Stiiizy not working, blinks when pod is dropped in still

  1. Yes! There's a little hole on the side of the pod under the black mouthpiece. Cover it. It may/may not pull super hard but it fixes the issue. Spits a lot too, but at least ur pod isnt for waste. I think when the problem occurs, the seal under the mouthpiece is broken. Worked for me on multiple pods w same issue.

  2. Yea that's always an option, but I was wondering how to fix it cuz it's most likely a connection issue. Have u ever seen where the battery recognized the pod but it won't let you draw?

  3. I took out the gasket soaked it in isopropyl Alcohol be careful not to bend the 2 lead pins and that they contact the metal pieces. Cleaned everything with q tips and IPA and works perfectly now.

  4. So I dropped my full gram into the stiiizy but it didn’t blink white like it’s supposed to when I inhale it turns white but doesn’t hit i tried a half a gram and it worked perfectly.

  5. Three years later and you saved my life this morning here in California. My depression and anxiety was raging and my pen is doing the same thing I also noticed that one of the pins got pushed in some how so now one is longer than the other . How do I fix that as well to anyone who has fix that issue… Thanks so much.

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