nord stream gas leakage

  1. The big ones about 1 km diameter and the waves in the middle reach up to 10 meters in the air. The leak is 80 meters down in the sea aswell. that bomb was no joke…

  2. I've read reports of small ships sailing over methane discharges, loosing buoyancy and sinking. This would have the same effect but with a constant stream of bubbles the area should be visible and easily avoided (at least in daylight hours).

  3. It’s interesting - this explanation was offered as a possibility for some sudden maritime disasters. A rapid release of pressurized underwater methane - rising to the surface and changing the overall density of the fluid the ship was floating in.

  4. No despite what other people have said, no case of drowning due to bubbly water has ever been reported. Also aomeone tried it and went for a swim in extremely bubbling water and he lost somewhere around 2% of buoyancy. See here :

  5. Apparently it's better for the environment to burn the gas then to let it enter the atmosphere, so I wonder if they will toss a flare at this leak.

  6. Hope so. Methane is 5x worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, and slowly degrades into CO2 if it is not burnt (and quickly if it is burnt).

  7. I worked for a finance firm right out of college that mostly did commercial real estate and construction. I drew the short straw and had to spend a week in far far north Alaska checking out why a project seemed to be taking so long...

  8. Complicated, though.. Methane might be much more potent than CO2, but its lifetime is only 12 years vs. the 300+ years of CO2.

  9. No need to worry about whether we'll achieve routine interplanetary travel in your lifetime because we're bringing Venus here to Earth!

  10. I don't think people realize that the chances of two leaks in two massive Subsea Pipelines 23 Nautical miles away from each other are infinitesimally small.

  11. The seismic analysis shows that approx the equivalent of 100 tons of TNT where used. This is huge. The motives are probably :

  12. yep this is how information leaks from the cloud. you see the cloud is actually underwater so it holds pressure better. & this is what you get when that hacker lapsus guy steals software on the cloud

  13. Silver lining, NASA can successfully change the trajectory of asteroids. So at least that's something we don't need to worry about.

  14. It was bombed deliberately. BBC confirms undewater explosions detected just before the "leaks" appeared. Had to be a nation state to both know where to hit and to have explosives and deep sea capability. The only one with an interest in disrupting supply is Russia so yes, an enviro-industrial calamity but one caused deliberately, not through negligence. It is possible it was done by someone else but I find that very unlikely

  15. You light that symbol up, you create the Darksign, and eventually the ocean will go hollow and start spitting out undead ghouls.

  16. 9 months ago Russian maintenance ships was just randomly circulation without any reasonable explanation in the area. How strange that ships with diving capacity just randomly circled for days here.

  17. Remind me the pipe they wanted to pass in Quebec. Our Gov. asked for 7 garante before approving the project. Like we chose where it pass, a study on environnement impact, 100% liability in case of leek and damage, etc. The gas company gave up because they wanted to let us do the project with a "trust me bro" Wich tell me its a good things we didnt let them do it with zero garantee.

  18. To all those people who for decades objected to rapid conversion to renewables because of energy security concerns: leaving your nations vulnerable to autocratic regimens was the reason danger to national security.

  19. Seriously. Renewable energy i.e. won't run out, won't make you dependant on another nation etc. People are fucking morons. How can any reasonable person object to that?

  20. Can someone brighter than me help with the motive speculation? Isn't this sabotaging a Russian resource? And why is Russia the prime suspect apart from them being batshit crazy?

  21. I don't know anything, but the dude on the radio said Russia had nothing to gain, but Putin did. There was internal pressure to end war and start selling gas again.

  22. Destabilization tactic trying to get NATO to point fingers at each other, home front propaganda as “proof” NATO is at war with Russia, a warning… take your pick!

  23. Came here to find out if the Russians sabotaged it but all I'm seeing are stupid 12 year old type comments.

  24. Pretty much everyone agrees it's sabotage. Now, fingers will immediately point to Russia - but I don't understand the objective if you're Putin by destroying your own pipelines.

  25. Could be Putin signaling to those who are attempting to overthrow him within Russia that they have nothing to negotiate with the West and no easy means of reconciliation.

  26. So the theory here is that the US has SO MUCH LNG that it can't get rid of that we sabotage Russia's options to force the EU to buy our stuff. Okay. I get that.

  27. And by your analysis the US risks NATO, and allied relationships with all of Europe by blowing this pipe-line and for what? An incremental increase in LNG market share? Europe doesn't even had the terminal capacity to receive what the US could ship--anyway?! And by your own comment the US can't ship as much because of a damaged LNG terminal? So how does the US benefit from what can't be shipped or received during the years it will take to stand up the terminals in Europe?

  28. This leak is sponsored by Nord VPN. Stream all your gas anonymously through NordVPN and never worry about governments or cable companies spying on your gas traffic.

  29. Rich people who have money in gas are seeing their money evaporate in front of their eyes and they're freaking out.

  30. From the Guardian, "...But the fact remains that two undersea pipelines have been ruptured in a 24-hour period. They are designed to be tough: each section of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the company’s literature says, has a steel case 27 to 41mm thick, in turn surrounded by a concrete coating of 60 to 110mm.

  31. It's worth noting that Russia's Main Directorate of Deep-Sea Research (aka GUGI) has, among many other deep sea missions, exactly this capability and it is part of their intended mission set.

  32. No big deal. One of a gazillion methane leaks in the gas industry. Just a drop in the bucket, really.

  33. The leak could be equivalent of 25% of the Danish national GHG emissions this year (which are, admittedly, impressively low).

  34. Russian attack subs are specifically made to cut gas and communication lines. The evidence shows the holes are big blast holes, not crack.

  35. So if the pipeline is dead, does that mean that Russia just killed its one remaining bargaining chip with Europe?

  36. Thanks Russia for turning the world into a bigger sheet hole than it was….. we all know Russia is behind it, same as we know who is behind those guys jumping out windows!

  37. Living on bornholm and seeing this super close it's surprising to me how little research redditors do before making a conclusion or how everyone on here is a expert on how the Baltic Sea works

  38. What does Russia gain from this? If it wants to cut gas supply to Europe, it can do so without blowing nord stream pipeline. I'm genuinely curious why Russia did this...

  39. Points more towards US. Nordstream was Russias leverage over germany. And suddenly when germany filled its storage it goes boom

  40. This is a gas pipe from Russia to Germany. Seismologists recorded a sharp spike in the area indicating it was a sudden event. “There is no doubt that these were explosions,” SNSN seismologist Bjorn Lund said. Early evidence suggests sabotage according to Euro security experts.

  41. Ukraine doesn't have the submersible/naval tech to pull this off and their entire tiny navy is either in Russian control or stuck in port to avoid becoming a Russian target.

  42. Has there been anything but speculation on the cause. I’ve heard accident- but mostly the rumors of deliberate sabotage, followed by rampant speculation.

  43. 100% sabotage, I'm Danish and seismotoligists have confirmed 2 explosions has happened, something like 2.5 on the Richter's scale, definitely something that is not a seismological event.

  44. I propose a large upsidedown funnel slightly larger than the bubble circle connected to tubes, a compressor, and containers! Free natural gas!

  45. lol I thought it said Nordstrom, I was like why they leaking gas? They ain’t have gas is it sale or somethn 🤨

  46. They have apparently found out that 2-3 explosions were heard before the leak. The danish authorities now conclude that the leak was man made and not accidental

  47. The leak was caused by an act of deliberate sabotage. (The government of Denmark and Sweden told at two press conferences.)

  48. 3 separate sections of pipeline all having explosions and massive leaks in one day? There’s little chance of that being anything other than sabotage.

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