Battle with Goodrx

  1. The scam is the result of years of poor leadership in pharmacy. Kind of hard to change things now when we should have been more proactive against PBM’s 20 years ago.

  2. I understand it, and I'm pretty sure most retail pharmacists do too. But we're also not the people using it, nor is it easy to convince people why they shouldn't. Why?

  3. I hold that there should be consequences for a company that make billions off selling patient data and taking clawbacks from pharmacies all while providing no real service. Want to help me you sink it? It’ll be one epic challenge

  4. I agree goodrx is a scam, but so is corporate pricing for most generic drugs. When a patient comes in and is getting charged $500 for a 30 day supply of generic abilify and I can get it to them through goodrx for $10, I am not going to think twice about running a goodrx.

  5. I just price match the lowest goodrx price and the patient is pleased and goodrx gets nothing. Thanks goodrx!

  6. lmaoo hell ya. we do the same. Id still like to crash their stock for all the ads I see. Especially when they interrupt my Tom and Jerry mornings

  7. Can we also revisit how inaccurate the representation of the discount is on those commercials?! ($212.00 ... but GoodRx price: $15.00) And the imaginary fairy world where prescriptions are entered, billed and priced in 5 seconds at a forty year-old cash register?

  8. And then patients think this is how it works and get mad when I can’t adjust their price with the snap of my fingers

  9. You get paid right away by goodrx customers where the insurance reimbursement can take months.

  10. I hate GoodRx with a passion. Any time someone asks if we accept it I tell them no and then explain why. I work in a town that is all about buying local and supporting local businesses but they don’t even realize that pharmacy is a part of this as well. These huge corporations that find every way possible to hurt independent pharmacies, it’s fucked up. I wish providers understood this more when they send patients to the pharmacy with one of those printed out cards and a bullshit guarantee that their prescription will be ready when they get there and only this much.

  11. How are pharmacists working at chains impacted by this individually? If you process a goodrx coupon are you punished in some way?

  12. Nope. But, goodrx rakes in millions of profit off transactions fees by pharmacies that can simply not process claims through them and just offer a similar cash price. Also they sell user data so fuck em

  13. One of the biggest ironies in health care I've seen these last few years is GoodRx's venture into telemedicine. Local docs treat GoodRx like a golden ticket because they don't give a fuck about the pharmacy profit margin. Well that's a two way street. As I told my family doc "you know that $300 you billed for my physical and the $45 copay I had to pay at the end of the visit? GoodRx offers the same service for $25. Can you match that?". Of course they say no because they lose money and I have to wonder why their profit margin is worth protecting but mine isn't. I'm not looking to get rich on every single prescription but GoodRx causes me to lose money. That's unacceptable. I shouldn't have to give away products and services because it makes me appear virtuous. I'll be in the unemployment line and then patients won't have to use GoodRx because the local chain will be their only option. They can charge whatever the hell they want and patients aren't allowed to complain.

  14. Well stated. Unfortunately, today's pharmacists are not taught business. Most don't have any idea what things cost and the cost of doing business. They should at least understand MAC plus 5cents dispensing fee or AWP-23 % plus 5 cents.

  15. When I worked retail i used to get so pissed when I'd see a stack of those "discount cards" they'd put on top of gas pumps. One time i grabbed them all and threw them in the garbage.

  16. The other problem is pharmacies don't set their deals with goodrx, goodrx uses the PBMs to setup there whole system and legally if the chain pharmacy has a contract with that PBM they cannot technically refuse said goodrx price. Freds pharmacy before it burned to the ground got into a lot of trouble for trying to circumvent goodrx when their name finally got listed on it. They had to eventually partner with a different savings card to undercut goodrx. So stupid.

  17. GoodRx is a scam being presented as a good thing to the unwashed masses. They're nothing but a parasite on the healthcare system at a societal level.

  18. They are helping patients. Cutting the out of pocket cost of a medication eliminates the barrier of hardship. Fuck the pharmacy. It's their battle and they take it lying down as usual.

  19. The same patient will tell you FB and social media companies are evil then hand over a good rx card or worse yet one that is downloaded on their phone like it ain't no thing.

  20. The problem is that in chain settings pharmacists do not have the ability to adjust cash prices without using goodrx. But that is changing

  21. The pharmacy can set the price that goodrx offers and not have to lose money paying goodrx in processing fees. Just read that CVS is going to start a similar in store program and adjust its internal pricing mechanisms

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