules.

  31. Two young ladies roaming around alone in a jungle…sounds like a safe choice. I wouldn’t have predicted anything could go wrong.

  32. From what I remember, one of them fell off a cliff, broke a leg and the other set off to find help but eventually got lost. The injured friend eventually succumbed to injuries while the other used ways to SOS for help.

  33. Honestly probably got lost out there. The 2 concerning photos are probably from one of the girls using it for light in the first and the second to see if her friend was dead or alive.

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  36. Impossible to even guess with this amount of information shit for all we know here big foot could have got them

  37. Dutch article says the experts determined the most likely scenario was a unlucky fall. They likely slipped and fell 40 meters down.

  38. wtf they didnt waLK THEIR dOG for the walkies. They were in Panama and went into the forest until it was dark...

  39. It’s easy to get disoriented in the woods and loose your way. Then hypothermia can set in depending on temp or just plain old dehydration. The brain starts to malfunction, major organs start to fail…and so on. The other possibility is foul play by one or many nefarious characters. People; follow your gut instinct. If someone or a group seems “jenky”; then get away from them. Don’t think badly because you might hurt their feelings. Think about saving your lives.

  40. It was an odd case, but sadly sometimes people do just die out in the wilderness. Even on well trodden trails. Exposure can kill very quickly in the right circumstances, but in this case I believe the authorities concluded they likely fell off a cliff. Also, I’m not sure if the bit about the dog is true looking at a few things online.

  41. Would have been creepier if they mentioned the fact that they found one of their feet still in its shoe

  42. Absolutley not a conspiracy nut but the unexplained and bizarre details of this case point to foul play to me.

  43. Theres not a lot to go one here. The pictures don't really help much. I know they found one girls shoe with her ankle and foot still in it so it's likely it was cut off. Even in a jungle you wouldn't have your foot cut off being killed by animals or a fall or really any other likely accident in that specific area.

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