Curious how long everyone thinks their PS5 will last! Reliability/Durability, etc.

  1. I had my original PS4 since the holiday season of release (2013), still runs great too. Just a tad loud, but I got a PS5 and I imagine it’ll be reliable for years to come.

  2. That’s great to hear! I got my PS5 on launch day and it’s still going along very well! Unfortunately had the speaker fail on my black DualSense controller recently

  3. I got the original PS4 release in 2013, and I can’t say the same. Thing is slow as hell, fans go crazy, and lots of disk drive issues. And yes I’ve cleaned it

  4. You could easily take apart and clean the dust and even reapply thermal paste! YouTube has plenty of videos.

  5. Yea I pop mine open once a month still haven’t had any dust built up inside 🤞 I do have a air purifier on at all times though

  6. Stresses me out to hear this. I received my PS5 last week and sent it back the same day because it died within the first hour while I was transferring save games from my PS4. It's really got me worried about something happening down the line after the 1 year warranty has expired.

  7. The only console Ive ever had that stopped working was an Xbox 360. The old Red Ring. I imagine my ps5 will last.. Forever?

  8. Hopefully a few years. It's the SSD that'll most likely crap out first. With the size of games now, and limited space you'll be deleting and installing games alot. SSDs can only transfer data so much before they develop issues

  9. I think it’s more likely that the SSD will be one of the most reliable components actually! SSD read/write ratings are usually very high and very under estimated! Plus I think it’s a good sign that older PS4’s have lasted quite a long time on their original HDD drives!

  10. My pre-order launch PS4 is still running strong and has taken a beating, abuse and hard use with more than 240 games. I open it once a year for a thorough clean up and is always kept vertical in a open shelf with AC (very cold room). Replaced the 500GB drive with a 1TB. It runs quiet unlike most people claiming loud fan noise. No pets, no kids.

  11. had mines since jan 2021 no problems. until a week ago had to replace power supply due to thunderstorm & lightning strike by my house 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Never had a problem with any of my consoles, except for the Xbox 360's RROD, so the PS5 should last me until the PS6 at least

  13. How??? Did you get custom switch joy cons for the ps5? I'm questioning your care for the controller but maybe it was just a faulty one.

  14. What I’ve learned is that it depends on how well you maintain your console. Cleaning (dusting) and not leaving it in rest mode too often

  15. I always use to leave my PS4 in rest mode most of the time. It eventually ran very load, so imo I feel that leaving it in rest mode more then it needs to be is unnecessary and is probably doing more harm than good. I fell Rest mode is designed for quick turn around inbetween gaming sessions and not ideal for long periods or heavily repeated times. Also too if you lose power in your home while it’s in rest mode you have to get that reboot screen and I’m sure that’s not good either.

  16. I think the console is more durable that the controllers. Once my controller broke on the in side and i had to send it back to get it fixed, (one of the gears for the triggers I guess snapped and there was no force or feedback)

  17. I’ve been wondering the same with mine. I bought a real nice air cooling stand for mine so im sure as long as it’s running cool. It’ll be fine. But who knows really.

  18. Mine will last at least for 5 years. In Norway, there is a 5 year extended warranty on almost everything you buy.

  19. I was still playing my old PS3 slim until I got the PS5 this past Xmas. If it lasts even half that time I think I’ll be set until ps6 haha. Just wish dual sense battery was better. I have to be charging one controller while I play with another and keep swapping

  20. Just got mine a little over a month ago. I’m pretty consistent getting the new system a year after release all 3 PlayStations I got like this lasted past the release of its successor.. the 360 didn’t make it though we had to get 2 of those

  21. Just as long as the PS4 did maybe longer, you should get the zipper dust covers on Amazon tho, they are perfect, they are light weight and u can keep em on while your playing, dust is important to keep outta the ps5 more then the 4 the openings are much bigger

  22. Hopefully a long time, especially cause I hardly play the thing. God of War Ragnarok and FFXVI seem to be the only reasons to own one, at this point. It'll sit idle til then.

  23. i dunno about the PS5 console.. but the controllers? need work. the controller that came with my new system last 6 months. stick drift. then i bought another new one. 3 months. same issue. now im on my third and this time i bought a cheap $5 walmart/allstate 2 year protection plan. so if this thing goes wonky again, and it will, hopefully i can get a new controller for free via a claim. no tellin how long that takes, though.

  24. I hope a lifetime atleast. Fully took it apart and cleaned it on the one year mark and plan to keep doing that. Less dust than I expected, most of it was on the fan.

  25. I've got a PS1 (original - still good), PS2 (fat/original - disc drive got choppy), PS2 slim in silver (still good), PS3 slim (still good). Never got a PS4.... but based on the track record of these systems running smoothly still to this day, & having gotten the digital PS5, I envision this one lasting a damn long time too.

  26. I just ordered bottom and back heat fans to take out the hot air, and the black dbrand plates to bring fresh air in.

  27. I would have given the most accurate answer to that question except I still haven’t been able to buy one yet. Been looking since the launch day. Here in Australia it’s still quite difficult to get.

  28. Dude, honestly just pay the scalpers….i paid the scalpers nit that far after launch and the extra $2-300 is long washed out with all the extra playtime Ive had.

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