how do i fix this cart? the bottom got stuck in a body and it won’t hit when i put it back on? help?

  1. I believe some connections that need to be soldered have been severed. You can't fix the cart. You could eat the remainder, which is what I'd do, or you can get really dangerous and try applying live 5v from a USB cord directly to the contacts. Good luck!

  2. it’s empty and it’s a fake RG mannnnnn I know you’re itchin rn probably haven’t eaten much today either 😵‍💫

  3. I’m just gonna go out on a limb here & say you’re a teenager who had to save his lunch money up to get your shitty fake cart.

  4. There might be a wire poking out the bottoms if u connect it back together with the wire touching the middle metal part it might work

  5. geeeeez all you wanted was an answer. Carts are designed with two types of wires, so there is the glass cylinder which holds the oil and then the mouthpiece which screws on. the battery fires up the heat with two wires that have to touch the base of the cart. so when you reattach it make sure the wires are connected to the tiny metal circle thing idk it’s like a small metal circle that touches the wires to the cart and the battery make sure that they are touching and you should be good. the wires have to touch the cart and the little metal circle and then the circle has to be touching the base of the battery

  6. This happened to me except some wire was dangling. It basically has to wrap around the now visible battery cell to make a full connection when dragging.

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  8. How do you fix the cart? There are wires inside of it that either need to be resoldered or held in manually. Should you do this? Probably not.

  9. It's done. Had EXACT same part break off one in my magnetic adapter for my uni pro. That was an issue for a good min trying to unscrew that part out. I DID NOTICE, before I just poured oil into another cart, there was 1 wire coming outta cartridge that broke. If you hold wire just so, touching the metal on piece broken, you CAN get her to still vape. Not worth the hassle or mess for 25$ cart. My 2c.

  10. As much as I am for using the rest of the cart, one of the big heads in the cart info community came out recently explains that the remainder of a cart lile by the time of reaches the coil area, is nothing but metals and shit to Inhale. Which apparently ruins your tolerance among other things

  11. i’ve broken a couple carts an i always take an empty one with a screw top and hold the broken one in front of a heater till it melts then just pour the wax into the not broke cart

  12. Ima do you a favor and save your lungs and body from too much chemicals and tell you to throw that shit out and never buy oil that looks like engine oil again. Tell them mofos who sold you the cart to move on with they 5w 30 oil and you want some thc oil.

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