Anyone else going to keep wearing their masks after the mask mandate is lifted?

  1. Ill give you the results, since we are on reddit, 80% will vote for keep wearing them. However when you head into the real world, it would likely be less than 50%. The Ottawa subreddit did the poll and the majority voted for keep wearing them. Nevertheless, I havent met the first person that wants to keep wearing them. Like a lot of things that are covid related, I find reddit is always on the conservative side

  2. I might for a bit but in situations like restaurants where you only wear it for like 5 seconds I’m not going to bother, I don’t really see the point. The important thing is to not harass anyone wearing them or not wearing them. And if a business requires them either deal with it or shop somewhere else.

  3. I agree. I will keep wearing in grocery stores and pharmacies where high risk people can’t avoid. Restaurants and coffee shops I am going to not.

  4. Thats my thought to. Grocery shopping or mall I will probably continue to wear. Although i could see me stop in the summer. Restuarant? No point when only on for a couple min anyways

  5. In some settings, sure. There’s many that just don’t make sense to any more though - wearing one into a restaurant then taking it off after reaching the table has always seemed weird. I won’t bother there, or at the gym.

  6. Yeah that's how I feel too. Playing hockey we had to wear masks in the dressing rooms, then go out and breathe in each other's bare faces for an hour, then put the masks back on when we got off the ice.

  7. I was at McDonalds yesterday, wore a mask to go in, wore a mask to get my order, took it off to eat. I actually have no problem wearing it in stores. But restaurants is where it gets a little stupid.

  8. People are dicks about this stuff, I’ve had literal COVID positive patients yell at me for wearing my mask in their houses because they “can’t hear me.” You called 911 because you can’t breathe due to your contagious disease, refuse to mask up for me, AND want me to take mine off? Yeah, no.

  9. I am having the same worries but have been told I am not to say anything if anyone refuses. We also have a tech who says they are going to refuse to wear one come Monday.

  10. Right before COVID, I sat across a guy on the GO train who didn't know how to properly cover his mouth when he coughed. The guy hacked away like his lungs were about to escape him for 40 minutes. I'm surprised I didn't get sick but it grosses me out just thinking about it.

  11. I'm totally going to keep wearing masks whenever it's cold/flu season or whenever I'm personally feeling a little under the weather.

  12. I think we should make it a norm for any sickness, even a mild cold where you're still able and about but sniffing, just to limit spread. Similar to how it is in some Asian countries.

  13. Well, it's Japan. they have a collective mentality that everyone has to do their part for the greater good so it's obvious that to them, masking up is the right thing. whereas US/Canadian mentality has always been "fuck you got mine", "what about the inconvenience it causes ME", etc.

  14. While Japan's air quality is only considered moderately unsafe, masking has been very common in many asian countries for years before the pandemic due to air pollution and other cultural reasons. Before germ theory there was also the belief that "good air" and "bad air" cause good or bad health. And good air is essential to maintaining Qi. Hard to make comparisons between eastern and western countries on masking.

  15. Yup - I've avoided getting COVID so far, and still not interested in getting it. Also have a close family member who is currently in cancer treatment, need to be super careful around them.

  16. Since mask mandates I went a solid 2 years for the first time in my life without catching flu. I'm masking up after this is all over regardless

  17. I’ll wear them if I’m sick or have symptoms. Gonna take the Asian style approach from here out. They really only help in that situation anyway.

  18. I like not getting sick with anything. I will keep wearing it for a couple months for sure. The number of infected people will spike again when all the measures that were keeping numbers down are all gone and people with no antibodies are interacting more than now and in more crowded spaces. I think it will also burn out once it gets through them in a coupe months. I also don’t see a scenario they put restrictions back in. Not getting Covid is still the best option for me.

  19. Wearing the mask is more for the spread of contaminates from the user to protect others. You might get some protection with the normal masks but if you really want to protect your self you need to be wearing an N95.

  20. The unfortunate thing about letting disease fester is that it opens the doors to new variants. So I'll be crossing my fingers while we see the next spike. Hopefully, we won't have a new variant of concern out of this.

  21. Same. I’m expecting continuing to be pulled to cover shortages as I’m a non-homeroom teacher. I’ve enjoyed not getting colds and want to keep it that way.

  22. My daughters school is requiring masks for adults and staff for a few weeks and will reassess. I think it’s wise for them to do so for the sake of staff shortages! Covid or not, colds are about to go around like wildfire!

