you asshole!

  1. Hair dryer fixes it. if you don't have one of those, standing it up on a heated 3d print bed and putting a shot glass over it works.

  2. I don't understand all the un-needed advice, I've gone thru hundreds of carts in my legal state and with just hitting it, it will eventually get viscous enough to flow into the coil hole. If you are actually getting dry hits, then you can put in a plastic bag and put it in very warm, not too hot of water keeping it upright. Think hottest you can get your tap water with cart upright in a rolled up ziploc bag in a coffee mug.

  3. thank you very much! ive been neglecting that cart cuz i have a delta 8 one ive been puffin on (the one pictured is from a dispensary). ill try that in the morning ty!

  4. Wait sorry I’m dumb. If the wax doesn’t move to the top will it not hit? Is that what i should get from this?

  5. Hair dryer is the way, people. Don't mess with a lighter or water. Hair dyers are really cheap.

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