How do you optimize your workout to burn more calories?

  1. I ignore the calories and focus on maximizing time under tension + lifting heavy, or explosiveness for power moves. Calories are arbitrary and generally inflated (although for some they can be understated).

  2. Can you explain why calories are overstated? I am now in a calorie tracking stage so I’m curious if I need to adjust my diet or something.

  3. If you build more muscle, you will naturally burn more calories the other 23 hrs of the day. Just 1 lb of muscle burns about 6 cals per hour, so after 5lbs of muscle gain, you'll be burning that extra 30 cals EVERY hour of the day! And an added bonus is that you get to eat more and still get smaller, yet stronger 🤗

  4. For me, the floor isn’t enough to get my heart rate up very much. I feel like starting on the treadmill gets my blood pumping, then on the floor I can keep the heart rate at a more elevated level. So that would burn more calories than starting on the floor. But if muscle gain is the goal, starting with weights is a little bit better I’ve read. You can lift a little more when fresh.

  5. See,, I don't agree with that. There's no way I can lift as heavy as I do if I were to start on the floor. I need the 28 minute warm up on the treads. I also go at 615 am....

  6. Ignore the calorie burn. It is flimsy science at best. Generally, weight training should be done before cardio. It’s not a popular way to go but if you want to build muscle which in turns burns more calories throughout the day, strength train first, end on tread.

  7. The floor isn’t designed for a heart rate response, it’s designed for a muscle response. It will and should stay in the lower 3 zones majority of the time, sans the occasional power move in the floor.

  8. Unless we're doing longer timed weight movements (like the 1 minute shoulder presses) I go as heavy as possible and my heart is pumping. I can easily chest press 45s. If you aren't feeling any kind of response on the floor then maybe, possibly you need to go heavier. FYI, I'm female and in my 40s and I burn between 500-600 a class

  9. Your calorie burn number is an algorithm based on your age, gender, height and weight. 500 calories per class is pretty normal for a woman your age of average height and weight. As long as you are pushing yourself in the class, lifting heavy, etc., there's not much else you can do except add additional calorie burning activities outside OTF.

  10. Use online calculators to ~estimate~ your maintenance calories and if you're aiming to lose weight subtract like 300 (more or less) from that and ignore your daily calorie burn from class. Unfortunately everything is an estimate and you will just add more stress to your life focusing on a difference of 30 calories vs your physical performance. Push yourself in class, some days will be a higher burn and some lower but that doesn't matter as long as you're putting an honest effort in. Some days you'll be a bit tired so you'll need to reel it in, that's fine too. Listen to your body and do what feels right without chasing numbers.

  11. Do you run/jog or PW? There is nothing wrong with PW at all- but I’ve been told many times that you will burn more with running. I have been trying to jog/run more and I don’t usually see a difference. But today I really pushed myself and was in the red the whole tread block- I burned a lot more calories than I normally do. With that said I usually burn in the mid-high 300- sometimes low 400. I have almost 150 classes under my belt and besides for the dritri/90 minute class and 2 other times, I’ve never burned this “many” calories and it was “only” 440.

  12. Don't get hung up on the calories you burn within a 1-hour class. Think more on the calories you consume or burn the other 23 hours. The calorie burn for cardio stops the moment you stop the work out. Floor exercises are to help you build and/or maintain muscle--and muscle is a calorie burning machine outside of class. THAT's what you want to keep. I burn anywhere from 430-530 calories per class and there's really no correlation to my weight unless I'm also making nutritional adjustments.

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