Ran my first half marathon today at 40!

  1. A friend in his forties decided to do a marathon. Getting ready before the start he remarked to another runner that he had never run 26kms.

  2. Hahaha! The half is the farthest I've run in a race, and I am so glad none of my friends have figured this joke out for themselves.

  3. You're one of those people that goes to a restaurant with a Michelin star and says "only 1/3, huh" aren't you

  4. I bought a pizza for me and my wife from Costco yesterday, she got mad because I bought only cheese and she doesn’t like it, we fought over it and I ate half a pizza by myself out of spite. I’m still farting blood, I’m 36

  5. Nice! I ran a few halfs in my 40s. This fall, I hope to run my second full marathon at age 60. Hope you enjoy distance running for many years, as I have.

  6. “I'm petrified of nipple chafing. One it starts, it's a vicious circle. You have sensitive nipples, they chafe, so they become more sensitive, so they chafe more. It's a tough one. Gotta take precautions.”

  7. I'm nearly twice your age, on my 3rd day of being in a rest home. At the end of 30 days, they'll decide if I go to Assisted Living for seniors. So far, it's OK.

  8. I went from knee surgery to a half marathon in 18 months. It was 6 months between my first ever 5k and the half.

  9. Same ran my first half and I have the body of a mini Shrek, either way had a lot of fun and finished in a repeatable 2hrs 9min, best time concentrate on form, found that lung capacity wasn't an issue but...but...but a sore left knee and a rock hard right calf made the last couple of miles uncomfortable all because my form not the best, so look up, pump them arms and complete every step instead of just kind of falling flat footed forward (I'm sure everyone is different but that is what I learned).

  10. Figure out what you can run, based on how you feel during long (10 mile) practice runs. I was aiming for ~2:15. Find that pace group and stay near them. With 2-3 miles left you should be able to judge how much you have left in the tank. I dropped my pace group with about 4 miles left and ended up at 2:09.

  11. I'm not old but I've seen the cycle of men taking up running in their 40s my entire life. My only take away from it is lose the weight first, otherwise you'll be 50 and fat with a double knee replacement. You may think to yourself "surely ill lose weight running marathons." Suprisingly, no you won't. No one ever does, it's the most impressive part of the cycle. The second most impressive thing these dudes do is to get a good 5 years of talking about running non stop but for some reason have never mentioned their finish time once.

  12. Damn I ran my first and only half at 38 and I was nowhere in as good of shape as this guy. He looks like he’s ready for an Iron Man.

  13. Came to the comments looking to see if it was Grandma's. Had some friends do it this year, and my now-wife did the half in 2018!

  14. Awesome! I managed to run 6km without dropping dead and now I sprayed my ankle… maybe running is just not for me.

  15. Congrats! I works have thought your lower body would be more ripped than your upper body, but what do I know.

  16. If you wanted to show off your body that's all you had to say.... didnt need to "run" a half marathon to do it

  17. I have my first half marathon in October. Currently training/trying to lose about 100lbs to get into shape. But I’m doing it.

  18. Doing great! My boss did a half at nearly 50 a couple of months ago. Then he got COVID, found a hernia, so hasn't run in a month. Everything hurts now that he's out of shape to say the least.

  19. Congrats! Training for my first half marathon myself, so all respect to you for succeeding what is a difficult undertaking!

  20. Do you have any recommendations on books about fitness? I'm mainly interested on info about heart rate and improving cardio. I'm a newbie at 36y and would love to accomplish what you have

  21. Are you the guy that cooks stuff on the YouTube, then says I love you and proceeds to beat the shit out of the refrigerator?

  22. I'm 37, I've run multiple marathons and completed an Ironman last year and I'm jealous of your physique. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!

  23. You shut your accomplished body. Honest congrats. I was training for half marathon and then COVID and now I'm a fat sack. This is inspirational.

  24. Dude I’m in my twenties and trying to get in better shape, thank you for reminding me it’s worth it in the long run.

  25. I had one of those toys like your kid once. My cat went inside it, it folded up on him, and he bent it all to hell. Thanks for the memory.

  26. Fair play man, i did the manchester half marathon at age 35 and i can assure you i did not have that smile on my face. Good work 👊

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