Car Buying Recommendations?

  1. Jut went through this for my mom who had that same budget - how we got around it was just hitting the street and cruising to various used car lots and check inventory - won’t like - that budget is gonna be hard to find something that isn’t pretty old/beat or with a metric ton of miles on it

  2. For something in that budget (which kudos to you for paying cash and avoiding a loan!) I would make sure to focus on reliable vehicles. It may be tempting to buy that newer dodge but it will cost you more money in the long run. Check out Edmund’s and consumer reports for reliability ratings and go from there.

  3. Find a mechanic with good reviews such as Dee's mechanic on State St (dealers also offer this service). Pay 200-300 for a pre-purchase inspection, anything that is wrong with the car, ask that to be discounted (wear and tear items can also be negotiated, depending on how much it would cost). The inspection pays for itself, and that way you make sure you're not buying a lemon. Never trust anybody, people will lie to make a quick buck. I've bought all my cars on ksl using this system and got many years and miles from used cars. Only walked away from 1 deal, when the seller refused to let me do a PPI. I thanked him for his time and went for another listing. Good luck!

  4. Agree with everything you said but with a budget of 3-5k, every car is going to have an issue and wear and tear.

  5. I rode the bus & TRAX to school & college. Not opposed to it at all. But the nature of my work requires a car really.

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