My Cannabonsai made it to the front page last year, now I'm a published author with a small business

  1. Posts like this are always a good time to remember the disproportionate amount of people of color who are locked away for possession of small amounts of marijuana, and that the justice system is flawed.

  2. I fully expect to see a 400 year old cannabonsai 400 years from now. (There are actual bonsai trees that old).

  3. This is unachievable for me. I would snap those nugs off, dry them, and smoke them. My bonsai would look like a twig I pulled out of the forest. Lol

  4. Yeah me too this is one of those hobbies that takes time, money and specialized little scissors. Like making merkins.

  5. That's why you have other plants for smoking. No point ruining a bonsai you've spent hella time growing for a gram when you can get ounces off a regular plant

  6. They’re a lot more hardy than that and buds won’t just snap off. I’m more curious on first glance how he stunted growth and made those branches thicccc.

  7. Honestly you'd be better off buying an extra plant you can actually let grow up and yield a decent harvest. I'm sure you'd be fine harvesting this at the end of the season, but you'd get less pot than is worth just letting it look nice.

  8. Cannabis is a annual plant..i guess that would make for good bonasi practice thru the year and they handle stress(the bends can cause stress) pretty good.

  9. You would have to smoke it at some point, it can’t live like that forever, it will turn into a wired mutant of you leave it in flower to long

  10. Highly illegal in the UK yet we are the biggest (I believe) exporters of medicinal weed in the world. This isn't very well known to people here.

  11. It's just topiary pads. The trunk is impressive but the branch structure leaves a lot to be desired.

  12. I just ordered one in Italy. I love bonsai and cannabis. I hope I can make this work. I don’t have much of a green thumb.

  13. How do you plan on growing it? I know it's illegal and all in Italy but set aside, wouldn't it just stink up your whole house?

  14. Of course you are. He posted this here for advertising purposes. That is why the book is so prominently displayed.

  15. Congrats mate! Finishing a book and getting it published is no joke so much respect to you, sir!

  16. It wasn't until I read the comments that I realised this is a cannabis bonsai and not a cannibal bonsai that lives by feeding off other plants

  17. I've been watching Cobra Kai, all you need now is a dealership to give away a Cannabonsai tree away with every purchase of a car...

  18. This is so awesome! I remember seeing your first post and following on social media. It’s been the coolest thing to see you (and your bonsais) grow! Congrats!

  19. We are working towards legalisation here (new zealand) which would include having a plant for personal use. How hard want it to bonsai-ify your plants?

  20. pretty easy, just keep cutting top growth while leaving enough for the plant to survive, the tricky part is managing the root mass. it will eventually need to be clipped and cleaned and repotted.

  21. I used to work at lowes in the garden center and one day this guy came in looking for some boxwoods or something to turn into bonsais and I showed him some plants while he talked about the process. He told me you can bonsai pretty much anything like this plant or that plant......even weeeeed. Then he pretty much left without buying anything.

  22. Technically, you can bonsai anything but not all material will make for GOOD bonsai. One of the defining characteristics of good bonsai is giving the tree a sense of age and to do that, the foliage has to be in scale with the tree. Many species have leaves that do not reduce well so they will never be "good" bonsai.

  23. Am I the only one who sees a missed opportunity here for the title to be: "Cannaibonsai?", with the sub title "Yes you can!"?

  24. Serious question: how long do the plants live once you grow buds? They don’t live long, or do they? Because I’d think the buds would eventually brown out and die once plant reaches full maturity.

  25. I wish you the best of luck during this pandemic. Owning a small business can’t be easy, especially now.

  26. Weed is thriving more than ever in this pandemic. The idea is unique and looks cool. It looks like a great recipe for a good business

  27. I get where you're coming from. I'm not some big corporate company though. I'm a gymnastics coach who started growing mini cannabis plants for fun.

  28. Man I can understand bonsai a perennial but an annual so much work and its just gonna fade away. Mad skills on the bonsai though. It's impressive!

  29. Awesome! Just ordered a copy for my grandad, he has dozens of bonsais and it’s his 80th birthday soon. He’ll love it!

  30. Beautiful! How long does it take to get them to that stage? I'm sure topping and pruning sets them back a bit.

  31. How does this compare in difficulty with regular bonsai trees? Would you say it was easier or harder to keep these alive?

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