Best pub fare in Ottawa?

  1. Chez Lucien, on Murray Street, just off Dalhousie. It doesn't look like a pub from the outside, but inside it's a small, cosy pub. I love their burgers with frites - the Frida and Diega with jalopenos and Monterey jack cheese is awesome. And on tap they have St. Ambroise, Griffin, and Blanche de Chambly.

  2. I worked there, and the burgers were great, they fattened my up with my staff meal and a pint, usually got the ABC stout, and the last waltz. God I was such a fatass when I was there lmao.

  3. Churchill’s in Westboro is great. In the summer they have a lovey rooftop patio. I can’t speak to the wings or burgers (I’m vegetarian) but the food is good and beer selection is decent IMO! It’s also on the same block as a Clocktower pub and Barley Mow, so if seating isn’t available at one pub it’s easy to go to another to check out their availability.

  4. O'Grady's outpost. They're often forgotten about since they're tucked away in Greenboro. Awesome wings and burgers, with a really good beer selection

  5. Patty's is great and has become our new go-to. A very respectable pub food menu. The patio is where you want to be this time of year, but the inside of the place has real character. It feels like it's been there for 70 years.

  6. Personally I really like Clocktower. They have enough styles of beer that there is something for everyone’s tastes. $9 pound of wings and $6 pints on Tuesdays! I also love the Brewhouse burger.

  7. I'm not a big fan of most of the Clocktower food. The portion sizes aren't great for the prices and a lot of their menu items feel like they're trying too hard to make elevated or healthy pub food without actually improving it.

  8. I eagerly started to read the responses because I too would like to know where the best pub fare in Ottawa is, and I think it's hilarious that a lot of the answers aren't actually in Ottawa. It's so bad here you have to go to Carp or Arnprior to get anything considered half decent 😂 I am a fan of Atomic Rooster, but I haven't been in ages

  9. The Mill at Ashton is - by far - not only the most authentic British style pub within 185 KM (arbitrary selected meaningless distance) but the best beer (their own) and best pub grub - never a disappointment. But think "reservation" when you decide to go.

  10. Riverside Pub. Family owned, great fries. Homemade cheesecake. Kind of a dive atmosphere but extremely friendly. Reminds me of Cheers.

  11. Does this location have a proper kitchen? I know the downtown one didn't and would essentially microwave food brought in from their Montreal location

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