Cart made it to Greece 🤩🇬🇷

  1. For anyone asking just walk in with it in your pocket. I had mine on me and got to TSA, emptied pockets put it in bin, walked through scanner thing, got everything back. In the US. Phoenix, AZ precisely

  2. yeah there was a whole interview with a tsa agent a while back and the guy was just like straight up “we arent looking for your weed, we’re looking for bombs and large quantities of drugs” lmao

  3. I just stick in my washbag and put it in the case. It goes in the hold. No issues. No one is checking for a tiny trace of this. Its explosives, arms or large quantities of drugs. Anything else. Forget about it.

  4. USA? Probably one of the safest places to transport your weed/vape. TSA has made it clear that they aren't looking and don't care about weed, and multiple airports like SFO have explicit rules allowing up on 28 grams of weed on carry on.

  5. Every flight for me is an international one I live in England , they aren’t looking for weed vapes looking for weapons and bombs

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