BioWare Responds To Rumor That Shepard Will Return In Mass Effect 5

  1. I'm still done with them following ME3 ending. You don't build investment from the player through 3 entire games to end with THAT insulting, lazy garbage. No trust, no confidence, no interest.

  2. BioWare is dead. BioWare is not the BioWare who made KotOR and DA:O. The people responsible for that are long gone.

  3. I'd like Shepard back tbh, I liked the vacuum of the character, he was an easy character to put yourself in the universe and after playing Andromeda I truely believe they would fuck up anything else...I hated every single character in Andromeda, every single boring ass boring character in that awful game.

  4. Didn't he die? You'd have to come up with something ludicrous to bring him back. It would be hilariously bad and an insult to the minds of sane people

  5. If you choose the destroy ending and have 100% war readiness you get a cutscene at the end of Shepard’s body in the wreckage and at the last second it moves.

  6. Maybe it's a different universe.the reaper not all of them didn't die and we must fight them again and shepherd come back because he never die

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