People really do care more about animals than people, and it’s gross.

  1. In my country, too, there have been many scams related to charities towards “starving kids in Africa” and so on. 😕 it makes you lose faith in it all and as a result, you don’t want to donate to them anymore.

  2. There are also people who believe that we have problems in our own country that need to be fixed and would rather allocate their money to helping poor, starving kids here and let the other countries take care of their own.

  3. I saw something similar when I worked for nonprofits. I do wonder, though, if you would see a similar disparity with wild animals, or with sanctuaries for domestic meat animals like cows. I suspect that cats and dogs bring in more money because they are companions and they make us happy. Kids don't make people as happy as dogs do, especially when it's someone else's kid. It's not right, and it's not fair. But it's also not very surprising.

  4. That’s a fair point. I agree the animals are specific to cats and dogs. If it was a wild bird fundraiser I do not think the results would be the same. Also my love for my dog is infinite, and I’ve never really liked kids or wanted kids (don’t come for me anyone). There’s just a more direct tie for me personally to help dogs as I have one.

  5. Well it's a sad truth that many people, including myself, feel that humans are really easy to hate. Animals are innocent and loving and humans are quite frankly monsters; the world would be better without us.

  6. From personal experience - a lot of charities use images of children to play on the guilt of some people. The charities are then seen to misuse the funds in extreme ways. So people straight up do not believe the money is actually going to where it has been said to go.

  7. Sad reality of humanity. The closest my dog gets to being depressed is when he thinks I'm mad at him forever when I have to get onto him about it. Once he's been separated from my affection for 5 minutes, he's all good.

  8. I don’t think children should come before animals. If you do, great, then support that. But don’t bash people who think the other way. I value animals more than humans. Animals don’t pollute, animals aren’t assholes. Humans are.

  9. I bet its something to do about those scam charities. Also there is lot of "Kids in Africa"- charities overall. I dont mean they all are scam, but ppl stop caring when its everywhere year after year.

  10. Because animals love you unconditionally while 9 times outta 10 a child will grow up to be the next POS human. Sorry I'm antinatalist. But I do feel bad for anybody innocent and suffering

  11. Theres nearly 8 billion people on the planet so I think we are doing alright, in fact we are a parasite to the earth and there's corrupt greedy governments all over the African continent and Asia that don't care about their people and are too lazy to even try to make a difference since they are so used to handouts from foreign governments and ngo's which the receivers still don't use to help their ppl but rather fund their militaries and their crony's and ppl with silly outdated beliefs.. Animals not doing so good, especially when there's ppl with stupid beliefs that maim and gore endangered rhinos and elephants for horns and tusks, cut off gorilla hands, killing tigers and using their penis in traditional chinese medicine and slicing fins off sharks etc, china and southeast Asia should be ashamed for encouraging it. I really do care about wild animals more than people, humans are the scourge of this planet in my opinion, animals are rapidly declining because of us and we are rapidly increasing and destroying everything in our path in the process. and before I'm labelled a treehugger or one of those crazy peta members ill say right now I'm not, I just see us for what we are.

  12. Just speculating here and not saying any cause is better than another. My only thought is that it might be because one of these issues seems like something that is more (for lack of a better word) "solvable" through a small donation than the other.

  13. Our local brewery has charity beers every year, something like 10$ of every 4 pack goes to x-charity. Last year was for the local humane society and they sold out in under a week. This year it was for children with cancer and it’s been over a month and they still aren’t sold out.

  14. Pets are a billion dollar industry because they are our fur babies. I don't have anything against kids, but my pets are my priority. I've donated to both animal and people charities but more so animals.

  15. Idk how it is in your country but in a lot of countries animal rescues don't get funding by the government while orphanages, etc do.

  16. I guess it’s because many people think that the humans will somehow be taken care of by governments, help organizations etc. but the animals have mostly only volunteers with very limited financial options

  17. I like animals better than people for an endless amount of reasons, I’ll donate to both but I have a preference and I don’t feel bad about it.

  18. Why should children come before animals though? I don’t understand the big issue, you can care for both, but you seem to think children are way superior to other animals.

  19. A human life is superior to an animal. I only have animals, and would do anything for them, but if my dog and a baby are hanging off of a cliff I am saving the human.

  20. We had the same at work: people were given 10 charities to choose from with a plastic coin to vote… the dog charity got 10 times more votes than the children with cancer, blind people AND domestic violence shelters all combined! I just don’t get it!

  21. I think something that doesn't help charities anymore is the overhead cost to the people running them. Like I no longer donate to certain charities because a lot of them are go to the people running the charities and not actually for the cause....

  22. for some of us that cant have the luxury of birthing a child of our own, animals are our babies.... don’t throw stones when u live in a glass house.

  23. I have 3 animals and no children, and they are my babies. Human babies still matter more than animals when it comes to saving their life. No glass houses here.

  24. Because people suck ass. We do not deserve cats or dogs because they are far superior to humans. I only donate my time and money to animal rescue. It’s why I only work in 21+ establishments. Bring your dog, but leave your annoying ass kids at home lol. They’re funny looking and smell like sour milk and an old gym sock had a baby and peed on it. I love my kid, but yours can get fucked for all I care lol.

