A little help please. my cart is reading at 2.20ohms. need to buy ccell cart to transfer sweet nectar. can anyone recommend a good cart that won't give me problems? thank you.

  1. clean mag connector, Inside bat with iso and swab, do the same all inside the connector, especially the threads, retry, put the mag adapter screwed on all the way, then back it off a quarter turn.

  2. If the ohms are that high, hit it at a higher temp than usual. Example- live resin buddies carts in Washington state are really high ohms so I just hit those carts way hotter than usual.

  3. Also side note. I baught this yocan after many recommendations and it sucks butt 😪. Airflow is a little tight and the flavor is muted significantly. Currently using a VV Exus pen and it's great but the battery life is trash

  4. It's the battery. Those things have terrible life span. I loved mine at first bought five of them and they only last about two months. Do not drop them or they are doomed and they get clogged easily.

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