  23. Hi fellow teacher! I have the same experience, so many absences and teachers needing to lose preps to fill in. I’ll keep mine on as well

  24. My kidneys recently failed. I'm going to be starting dialysis shortly. You bet I'm going to continue to wear a mask. My biggest fear is being harassed over it. While COVID may be over for most people, I'm at high risk for severe complications from this virus. Not everyone can afford to simply return to normal.

  25. Anyone who tries to tell you to remove it can fuck off and mind their own business. Its your decision to make. Dont feel like you have to explain yourself to anyone.

  26. If anti maskers (I mean the original anti maskers not the ones who stopped wearing masks after wearing the mandate) harass you for wearing a mask throw the same bullshit they spew such as don’t tread on me or my body my choice or something lol. I know if I see someone berated for wearing a mask after the mandates over even though I won’t be wearing a mask I will have absolutely no problem telling them to fuck off and mind their own business.

  27. I'm with you unfortunately, chronically ill and disabled. Don't really have the luxury of taking it off. I'm also used to being harassed by strangers before the pandemic. Like being on the bus and being told why someone young is in the disabled spot when I literally have my walker with me. Like fuck off. I've been physically assaulted over things like that. Do what you need to to stay safe.

  28. I was actually torn on this question until I was out in public yesterday and saw a girl I went to high school with I really didn’t want to say hi to. She walked within an inch of my face and didn’t recognize me because of the mask. It was in that moment that I realized maybe these things have more value than I originally thought.

  29. Depends on the situation. One thing I know for sure, I won’t make a comment about anyone wearing, or not wearing, a mask.

  30. If anyone gives you crap for still wearing a mask just call them a sheep that follows what the government tells them.

  31. Yes I will be. I havent had a cold in two years and this whole socially responsible thing of keeping your germs to yourself is something I dig. I wont wear it all the time, but if I'm feeling a cold or something. Mask up. Grocery store will likely remain a mask zone for me for a while.

  32. Masks are part of my new routine. "Phone, wallet, keys, mask." I've had 1 cold in 3 years. I've even avoided covid.

  33. I'll always be keeping one in my pocket so I can throw it on in line ups, or other close contact areas, but otherwise I'll be enjoying the moderate slight risk just to be able to see people's faces again

  34. Yeah same. I work in pharmacy and our store policy is that people will have to wear masks to come in (so excited to fight people on this 🥴) a lot of our customers are sick. Like proper hacking away, I just feel better knowing I'm not breathing in as many of their germs.

  35. Im not taking mine off. Covid 19 has how many mutations now? What evidence is there suggesting that it won't mutate again? Omicron beat the vaccine, so the only option is. A mask

  36. I haven't had a cold or flu since masking became mandatory and even my allergies were not as severe. Plus I've got some kick ass masks, I'm gonna keep wearing them.

  37. I don't know about wearing it all the time but I am definitely going to wear a mask whenever I have a runny nose or don't feel 100%. I think this is the mentality that society needs here.

  38. It’s been the mentality in East Asian countries forever. I’d love to see that mentality shift here because expecting someone to isolate every time they might be catching a cold is unrealistic (especially with our work culture’s pitiful sick time policies)

  39. Yep, my spouse takes immunosuppressants and my elderly parents are pretty vulnerable too so I’m going to keep wearing a mask when I’m out.

  40. I'll probably continue for the time being. See how the numbers are affected when the mandates are gone. It's a very minor inconvenience when being used for short periods of time.

  41. I’m in Quebec, and we’ll be having our mask mandates lifted in the next couple of weeks (other than public transit), but I won’t feel comfortable not wearing a mask for a while.

  42. I’ve worked in healthcare since the beginning of the pandemic, and I’m going to continue to wear a mask both at work and in public indoor spaces. When we get to the point where I feel comfortable roaming the world maskless, I will put a mask on if I’m feeling sick and leaving my home.

  43. Yes. I'm a 41 year old diabetic. I'm keeping my mask, continuing to limit my outings, social distancing, etc

  44. Same. Well, I'm 31 but I have type 2 diabetes amongst other issues. I don't wana know how it's going to affect me if I do catch it. I don't think I'll be amongst the last to take it off but I sure won't be amongst the first. Besides, I kind of benefit from hiding my ugly mug.

  45. That's a pretty common misconception. Although a plane is packed full of people, the air filtration systems on them are actually very, very, very impressive. You don't see such systems anywhere outside of health care settings and other environments where there is risk of infectious agents or fine particulate matter. Of course, sitting next to sometime with a cold means you have a chance of getting infected, but aircraft aren't the petri dishes they're made out to be.

