Legend Arceus is amazing! I want all Pokémon games moving forward to be like this

  1. I've been having a blast. I'm not frustrated seeing the same Pokemon because I actually need to catch them, the new ones are more exciting, and I don't have to do random encounter grinds anymore. I've been trying to find more Eevees and I just stand up on rocks and pan around. I'm enjoying encounters such as "oh shit this is where that scary rapidash is RUUNNN"

  2. Yessss, THAT part, in previous games it would be so tedious fighting the same Pokémon but they removed the annoyance of seeing the same Pokémon because you get rewarded for actually fighting and catching more, this was very smart and hope they keep this mechanic in future games, it removes the grinding feel since it doesn’t feel tedious, although I would say being in mirelands, carvinine and croagunk have been annoying me forcing themselves in situations when I’m trying to focus on a different Pokémon lol

  3. I just cheezed my way through a battle with that Rapidash with a level 9 Drifloon! All of its Fire Blasts missed somehow, it hurt itself using double edge on the rest of my party, making it easier to down, and all it could on me after that was Hypnosis. I think all my Pokemon got 5 levels at least from that battle. It was AMAZING

  4. I wouldn't mind some gameplay elements taken from Legends Arceus and transferred to the standard main games. I just want them to include more in the sense of landmarks, caves, towns, and interesting routes if they do decide to do that.

  5. Agreed. Id also like the pokemon to interact with each other and other pokemon types. Add some pokemon snap interactions but the games good so far. On my way yo Kleavor

  6. I feel like they could remake some old games and just make the routes a little bigger as you traverse them to make them like this one. Would definitely give you that landmark and town aspect if they did that. Would be pretty fun to play a remake like that. I also want them to add a compass on the UI without having to go into your map.

  7. Agreed. I think Strong/Agile could have worked as a generational mechanic though not sure if the ATB system is ultimately reconcilable with competitive. The worst part about battling in PLA is the camera, in my opinion. You never get a close up of the Pokemon and the move animations while cool for wild encounters feel a lot less theatrical in trainer battles. I think maybe using PLA camera style for wild encounters and more traditional for trainer battles is probably the right balance.

  8. I'd be very happy if they kept the PLA overworld and catching mechanics while keeping the current battle system. It's too simplified in PLA and the move mastery mechanic just doesn't do anything for me. Neither does the action mechanic whatever that's called.

  9. I love that everything is in the overworld, no more loading to fight and then loading to go back to overworld. It’s all real time and feels more alive. A breath of fresh air as I’ve said in my post about it.

  10. I went back to play Pokemon Diamond and couldn't do it. The combat is too slow compared to PLA. Something as simple as removing the redundant intro animations helped so much.

  11. Even the small QoL stuff adds up. EXP/new moves/evolutions are handled on the side and you don’t have to sit through them. You can even begin traveling to the next thing before your Pokémon has even finished the previous battle - it’s all so welcome. I do sometimes miss new moves that I can learn, but with the way the move pools are handled now (please PLEASE keep this going into mainline games) it’s rarely an issue.

  12. I lobbed a feather ball at mine... Wife and I both couldn't believe it actually worked first try but were so excited it was as if we were giddy children again on our first Pokémon journey.

  13. I wasted so many PokeBalls trying to catch that one. He was a good addition at the time though. After catching some of my favorites, I'm now set on having a full team of Alphas. Alpha Gyrados is my next target.

  14. If they could slam this game together with the mainline games that would be sweet. Imagine gym fights in this style? Would be so sick. Then have routes to explore but just a tiny bit less linear. I'm thinking any woodland area in a souls game: still essentially linear, but lots of nooks and crannies to discover and find alpha's & legendaries etc

  15. I'd love all the catching and overworld mechanics to be implemented, but I do hope they put more of an emphasis on battling in the future. It doesn't really feel like there's a reason to build out a team in Legends when all the wardens have like three Pokemon max (at least where I'm at in the game). My Quilava was ready to evolve into Highphlosion pretty quickly but, unlike in past games, I don't really have any memorable moments or battles with my starter, or any pokemon for that matter. It didn't really feel like I "earned" a final starter evolution.

  16. I get what you’re saying about Evolution not feeling “earned” when you get XP for so many things and so rarely for trainer battles.