  25. Think for a second we have people advocating against free school lunches for kids because their parents should have to pay. One school board person was in the news because he said that doing free school lunches would "spoil" the children.

  26. Part of it is that, by and large, most people are kinda shitty, whereas animals are perceived as more innocent, especially homeless domesticated pets, because they wouldn’t be in that predicament if humans had been less shitty and more responsible.

  27. I can tell you that stray cats have absolutely raped other animals and stray dogs have absolutely spread infectious diseases to humans.

  28. Some of what you are experiencing is an output of being over requested for donations. It’s not just phone calls or flyers anymore, now you can’t use social media without being asked for one. This includes some instances where people can post to ask their followers for a donation to a cause on their birthday. If you follow a lot of people that means you can be asked for a donation practically every day. Throw in the mix the fake donation places another poster mentioned and we have our present circumstance. It’s not lack of caring imo it’s over saturation of asking for donations.

  29. I'm generally an optimist and think every single person on earth is important....but I'm picking an animal over a human if they both had the same chance of living. Animals don't fuck over the planet, animals aren't cruel, animals have balance.

  30. Well, terrible thing to say, but people leave a much higher carbon footprint than anything else on the planet. I know, y’all are mad but that’s how dark my mind is, I am truly fucked in the head.

  31. the comments here are disgusting. how can someone believe that a dog’s life is worth more than a human one? i love animals, but saying that both lives have equal values really shows why our world is so fucked up

  32. Because people don’t care. Pets are cute and people feel bad for them but this is just because they can relate to the relationship they have with their pets. If people actually cared about animals more people would go vegetarian or vegan or would look for better alternatives to consume meat. I bet most of the people who donate to children’s charity campaigns are the ones who have children or like babies a lot. That’s why people think it’s unethical to eat dog meat in Asia but it’s okay for them to eat pigs or cows. Pigs are incredibly smart animals and cows are very cute honestly, I study marketing so I get what you mean but I think your main issue is that people don’t care.

  33. I made a throwaway account around a year ago and asked if people would save a puppy or a baby from a burning house. It was kind of an eyeopening how many people choose the puppy. It was around 8/10 who choose the puppy over a human baby.

  34. Ouh, are you sure? I think there is actually a difference in theory and practice in that question (like your surroundings, e.g. a crying mom that desperately screams for her baby, the position where both are trapped, etc). I actually would save none of both, if I'm very honest. I would be a coward in that situation.

  35. I was watching the news with some people and they cared more about a sad dog story than the next story where a little girl had been murdered and stuffed in a suitcase. I have always thought the same and I’m not surprised by your experience. It’s really sad to know.

  36. It's possible to look at another person, even a child, and blame them in some way for their position. Child with HIV? Their parent should've been more careful and taken care of them. That's not my position but as humans, we can ascribe reasons to their outcomes that are their fault. If an animal has a crippling disease, we don't blame them for it. It's the fault of their owners, the neglect or their circumstance. People can't push human failings on to animals.

  37. Everyone wants to make babies but no one want to take care of them. The "fix" is ban abortion so we create even MORE babies to watch starve and die! People care more about controlling women's bodies then making sure foster kids end up in good homes. Shit is ass backwards.

  38. True, i have been noticing this too. Recently there was an accident that kill a family of 3 along with their dog and people in the comment section were only writing" aww poor dog", completely overlooking the family. It's sickening

  39. I mean humanity is directly causing the extinction of many species of wildlife on earth and the way we act is really against the laws of nature. We’re the only animal I can think of that has members that kill their own kind purely for pleasure

  40. To this day, I have yet to find a person who can give me a legitimate reason as to why I should value humans more than animals. It always seems to boil down to "because they're humans" but I ask, so what? What about humans should make me automatically value them more? Don't get me wrong, I dont want orphans dying of starvation on the streets, I want all creatures on this planet to be able to live long healthy happy lives. But why should I place humans above any other animal? Especially considering all the harm we have done to this planet and the rest of its inhabitants, you're really going to have to give me something good to convince me to not value animals even more so than humans instead. Again, I have no wish for harm to anyone or anything, but I dont value humans over animals. To call that gross is just arrogant in my opinion. We don't all have to view the world the same way you do.

  41. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me for feeling the exact same way that you do. I wish people had the same patience, empathy and love that we give to animals to each other.

  42. I’m glad someone said it. Someone had their dog out on my way home from the park. Just running loose. Starts stuffing at my babies after charging at us. “It’s okay, she’s a good dog”. I hate when people use that as an excuse when their dog is running at my babies and I. They’re in a stroller. I pulled out my mace and had to walk 3 blocks out of my way to get home. I have chronic severe pain. That’s not fun. Then, the parks around here are complete crap, but the dog park is amazing. But guess what… The dogs go to the parks and poop freely and nobody picks up after them. I rarely want to take my kids because of that. It’s gross how much the city has invested into pets and absolutely NOT a dime to preschool aged kids. The parks are for older kids, and right next to fountains and streams. It’s really easy for a small kid or toddler to fit through the brush vs an adult. My kids want to explore the fountain of course, so I avoid it.

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