[OC] Paint what makes you happy.

  1. There has to be a comment in there about how she obviously made sure her tits were showing in the photo. Not that I’m complaining or anything, because that’s just good marketing.

  2. This reminds me of the time we got sent a picture of our kid in daycare. They wrote out something for him and he was copying it. He was wearing a beach shirt so he was writing out the sentence, "I have crabs on my shirt." The picture they sent showed him writing with a big smile but their big sentence got cut off at "I have crabs" lol. Laughed so hard. I'm like 90% sure it was intentional.

  3. Yup, once a month a girl posts some really impressive art, and throws in bare feet, or cleavage just for the extra umphhh.

  4. it's sad that girls think they need to show their boobs to get attention, just post your art, not your tits, literally attention whoring lmao

  5. Dude look at OPs post history. She is obsessed with not being like everyone else and painting pictures of weed. Like bruh, it's a painting of weed lmao

  6. Bruh I smoking so many weed bunts that my fucking hot as fuck weed smoking grilfranks suck my dangus while I smoke so much weed. You wouldn’t get it. It’s a smoking weed bunt thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔😎💯

  7. Even us ladies in this thread are like, "girl, come on, you don't need to strategically insert tits into this pic, it's good enough to sell on its own"

  8. I hope you dont mind, but I totally took a zoomed in screenshot of your painting and am using it as my lock and wallpaper on my phone. I grow for a living and this is so beautiful I couldn’t resist, I hope you don’t mind?

  9. Go to my website and pull from there for better quality if you want 🤷🏻‍♀️. I was thinking of making backgrounds available on Insta too. Thanks for validating the idea 👍

  10. Interesting crop of this picture. One might come to the conclusion OP was not sure if the art alone would make it, so she made sure it will.

  11. Marijuana addicts can’t do one thing outside of marijuana without constantly talking about marijuana.

  12. Yea those that make it their personality, I love weed but I don’t identify with it, it’s just something I like to do

  13. But you realize that's confirmation bias right? If they're talking about weed then they're likely a pothead. If they aren't talking to you about weed it's still possible they are a pothead

  14. Lmao my first thought was “weed ain’t THAT great”. Pot heads really will tell you they aren’t addicted and can quit any time but will lose jobs and stay unemployed because weed is more important than having money.

  15. I smoke weed a lot but I never talk about it. I hate when pot heads turn weed into their personality.

  16. Is there some type of direct correlation between being left handed and being a painter? I notice a lot of artist are left handed.

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