I have 2 tb drive, 16 gig of ram and 8 gigs of video memory. Nothing in this pc but csgo. Every time I launch It does this. I checked and everything is plugged up properly. Also the computer itself is ridiculously slow. Can someone please help. Thanks!

  1. Yep all of the drivers are updated. Still did that when I launched csgo. I downloaded team fortress 2 and that worked no problem. If it was a hardware issue would team fortress 2 have even launched?

  2. yea maybe the hard driver is ending try to buy a new one recmd M.2 and clean-foramt everything and install from the start.

  3. windows 10 especially later version tend to have slower performance if u still using hdd. honestly if you can manage to format anything in there and install earlier version of Windows 10. and if you can get LTSB or LTSC version of W10 that would be great. its old W10 but still getting security update from Microsoft. though it won't help much if your game demands more speedy storage.

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