  17. Lore wise it makes sense, everyone is afraid of pokemon. Also I think this game has less of a focus on battling.

  18. PLA is an amazing game and I’ve been loving it so far, however the graphics do really put a downer on it. When I’m riding Wyrdeer on top of a massive cliff and I look over it and it looks like alpha minecraft from above it does really take me out of the immersion of how cool the game is.

  19. The graphics do make me a little sad.. I mean I'm coming from game boy and GBA so wtf do I have to complain about. But I was hoping for more.. besides that I'm loving the game, if the next gen game has gyms and more battling I would be in love with it all over again. Dare I say it, a blue or gold remake in the style... nostalgia max.

  20. Yeah they really are a downer. Like I’ve been taking some screenshots and there are some pretty bad offenders. It doesn’t detract from the gameplay itself but it just makes it harder to immerse yourself in the world.

  21. Totally not a fair answer to your question, but I decided to theme my character around ursaluna. I ride it everywhere, I have one in my party, I have all the clothing for it, and I even pretend I'm a member of the "ursaclan" (we are fierce like Russian bear).

  22. I am on the fence about Ursaluna because the monsters gang up on you most of the time. It doesn’t make me want to dig up treasure. Yet, they did create those relic/lore notes. I just dig on spots that look interesting and found 3 so far. I wonder what the prize is for getting all the relic notes.

  23. I'd say the graphics are extremely bad the game runs terribly (constant frame rate changes). The gameplay loop is neat, though!

  24. Ye i enjoy searching for items on her cause i do a cowboy impresion as in "wow girl you found gold? Come on lets get em" and then when im cliose i change to a "where is it girl where is it go on sniff it out" super fun, specially the lil speed bust,

  25. No, the graphics are bad. Go play something with really good graphics then go back to Legends Arceus and you will immediately see the significant bland landscape.

  26. I miss that too, like have some category cor pokemons: Those are rideable, those are not. This one can surf, the other one can fly, so you can actually use your pokemon on the over world

  27. Going back to the traditional Sword/Brilliant Diamond style of gameplay now after experiencing action style gameplay would feel so dull.

  28. Completely agree, I'm blown away with the style of arceus, haven't been so hype to explore a pokemon map since I was a kid.

  29. If you think graphics and technical stuff aren’t important then imagine playing breath of the wild with the draw distance that legends has.

  30. Running around the game, all I can think about is all the MH mechanics they could’ve implemented. Those games are tops in terms of quality of life, and I wish GF had thought a little harder about what they could do to make everything flow better. Even a mini-map seems obvious, but here I am checking the map 5 times just to make sure I’m headed the right way (outside of dropping pins and such)

  31. I can’t lie. It’s getting a little repetitive to me. The Pokémon snap type interactions between Pokémon would go a long way in making the world feel alive.

  32. Honestly if the game had amazing graphics exploring would be much more fun and relaxing. OP doesn’t need them but he never experienced good graphics so he can’t tell. Though personally i have fun completing the dex

  33. My favorite part is the flying Gyrados in the distance with three frames of animation. Normally graphics aren’t a big deal to me. Sword and Shield wasn’t pushing any boundaries for sure and I enjoyed those just fine. But PLA is in a league of its own when it comes to bad graphics, especially considering the amount of resources and money Game Freak has at it disposal.

  34. posts like this are the reason why i dont think gamefreak are willing to put in more effort in other areas of the game if they can just excel in one aspect.

  35. The models look okay - it feels like they got everything working - saw it ran like shit, and turned every setting down to try to save 30fps steady (mostly). If you've ever played a pc game on a super potato laptop or netbook it looks like what World of Warcraft felt like on that same machine.

  36. I can see your point, but personally, i dont have a problem if graphics are bad. Although, i do think they need to improve.

  37. The gameplay changes are great NGL, and I don't care if the graphics are bad (albeit for that low quality the tech issue like frame drops, distance rendering etc are inexcusable). What I cannot get behind is the lack of art direction. The map is really uninspired, bare bone and basic. It really looks like an alpha map, waiting to be filled with things, and it had just pokemon and some trees so far... Like a saw a bloody cave and it was literally a circle with 3 gathering nodes? That looked so "temporary" that was actually shipped. To recap, I don't need hyper graphics, but Legends has terrible design and art in it...

  38. I still want the original formula for mainline games, but the stuff like changing moves and names at any time should definitely stay.

