What taskbar did you start with?

  1. My last device to use windows xp died 2 years ago becose the hard drive died rest in piece my first laptop you were a good laptop maybe even the best you taught me how to be a good programmer

  2. Same my taskbar was COMMAND.COM. I can still dream my autoexec.bat and config.sys files. And all the magic you had to do to free up the lower 640kb memory because some game demanded at least 580kb. Fiddling long enough until most drivers were in higher memory. And depending on the game you also needed to go for an optimal HIMEM.SYS and EMM386 config. Carefully managing available DMA and IRQ channels.

  3. I love xp because it was true neutral between orthodox win 95/98 and modern win 11 we have now, I love minimalistic things with modern touch

  4. I feel sorry for the new generation, they never experienced the simplicity of XP where everything was easy to access

  5. "technically" none of these, as Windows 3.1 didn't have a taskbar, but I guess it has to be the Win95 one then.

  6. 3.1 gang. Technically if you want to consider when I was a tiny child, MS-dos. I vaguely remember my dad having an IBM computer with MSdos…although it may have been the same one with windows 3.1. I may just remember DOS because all the games were launched out of DOS back then.

  7. Exactly. When I started, Windows wasn't a real o.s. and you had to type "Win"+Enter to see anything resembling a GUI.

  8. `Loaded a program off 1 floppy on dos 3.1, computer was running 95 but the program ran on 3.1, used it till 2020 have 20,000 clients, never crashed, never upgraded to windows, switched to an apple cloud application, even had the IBM click of death hard drive which never clicked, ha, loaded Norton on w95, once, threw Norton away in 95'

  9. There it is, though I was MS-DOS 1.25 back in ‘81. Damn, I just realized that was over 40 years ago. Now I made me sad 😞

  10. 6 was the bomb because it came with DoubleSpace. That was clutch for my 20MB hard drive. The DOS 3.3 days were rough.

  11. Yep. Same. I still remember what my older cousin said to me back when me and my brother got our first computer, [Packard Bell]. I actually still have the box in my basement, sadly the computer has long since been recycled 😢 But she said, play around with it, you’re not going to break it by exploring the menus and options, and changing things around. That stuck with me, may never have gotten so into computers if it weren’t for her. I’ve taken a long hiatus from windows based machines from windows XP era until now, so I’ve lost whatever expertise I thought I had.

  12. yeah.. when i started to work on computers, there was no taskbar.. no gui ... only a flashing cursor ... waiting.. and waiting ...

  13. If you have a multiple monitor setup then muscle memory will not save you from scrolling to your next monitor.

  14. They need to default it back to bottom left. We’re set to deploy win11 soon at work and I can’t imagine all the “how do I get it on the left?” support calls I’m gonna get

  15. Whenever I see the first I know that 8-bit abominable snowman lives somewhere in that games folder.

  16. Windows 95 :) loved it. My dad eventually upgraded my pc to a 10gig harddrive... So much space! It was incredible.

  17. The top one. My first ever computer was a second-hand piece of shit that barely even ran Windows 95, but it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

  18. 95 > ME > XP > Vista > Ubuntu 9.04 > Vista > 7 with classic skin > 7 with classic skin but defiantly so

  19. Started out with XP but I bought vista home edition at 12 years old and upgraded my AMD Athlon X2 4200+ PC to that and I loved it so much the looks of it. Still the best looking OS.

  20. Back in my day we didn’t have task bars. No sir, we had a basic user:> prompt and that was good enough for us. If you wanted to do any thing you had to type in your own operating system before you could start doing anything.

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