  46. I work in a hospital in bc and both asymptomatic and symptomatic cases are still prevalent enough that if you haven't had it yet you are definitely going to get it now probably from your local grocery store. I can pretty guarantee that if there are a hundred people in the grocery store that at least a few of them are positive. Omicron's super infectious. I continue to wear one for other people's sake not my own. Unfortunately masks work best when worn by everyone. If you are immunocompromised or just don't want to get it I would order your groceries for pickup and or buy some n95s even if you cannot be fitted for them you can try several different ones out and do a seal check to determine which is best for you.

  47. I thought I would keep wearing one, but I recently visited India and didn't need to wear my mask and it felt amazing, putting the mask back on after that visit hasn't been fun.

  48. I want to say that I won't be wearing it much, but I'm sure I won't be leaving my house without one. I'll be glad I brought if the situation does call for one - not so much out of fear or worry, but mainly to minimize regret in case I do get sick.

  49. Someone asked me why I still wear a mask. I'm triple vaxed but I realized in the past 2 years I haven't gotten sick at all. No Flu, head colds, not even a sinus infection. Maybe it's luck but I think the mask has something to do with it.

  50. I’m immunocompromised and many of my friends and family are too so yes. It’s unfortunate that the government hasn’t done more to protect us with cases surging in china and the UK currently.

  51. Triple vaccinated. I will wear an N95 at work, as we don‘t have to wear any, just to protect myself. At the supermarket a normal one as I don‘t talk to anyone. Am afraid of Long-Covid consequences.

  52. Yes, I simply don't trust other people's judgment. Perfect example is this pandemic. Common sense was thrown out the window.

  53. The amount of people who I attended school with who were visibly and audibly sick, lied on their screening, and were sent home was ridiculous. We really need to, as a society, make it okay for people to miss things for being sick. Especially with something as contagious as SARS-COV-2

  54. 2 kids under 5, so will definitely continue in indoor public settings for the foreseeable future. The bonus of no cold/flu these past 2 years has been a nice added benefit.

  55. Yep. I'm not too nervous about getting COVID, however, I'm nervous to spread COVID to an old or immunocompromised person and kill them. I think I would have trouble sleeping at night if I thought there was a chance I indirectly killed someone when I could have done something to try and prevent it.

  56. I’m triple vaccinated and am currently at the tail end of getting over Covid I got over a week ago. It was easily one of the hardest times I’ve been sick and I had a tumour as a child. I’ll keep wearing a mask

  57. I will still wear one when i go to a grocery store or really packed indoor settings. I wont wear it to work since no one comes within 50 feet of the area I work in.

  58. 100% keep wearing them. I haven't been sick in two years which is really fuckin nice so I'll keep doing what works.

  59. I will be. I haven't really gotten sick since before covid, and normally I'd get sick about 4-5 times a year. Getting sick for me is getting a cold or worse; constantly coughing and/or blowing nose that isn't allergy related, trouble breathing that isn't asthma related, or fever.

  60. Yes. Just because DoFo is over COVID doesn't mean COVID is over. Watching other countries getting hit by loosening restrictions is a sign of things to come.

  61. Not wearing a mask and the audacity for ppl who choose to be masked approaching me telling me that I should wear one. Ummm, excuse me? Nope, don’t need to wear one anymore. I don’t have a problem with ppl choosing to wear one. But, mind your own business and I’m going to mind mine. If you see someone unmasked, it is their right and their choice. You can always leave the area if you feel uncomfortable. But, please don’t be rude.

  62. I'll still be wearing one. After two years of not getting it and being double vaxxed. I eased up on my vigilance last weekend and I tested positive for COVID on Monday. I have been pretty sick all week. It's still here and it still sucks. Don't let the upcoming election fool you.

  63. I hope COVID passes for you in the coming days and that you have no lingering effects. Thank you for confirming the reality when the government is denying it.

  64. I can’t wait to burn mine. I am HOH so I can’t read other peoples lips in public. Communication has been very difficult for me these last two years.

  65. Same for me. Obviously everyone is free to do what they are comfortable with and I would never judge them for what they choose, but every time I see people saying they want to wear masks in public forever another little bit of my soul withers. I rely a moderate amount on lip reading to understand what people are saying and the past two years have been challenging, embarrassing, and isolating because of that.

  66. I will on the bus since it’s still required. At work nope. When I’m volunteering in the nursery at church yeah I’ll still wear it since it’s ages 0-2 and they can’t be vaccinated.

  67. I’m personally going to keep wearing a mask in stores and stuff, I’m not even particularly scared of getting covid myself but I wouldn’t want to unknowingly pass it on to someone with a weakened immune system

  68. Not to sound overly creepy but we need to clone you because your attitude and caring heart are spot on. Oh and you’re a Mitski fan?! See I like you even more now.

