IK just announced a 6 day ultimatum

  1. There was most likely an arrangement by the establishment or SC. If not, at least the SC ruled that they can’t block, assault, or arrest protestors this time.

  2. Genius move imo, government did all this for nothing and won't be able to do it again because of supreme court's order and the people will be prepared. If Khan announced dharna it would have been against supreme court's order.

  3. If there was no moves made behind the scenes then he messed up big time. No one will come in 6 days as they came today.

  4. Time to start prepping again, Pakistanio! Even more! Prepare rations now, have water, learn how to deal with police brutality! 6 days! The race is on! We now have seen that the crowds are passionate and won't be held back!

  5. Food & shelter are necessities, there was a huge demand for water at D Chowk assisted with constant shelling of the police. If the courts are quiet after yesterday even then I believe the courts are also being pressured.

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