For those who have had COVID, how long did you wait to hit hash carts??

  1. I stopped dabbing and vaping for 11 days except for the morning rosin dab I took before I ultimately tested positive later that day. I started hitting some olio rosin carts again 11 days later and they seem to really make my heart race for some reason. Could be from the tolerance break I took because I was chest x-rayed at the doctor 8 days after initial positive test and they said my lungs looked normal and DR said I looked “to be on the mend and recovering”

  2. I was hitting them while I was having trouble breathing which was dumb I guess but it made everything more tolerable 😭

  3. My asthma is actually HELPED when I'm having an asthma attack where the inhaler and nebulizer arent working, a few good tokes got me breathing better. I've told drs this for years. My thinking is when the smoke expands in your lungs and you hold it, fighting coughing, helps OPEN up the inflamed walls of your bronchial tubes giving more air. Seems like it'd be countered being smoking to help breathing but it does work when my meds fail.

  4. 2 months lol- dry herb vaped the whole time tho no issues but needed water filtration or else the Terps really irritated my lungs

  5. Get some edibles for a few days.. carts are fine but blunts joints and even bowls are harsh af or at least for me it was. And I'm an og smokes through hella shit lol

  6. RSO and lots of sleep. Which rso should help with depending on how much you eat. I'd split 1g over 1 week. 100mg each dose would be 10 days so maybe 150mg give or take would use the 1g syringe in 6 days with little left over. Potent indica rso is what you need. Black. Rso. Get well man.

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