  69. Honestly, as little as possible. One thing I will do going forward is annual flu shots and wearing a mask when I’m sick and absolutely have to go out. Also probably stop going into work sick like I think a majority of people did pre Covid

  70. Definitely keeping mine on for now. A coworker tested positive for covid a week ago. Everywhere the mask mandate is lifted, #’s spike.

  71. I will only wear one if I have a cold. Other than that nope, but I definitely will continue to use hand sanitizer and wash my hands whenever and as much as possible and avoid touching my face (with unclean hands) , I really believe being super mindful of simple things like that actually kept me from getting sick.

  72. Wearing em every day for 8 hours since March '20, I'm ready for them to go. I'm interested to see what our numbers look like 2 weeks out, though.

  73. Yes. By default for a month or so after lifting and then play it by ear to see if the boldly unmasked brings numbers up.

  74. Definitely wearing my mask after the mandate is lifted. I might reconsider when summer comes around.

  75. Yes, definitely will keep masking. I feel the same as you. it’s a different world now, we have the boss of viral illnesses and it has no mercy. I’ve also heard about resurgence of covid overseas so I feel wary about even thinking of putting masks away.

  76. I have some concerts that were cancelled, but have now been rescheduled. I will definitely be wearing an N95 mask to those events.

  77. I’ll be respectful and wear it where it’s mandatory but where it’s not required I won’t be wearing mine anymore. I’m vaccinated and had Covid after following all the rules so I find the restrictions hard to justify. Even my 88 year old grandma who got it with us was fine and she was more annoyed that she had to quarantine than anything.

  78. Everything you said is fair. The example of your grandma is a bad one though, one example doesn't demonstrate the trend, though people like the feelsies of that kind of thing. Coming from a nurse who has worked healthcare this entire pandemic, there are MANY grandma's that weren't so lucky.

  79. I’m tossing mine to the wind. Can’t wait to be rid of it. But you need to do what you feel comfortable with and not care what anyone else thinks. I certainly won’t be judging anyone who’s still wearing a mask.

  80. There will still be businesses and healthcare settings that will require them, you should probably hold onto them for those ocassions.

  81. Yep, and not just bc of covid. Considering how much better my allergies were in spring of 2020 and 2021 because I was masked up, that baby is going to be on my face again when nature starts its bullshit this spring.

  82. Yes of course, I live with seniors and bring food to my grandmother who's on an oxygen tank, I'm not in a position to throw caution to the wind

  83. Honestly, as someone who is susceptible to the virus, I'm terrified to go shopping past the 21st. My child and my partner will keep wearing masks(mostly for my safety), and I'm not naive to think this is even close to over. I'm definitely keeping my masks, especially since I bought so many reusable ones

  84. I will in very crowded spaces or if I'm sick, or if I know I'll be around people who are sick (so all the time because people refuse to stay home when they are sick).

  85. well considering i caught it from my daughter who got it from school. yes, until my "super immunity" kicks in. that being said, for the sake of others and making them feel comfortable, make other's job easier AND in a potential anticipation of needing them again in the fall, ill be keeping spares in the car and my bag for the foreseeable future.

  86. I will for hospitals or dr. Appointments. But outside of that. no. I’m boosted. And unless the location requires it. I just keep a back up in a pocket or bag just in case.

  87. My own personal policy is that if I’m walking into a store/restaurant/wherever, and the employees are wearing masks, I’ll put my mask on out of respect for those employees. Other than that, I ain’t wearing the mask anymore.

  88. I work with vulnerable people so I’ll definitely keep it for work (and it’ll probably be a requirement anyway) but I’ll probably not wear one at the store or whatever. That’s really all I get up to these days that would have required a mask.

  89. In cold & flu season, yes. I haven't had a cold in almost three years and I like it that way. I'll keep mine for the first little while as I expect cases to suddenly spike.

  90. I will. My oldest decided to continue at school. I'm sure my husband will. I have many coworkers who will. Majority of my family is. I really hope that I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  91. Wouldn’t keep wearing it myself. I’ve gotten three jabs to ensure that if I did get c19 it wouldn’t be severe. As a glasses wearing sufferer I think that’s enough.

  92. My whole family, extended and in-laws are all keeping our masks as long as we’re comfortable and will continue to use if in the future if we feel the need.

  93. I’m keeping mine until it is obvious that they aren’t needed. They tried to rush this a few times and it came back to bite. A lot of folks here are anti-mask sympathetic and sometimes it seems like someone would like to say something to me about wearing a mask. But fuck’em. Too many people want to believe the ideological horse shit the Republicans churn out.

