People who say your "karma-farming" are everywhere lol.

  1. I agree that saying karma farming is stupid is stupid, but reposts ain’t cool, that’s just stealing someone else’s post. Also if it’s a bot karma farming, then I downvote that because nobody likes bots and said bot is likely a scam account

  2. My only gripe with reposts is when it's a repost bot/karma farmer for the reason of selling that account, or when they repost something and try to paint it as their own creation. Also people who don't fall into that category but repost stuff from the Top of All Time section or something that was shared on the same day or recently.

  3. Maybe one day we can exchange them for silly things, like a 3D papercraft of the reddit alien dude. The only special thing about it will be the official system message of converting karma and the mentioned transaction granting you the file to print out.

  4. This isn’t my first time being informed by you pickles, thank you for opening my eyes yet again. I accept my downvotes gracefully as I admit to my wrongful doings

  5. Genuine question, what is the point of downvote farming? Like I get that having high karma means the account can be sold but what can you actually do with an account with negative karma?

  6. This is funny because I guarantee, because of this very post, someone will say you are karma farming and be seriously butt hurt about it.

  7. People who say someone else is karma farming is most likely karma farming, which means that I’m karma farming rn… shit

  8. I think a lot of these people don't understand that many other people don't give a shit about their karma. I literally stopped caring after I reached 100. It's just a meaningless number. lol

  9. I do think it is annoying when people use this sub to post stuff unrelated to subreddit's theme. Just find a better fitting subreddit for your meme or cat or whatever

  10. Someone accused me of karma farming once on an account with only 2 total posts. I was like.. yeah, clearly.

  11. Karma farming is absolutely fine by me but stealing others' posts and reposting it here or elsewhere as if you own that post isn't right. Some subs ban/warn people for reposting.

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