Are shorts like ranger panties ok for men to wear at OT classes?

  1. Ive never heard this term before!! I wear very short shorts and no one seems to care. The only thing is that they tend to ride up on the rower which can be a little uncomfortable (for reasons) and/or revealing, so plan your underwear accordingly

  2. As long as the horse stays in the barn, I don't think anyone cares what kind of shorts you wear. My studio has a pretty wide variety of attire for both men and women. I've never heard anyone complain.

  3. I know what ranger panties are, but I’m disappointed I have no idea if guys at my studio wear them or not, I haven’t noticed. Menopause sucks 😕

  4. Ranger panties , hoochie daddy shorts … I say wear them … guys can stay cool too ! I (F) wear booty shorts (think volley ball style ) and a sports bra … it’s get hot and humid in the mid west and I can’t stand working out with wet clothes clinging to my body !

  5. Wear what feels comfortable to you and it’s good with me. I’m too busy dying to notice what anyone else is wearing or not wearing (although I prefer your bits be covered)

  6. I had to look up this term as well! Ha ha! Idk what I would think if I saw another dude wearing these. I wear 7” shorts and sometimes wonder if they’re too short! Especially when doing deep squats and what not. If everyone else on here thinks ranger panties are okay, then I’m definitely going to stop worrying about my 7” shorts being too short! Ha ha! I’m a 6’2” male, 210 lbs, 43 y.o., with a semi-in-shape “dad bod”. 🤣

  7. As for whether they are appropriate, I say go for it! If you're not used to short shorts, I'd recommend using glide or another product to reduce chafe.

  8. yeah I've been wearing shorts that short for a while and the only thing that's happened is the coach has told me they're jealous 😳

  9. Just maybe consider the floor exercises for the day, or make sure you’re legs are facing towards the wall, and not out to the middle of the room. I have seen some gum on a barbershop floor that I would have preferred not to see.

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