  94. I do, mainly because Ive seen what covid does to people first hand, and generally people just aren’t clean. I’m sure if folks walked around with black lights, no one would touch anything. I’ve worn one from the beginning, on any setting where folks will be. My interaction with the general public is limited, I do mask up in public settings and stay plenty of distance from folks, but the issue I have is you have no idea who’s got what and who’s around you. People may not like masks, I get it, more power to you if you don’t want to wear one. My take is if it even provides marginal protection, I’d rather take it. I would NOT want to bring something home, my family catch it, they die, I live, and have to live with the guilt the rest of my life. If the virus wasn’t a threat, things like the Herman Cain awards wouldn’t exist.

  95. I'm not in Ontario, or Canada, but I still wear my mask when I am inside buildings and I am seeing a fair amount of other people doing the same even though the mandate has been lifted where I live.

  96. Yes, we will absolutely keep wearing them in public spaces. It’s barely an inconvenience, and my parents are elderly. I’ve also quite enjoyed not getting sick for the last two years - and enjoyed that no one in my family has either.

  97. I will probably still wear one for awhile. I’m immunocompromised and my husband is as well. I have actually enjoyed not being sick with colds and the flu for the past two years. Our medication costs really dropped.

  98. I will keep wearing a mask when I go to stores. I work at Starbucks and when the mandate is lifted for employees, there are a good amount of staff at my location who have said they'll keep wearing it. It makes sense. I see hundreds of customers per day, I'd like to keep wearing a mask as long as possible.

  99. I live in New Hampshire now, in a rural part of the state still rocking 200-400 cases per 100k, and I see more cops than masks on a daily basis.

  100. Im an allied health care worker. I'll be wearing one all day at work til at least end of April, as required by the MOT. And I will wait to see how it goes before I decide on when to stop as it becomes a personal choice for us at that point. A lot of people I treat seem to think this is over. I wish. Numbers are going to go nuts after the 21st, and we are prepping for it. Politicians made the change based on their own political goals instead of public health and safety, once again. Idiots. I'm so sick of this whole thing. So badly managed.

  101. Yeah but I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks - haven’t been sick in any way in over two years and it’s great. Fully vaccinated.

  102. I’ve become so accustomed to wearing them now that I just still wear them. In addition to protecting me and my family, masks have become somewhat of a veil for me. I don’t have to smile and nobody can see what mood I’m in.

  103. Yeah, probably. Enough places I go are going to continue requiring them. Easier to just wear it by default than risk confusing who needs it and show up without one.

  104. I'll wear one if I'm sick (regardless of what) and need to go out in public, otherwise, triple-vaxxed is good enough. The point of masks was to protect others, and a) I'm not likely a risk to them anymore and b) they can now protect themselves.

  105. I'm fully vaccinated, so I'll probably keep one handy in case I'm around someone with comorbidities and they don't have an N95 handy but aside from the I'll probably stop wearing them

  106. I dont blame or judge people for continuing to wear them but i will not. I will keep one in my pocket at all times to be polite if i have to. I do not want to make certain people uncomfortable. Like as an example if im around old people who are wearing masks indoors.

  107. If the place doesn't require me to wear a mask then I ain't wearing one. Will still be respectful enough to those places that will require it though. (Can't say I will be going to those places though.)

  108. I'm excited for them to no longer be required. I'll wear one if it's required, but otherwise I do not want to. I hate spending a couple hours out shopping with my mask on, it's uncomfortable with a beard and gets itchy. Also it's just one more thing that I need to bring with me, and I'm happy that I won't need it any more.

  109. Not in Ontario, but uh... no matter how much people say it is, the pandemic... isn't over. So yeah, I'm gonna keep wearing a mask. Pretty simple stuff - a very mild inconvenience to protect me and those around me. Really kinda shocked that anyone ever made this into a big deal.

  110. Yep. I have a LO under 5, vulnerable inlaws. Edited to add: I might even wear it every flu season from now on because not getting sick is awesome

  111. I’m in my early 20’s, double vaxxed and generally healthy. Don’t think I’ll be continuing to wear mine but I obviously understand people that will

  112. Fuck no. I'm triple vaxxed and if I don't stop wearing it now when the restrictions are over I'm not sure what my target date would be instead

  113. Masks are more to protect other people than yourself so I'm going to keep wearing mine. I think I'll be more relaxed about it in the future if cases are low while more people take their masks off though. However, if it's somewhere you have no option to go like the halls of your apartment, a grocery store or especially a hospital, I'll keep it on for sure.

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