All of Ontario's leaders want mask mandates back except for Doug Ford

  1. Once the mask mandate was lifted, I switched to N95s. The 3 layer masks I've been wearing since last March just don't cut it anymore.

  2. I'm pretty staunch covid policy and I'll even say that I just don't see a point of going to a restaurant, wearing a mask, sitting down, and taking your mask off to eat around a fuck-ton of people.

  3. Yep, Omicron is so contagious most masks don't help that much. I got it at a Con in Toronto a few weeks back. One that required masks at all times and vaccination.

  4. And nobody at my workplace is going to wear an N95 (at least not properly) because half of them have beards and it won't seal properly.

  5. I was under the impression that the other masks are for keeping your germs away from others, and the N95 is to keep their germs away from you. Therefore if everyone masks up, we don’t need N95. But 100% compliance is a pipe dream.

  6. For personal protection, yes, but surgical mask or 2/3 ply cotton mask is better than nothing when it comes to protecting people around you.

  7. Get yourselves a N95/N99/KN95/KN94/N100 respirator, folks. It's better to have them, regardless of fit test, than not. For the majority of us it's fine to wear them until the elastic breaks.

  8. Healthcare staff were using the same masks as everyone else at the start of this thing and they did fine because it was never about preventing 100% infection. It was about reducing your viral load if exposed.

  9. Thats not entirely true. Wearing a cloth mask is still miles better than no mask. We always knew N95s were more effective though, we just cant ask the entire population to be fitted with one.

  10. Yes and people should know that if that N95 is not properly fitted to your face, with the proper size/shape mask; your N95 is damn near useless, just like all the other masks. If covid is there, it will seep in through your mask, unless you are properly fitted with an N95

  11. It is effective when you are wearing them. But then you go to restaurant and take them off to eat. You come home and play with your kids who hasn't been wearing them in school. Your friends who hasn't been wearing them, or at least not wearing them when they eat at the restaurant, comes over and watch the game with you.

  12. I’m not sure why they didn’t steer clear of this issue. I don’t believe this to be a winning strategy at this point.

  13. Even if they did start requiring masks again, the compliance rate would be basically nil. Those who are still wearing masks (myself included) would continue to do so; those not wearing masks likely would not start up again. And I don’t blame them for a second. Messaging throughout the pandemic from government (all levels, really) has been fucking atrocious and people are absolutely exhausted from it all.

  14. Me personally, I dont really care. I'm still wearing mine in stores, and at work if I'm not at my desk, or of someone comes to my desk. I'm doing it because I have immunocompromised co workers and family. I have young nieces and nephews who are too young to be vaxed/fully vaxed.

  15. Seems to be split 50\50 when I go out. The ones that want it back are allready wearing masks. If it's manadated again the vast majority will comply and mask up

  16. That's the problem, it's not surprising people would get pissed if they reverted the mandate. If things really starting spiking like last time then good luck getting the general public to comply again

  17. Personally, I don’t mind the masks… but you’re right. Politically, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  18. Anyone who doesn't realize this is just them playong politics is out to lunch. If ford had kept mask mandates, you would hear them calling to end restrictions. They are just going to go against what Ford says.

  19. It seems pretty obvious to me that he's using/removing counter measures to maintain that sweet spot where hospitals can handle the load while as many people get infected as possible. Certainly there are repercussions for people not being able to get non covid related health care, but they're not completely stupid; they know that the booster has a limited protection time and the only real way out of this is herd imunity. It saddens me to hear about all the casualties, but I have to agree that with more and more extended counter measures we are only prolonging the inevitable and crushing the economy in the process. I'm not team Ford by a long shot but on this 1 issue I kinda have to agree and I think his opponents are only calling for restrictions to garner support.

  20. Instead of focusing on masking other candidates could be focusing on the fact Doug has not used any of the Covid relief money to improve our healthcare. But I guess we'll just continue arguing and focusing on masking up rather than on real long term solutions to systemic problems with our healthcare system.

  21. I still wear a mask when I go out. I don't give a shit if someone is, or is not wearing a mask. Let people do whatever they want. Government shouldn't matter, at this point it's about what people individually want to do.

