Blurry patches in Metashape textures

  1. This may be due to a texel density issue. Meaning the UV maps are not properly unwrapped in every part of the object so some areas are much high resolution than other areas. Reality capture generally does a better job. I don't know about metashape but you can try changing uv settings

  2. Metashape has a drop-down option for several preset projection methods, or use existing UVs, in the build texture dialog window.

  3. i personally never texture really dense high poly models in metashape. it takes forever and almost always get blurry patches. what i do is just decimate the model to something way less dense (250k). texture process goes much faster and usually get no blurry patches. or you could export your high poly model to blender and do some uv unwrapping there and bring it back to metashape. but i’ve personally not tried that so idk for sure if that works.

  4. I tried decimating the mesh before texturing, and at least in this case, it didn't seem to make a difference.

  5. Are you reducing the amount of cameras involved with texture generation first? There's a tool up there somewhere in the menu to remove cameras on a certain degree of overlap, for pre-texture optimisation. Sorry I don't remember exactly what it's called or where it is, I'm not at the computer now.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I know the tool you're referring to, although I had never used it. I tried that and generating defocus masks to see if either would make a difference. In both cases, there appeared to be an improvement in the texture, but still not to the quality of what was generated by RC.

  7. Metashape versions 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 and maybe some others have a texel density bug, It usually looks like a perfect square of blurriness in your texture map, not like that what you showed in your example.

  8. Thanks for mentioning the bug. For a while, I was questioning my image quality, thinking the issue was with me. You mentioning this and the results I've gotten with RC and 3DF Zephyr suggest otherwise. And as of Metashape 1.8, it doesn't seem that Agisoft has addressed this issue.

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