The authenticity verification in Buddies packaging is a link to NGGYU By Rick Astley. I love this brand.

  1. They're pretty good. I've had quite a few of their diamond sauce carts and they always hit. What strain did you have? Have you tried URSA? They have the best carts IMO.

  2. They only do this for carts in Cali. Never seen on buddies carts here in WA or in OR. Feel like buddies shows more love to Cali customers than us in the pnw.

  3. These are on all of the carts in Oregon. Just rip open the box. The same designer produces the boxes for all 3 states.

  4. While it’s funny, I think it’s a bad move. It’s especially important for medical patients to be able to verify their products

  5. If your a real medical patient then you should be buying from licensed shops and you don’t really need to verify. Besides all the info you need to tell it’s real is on the back sticker. QR code’s mean nothing

  6. This scared tf out of me when I tried it. I thought I got a fake cart through my legit shop. Also, does the new packaging also include a lack of the Buddies logo on the cart itself? I've never had one with the logo

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