  22. Of course not, fully reopening gets him more votes. But ICUs are only at 25% so while ppl are catching it, not nearly as many are getting seriously ill. It's not like we hit a certain vaccination threshold and cases all go away at once, this is the scary first step in living with Covid as an endemic disease rather than living around a pandemic.

  23. It's funny that people are motivated by such a non-issue, but can't be bothered weigh in on housing, employment, or environment.

  24. And unfortunately that is a selling point for his voters it might even bring people over that would normally vote liberal but may go cons simply because of this. I’d really like the other parties to just step away from this whole mask mandate thing. Just stfu, don’t talk about it. And if after the election we find that we need masks again just deal with it then .

  25. If you are immune compromised maybe wear a mask and if your not immune compromised don’t wear a mask. I did my part and max vaxed lets move along.

  26. The opposition candidates don’t want to win this election. They know the next 4 years are going to be entirely thankless and they’ll get blamed for all the pandemic economic fallout that’s just around the corner. They’re saying this stuff to self sabotage.

  27. And as someone who works with the public don't ask me why I wear a mask, go into how masks don't work, tell me about your buddies who had covid and it wasn't bad. Just shut the fuck up and let me work.

  28. Personal decision making and bearing responsibility for your actions without top-down government control? What are you, crazy?

  29. This is the thing, you’re still free to wear a mask and people are free to not wear one. We’ve mostly all been vaccinated so you assess your risk for yourself and your family.

  30. Double vaccinated and boosted, wear my mask at all stores as I have two elderly people I live around, now I am recovering from covid after being in bed since Wednesday. Masks are really only effective if everyone has them on.

  31. That's how you hand Doug ford a majority. I can't vote for anyone that wants masks to come back. I will not put on another one

  32. I wore the mask and respected the mandates, did the shots etc. but tbh, I'm exhausted from it all; I'm done. It seems the variant has spread so much that it is pointless now to try and avoid it. I know more people that have had it than those that have not and they too followed the rules. You want to wear the mask, I totally understand. For me, I'm just taxed of it all.

  33. Me and my family were at the same point, and then we picked up the covid somewhere last week. Day 5 in bed with a glimmer of hope for returning to work on Monday. I’d recommend you still try your best to avoid it. (Yep, all triple vaccinated.)

  34. “Though Premier Doug Ford, Health Minister Christine Elliott and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore stand by their decision”.

  35. This has flicked the conspiracy switch in my brain, this has to be a concerted effort to get ford re-elected. How could ndp/olp be THIS tone deaf?

  36. I was curious too cause that seems really weird but then I thought maybe it's just a creative use of headlines and taking things out of context so I checked out the article. NDP leader's tweet says:

  37. Doug doesn’t have to do anything and these guys will shoot themselves in the foot, see y’all in four years I guess

  38. Thing is you don't need a mandate to wear a mask. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask then go ahead and wear one. No one is stopping you.

  39. The issue as always is that masks protect you from me, so it doesn't protect me nearly as much if you don't wear yours.

  40. Who cares what our "leaders" want - the people DO NOT want masks. We cannot let a fringe minority of hypochondriacs dictate public policy.

  41. I was around downtown toronto the whole weekend trying to find a suit and the majority of people were still wearing masks. Dunno if people don't want them yet

  42. Doug Ford only cares only about power and money. Getting re-elected is more important form him than what other leaders say.

  43. Who gives a fuck what a few other disengenous people want... Politicians ooze fakeness and desperation.

  44. Nothing is stopping anyone from wearing a mask if they choose. Why do we need a hard set rule? Wear it if you feel so inclined. They're still mandatory on transit, and you have the option to wear it anywhere else you go

  45. LOh so now they want them back ..... before they were critical of the ...convenient . LOL

  46. So tired of seeing these political posts about masks. It's ALL political. Like a high school playground on who to stand with to be the most popular.

  47. Just recovering from Covid now, woke up sick on Wednesday after having a headache since Sunday, it was not fun (double vaxed + boosted) and I still wore my mask at all the stores when shopping, too many people are getting and spreading it right now.

