8 out of 10 cats does countdown, 12 August 2022, yt link

  1. All is right with the world again; after two excruciating episodes in a row without one, there is once more a pregnant Rachel on the show. I'd gotten so used to it over the years I didn't know what to do with myself.

  2. I know it's just because of the timing of filming, but it feels like she's been pregnant for five years straight lol

  3. Yeah, there was another ep where he could have picked a champ as help but went with Rob Becket just so he could compete against a real countdown player. He's truly competitive, glad he got the 9 letter word.

  4. So they sat on this episode but filmed a couple this year to make a season, tv production is weird. It's like how American whose line is anyway has a new season but they were episodes filmed like 3 years ago

  5. I wish those shows had more episodes than they usually do every year. This one and WILTY are my favourites. I actually binge-watch all of the episodes because they’re so much fun.

  6. this ep felt like it was full of reused jokes, i´m sure they brought on a "proper" countdown champion before, and pretty sure they made Dolls of the panel before too, add onto that tax & hair jokes at Jimmy, and a DC guest with singsongs, it felt like i´ve seen this ep multiple times before.

  7. Sean Lock did a bit with his 'nephew' who turned out to be a countdown champion. It was hilarious and provided the show with tons of material. Bradley added nothing to the show. It wasn't his fault, Jamali just brought him and then basically did nothing other than take answers from him. I really have to say I'm not enjoying Jamali on panel shows - he always shows how he doesn't give a fuck, but not in a funny way.

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