Just got my vertical labret pierced by Kate at Sanctum Body Art in NJ

  1. Thank you! Kate does really great work. I have a lot of fun with finding jewelry- most are from sellers on Etsy.

  2. Thanks so much! I just have some nostril piercings left on my wish list aside from my ears. Feels strange being so close to done!

  3. Lovely! I actually like the look of the line between the ends, someone I knew used to have a tattooed blue line down the middle of her face and it was gorgeous, and the placement marking reminded me of that.

  4. Thank you! I was worried it'd either get lost or be too busy but now I'm actually considering thickening it up a touch more in a few months. I've not seen too many people with face stripes, but I think that they are lovely.

  5. ZuzuPlugs on Etsy! They are a little rough on the ears so thin sleeves or saddles may help as long as it isn't thick.

  6. You look amazing!! Can I get your thoughts on the bridge as a glasses wearer?? I wear glasses most of the time, which has kept me from getting my bridge done. Do they clink together? How was healing?

  7. Aw thank you! Consistency helps a lot and I tend to match things to constants in my features (eyes/complexion) so that everything meshes. If not I will fixate on it haha.

  8. I absolutely love when a whole aesthetic comes together like this. Beautiful, all of it. Your hair is gorgeous.

  9. Oh wow thank you. I actually had to step away and come back to this compliment because I definitely needed to hear your perspective. I'm always chasing an improved aesthetic, but this reminds me to enjoy the journey too.

  10. Thank you! I got them from ZuzuPlugs on Etsy but I'm pretty sure they are from a brass decor line of insects and they realized they can hang these so they started selling in pairs. Because of this I reccomend wearing with thin silicone ear sleeves or a saddle.

  11. Haha aw! You too can harness this ability by matching everything to your complexion and fixed features. Also BodyClickers on Etsy is very affordable and they anodize their own surgical grade titanium!

  12. wow!!! looks great with your whole set up! your jewelry matching is very aesthetically pleasing as well. lovely share. 😊

  13. That's exactly where it is! 72 Easton. It's an hr from me, but worth it for an APP piercer with great chemistry.

  14. Aw thank you!!! I really appreciate it. I'll be coming back to this post when I'm feeling low for sure hahaha

  15. Thank you! I really appreciate it. It's only weird when it's said...weirdly? If that makes sense? At least to me. So not weird at all!

  16. Oh my fuck, I love your whole look! Your hair, your jewelry! All of it!! I love seeing other people go all gold, it's so rare I feel like. Where do you usually get your jewelry? I fucking LOVE those scarab earrings

  17. They are HEAVY. I do not wear them otw from point A to B, only upon arrival. If I had thin ear sleeves or saddles it'd be better but I need to stretch my ears up to a stable size first.

  18. Omg I’m close to that shop!!! Imma go get my next pericing there !! Ur piercing looks gorg 💗💗

  19. Go for it! If you do, please tell Kate how you found her. I'm sure she'd get a kick out of it- we were talking about how her photo of my eyebrow piercings went viral and got her a bunch of business. She's great.

  20. Aw thank you so much!! I actually follow the sub but never posted...maybe I will- thanks for the idea and encouragement!

  21. I thought about getting mine done, but am worried about it messing up my lower gums in front. They already have worn away some, maybe from the snake bites I had (took them out for work) but I am not sure.

  22. From what I've learned, it seems likely that your snakebites assisted with that. I had a labret briefly long before this and it chipped a tooth and kept knocking into my gums. This piercing doesn't go in the mouth, so there's nothing to rub away at the gumline.

  23. whole setup is amazing!! how do u get on wearing glasses w a bridge piercing? i wanna get my bridge done but i’m a glasses wearer for the foreseeable future 😩

  24. How was your experience? I haven’t wanted to go back to them after they pierced my helix with a steel hoop at a bad angle. It didn’t heal for 3 years even though they’re “APP”. I wasn’t sure if things have changed there since I went

  25. And this is how I choose to. To me, each piercing celebrates the features they surround. I couldn't care less if you disagree. 🤗

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