  48. I guarantee there is more than Doug Ford that doesn't want to bring back the masks. Stop being so stupid people and wake up. If you wanna wear a mask fine, if you don't fine. and if interacting with people is too scary for you. Stay home.

  49. Lotta babies in this thread. Personally, I'm ambivalent about bringing back mask mandates, in part because it's probably just a bit too late in this wave, and also because it's not actually 100% clear what effect bring the policy in would have either way. Anyway people can go to restaurants and not wear a mask, or see a movie and eat popcorn without a mask, so if they brought them back fine, sure, and if not, also whatever.

  50. Many of us don't wear a mask only occasionally. I work 40-50 hours a week doing labour. It fucking sucked. 70% of staff aren't wearing masks anymore, we are desensitized to covid. We are not scared. Lots of us had covid, we were not that sick, it was a vacation really to be honest, nice to have time off, barely sick. If you're scared stay home, live your sheltered life not seeing friends or family. I'm going to live mine not wearing a mask anymore I'm done with them. Call me a baby I don't give a fuck anymore and I'm not wearing one if they mandate it again. Learn to live with it. Wear one if you want I don't give a fuck. Live your life.

  51. Yes, and there's still a chance we'll run out of ICU capacity. Our nurses are tired, too, so the least we can do is not overwhelm the ICUs.

  52. Fuck off, it’s a cold/flu at this point. Enough already. Leave it up to ppl if they wanna wear one or not. Still scared? Stay home

  53. Dr Moores voluntary silence says all we need to know about Ford and the Conservatives. If they were truly following "the science", masking rules would still be in place. The Science table has released their data and it points to January levels of infection. This is free information to anyone but The Conservatives would sooner dissolve this group.

  54. And all the art kids aren't as smart as they think cause many are going to vote for the Ontario PCs even though they are a terrible choice. Mandates aside, all their decisions, or lack there of, have been bad for the province... Well uness you're a rich land developer or private healthcare business.

  55. Well, I guess I will be reluctantly voting PC then. I was planning on voting Liberal too. But I’m basically a one issue voter this go around. I’ll go with whomever is least likely to bring back mandates and restrictions.

  56. Sounds like you’ll get the leadership you deserve if masks are your only issue. It would honestly be more responsible not to vote at all.

  57. If you want to wear one then wear one. At some point we have to move on though. People do need to have exposure to other things too in order to build their immune system. Not saying to go get covid, but you can take it too far. Just my thought though.

  58. Let's leave it the way it is, if you want to wear one go ahead, if you choose not to then so be it. If growing adults can't be allowed to live their own life what's the point of being on this earth.

  59. Wtf are people stupid - masks don’t do shit 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  60. He’s been bitch slapped by the right and craziest. He’ll do what ever it takes to get re-elected, like bribing us with our own money.

  61. none of the other Ontario leaders are the democratically elected premier right now, geeze I wonder why.

  62. Wonder how long after an increase of people calling in sick before business starts requiring it again (regardless of provincial mandate or not)

  63. I wish the whole 70/30% was the other way. It's kind of bullshit the safety comes from more the other person with the mask on to you vs you wearing it to protect yourself.

  64. This is totally a political topic trying to influence the up coming election. The general public is happy having the freedom to make their own decision and it shows when you go out.

  65. It doesn’t matter what the leader of a party that is unelected says. The only Ontario leader is ford and to me they are employees. Get over the mask thing because they will be worn less and less as they should be

  66. I've been to club last 3 Saturday nights. I'm not vaxxed. I was literally the only person wearing a mask each night. Very shocking to me.

  67. No masks become safe only when we are at 1 case per 100,000. We are nowhere near that. So masks should remain until we hit that number or at least very close to it

  68. I refuse to believe in 2 years of the pandemic, there isn't a mask invented that protects the wearer from spreading and receiving Covid. There has to be some mega masks people can wear that makes them feel 100% comfortable among unmasked people.

  69. We seem to have a good culture going right now where many people are still wearing masks and nobody seems to have an issue with them still wearing masks.

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