  39. I think that i'd prefer the open world catching aspect but i'd much prefer if battles weren't just super effective beatsticks for moves, with abilities gone and speed mattering so much more now (when it's already one of if not the best stat) battles felt really one dimensional.

  40. Exactly. I was abilities and all the cut moves back. As a competitive player this game isn't very promising for the future

  41. But the graphics are shit for a company that has almost limitless resources. Gameplay sure is fun but will probably be repetitive after 2 weeks, the game has been out for 3 days let's calm down.

  42. Graphics are the least important thing, the aesthetics are very important though, I think it's a consensus that this game looks like ass, I still like it though.

  43. They still can't manage to add a design on a characters clothes without it being a flat pixelated blur. It will never cease to amaze me.

  44. I feel like I can never go back to the old ways. They have found something special with the new catch/battle mechanics, and the Pokédex research is so engaging.

  45. I really love this game, but I do have to say that the graphics are just sad. If they do a similar game like this in the future, I hope they work on it more before rushing its release(but lets be honest, as if that’s going to happen). I still enjoy this game nonetheless and would recommend it to anyone who likes Pokémon.

  46. Whats so special about the game that it gets so good reviews? This is a genuine question. From the gameplay i have seen it's basically just catching pokemon and watching them do special attacks. Is that all? And is there some sort of endgame? I heard they removed Breeding/Ev/iv and even online Multiplayer(?!).

  47. There's an endgame. Progression is achieved by facing off against "Alpha" Pokémon - essentially Hisu's anwser to Totem Pokémon - and doing a few tasks for the various wardens found across the land such as placating a rampaging Pokémon or retrieving a stolen relic.

  48. It’s not special and it’s very overrated because it’s ‘different’ to standard Pokémon.

  49. Nope. I love this game. But it's better as an addition to the main series, not replacing it. The openish world exploration is a ton of fun, and I love that the story is largely focused on catching Pokemon. But the gameplay of regular games, with strategizing and team building, is also very fun. Ideally they will branch out and continue to use multiple development studios so they can produce both styles of game alongside each other without compromising on release dates

  50. Every other year a new non-remake Pokémon game, alternating between new generations and Legends installments each with their own separate dev team, giving each game essentially 3 years of development? Fill in the off years with remakes and spin-offs.

  51. I agreed with the post up until you started talking about graphics. What an absurd take. I played and beat the game a few days ago and while I will acknowledge that the gameplay is absolutely a step in the right direction and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had, that absolutely does not mean we should give them a pass on the totally abysmal graphics and performance this game has. You can both praise and criticize something, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Releasing a game in 2022 with the graphics and performance of a 2004 game is completely unacceptable.

  52. Surprised I had to scroll this far to find someone who says this. I agree whole-heartedly. If game freak can keep this direction and then add in some decent graphics then you'd have a Pokémon game that I'd consider a masterpiece on the same level as breath of the wild. There isn't much reason that we couldn't have something like that soon, I just hope that they take more time with the next game and perfect the craft.

  53. Graphics is for sure the least important part in a game, but if a game costs 60$ it's not supposed to have a graphic worse than some 2006 game.

  54. I’d enjoy it if we got a release like legends again and games that stick with the main stuff like gyms and elite four this is awesome

  55. Graphics are one of the least important parts is not a valid statement imo. Maybe for you graphics don’t matter, but I see 2 problems here.

  56. BotW was made to look nice on the Wii U though, giving it extra power on the Switch could compare (not literally) to making a game for the PS1 and then also simultaneously releasing it on the PS2 with a graphical update.

  57. I wouldn’t want /all/ games exactly like this but having them similar would be cool. No official routes and then just running into a town or city (finally being able to fight gyms in any order), an encounter similar but more improved like sword and shield (some random encounters in grass but being able to sneak capture Pokémon), and hopefully bring the national dex back would be neat. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening

  58. I wish the Pokémon could have more natural behavior. I don’t like the pivot/wait/yell mechanics. I’d like to feel like the Pokémon aren’t pretending they don’t see me

  59. They need to combine this game and sword/shield. Sword and shield for the gyms, battles, moves, evs/ivs ect. and use this as the new "wild area" type of thing. This is what the wild area should have been.

  60. I miss trainers at least. Having such an open space with no reason to talk to anyone that’s standing there just makes it feel like social distancing. There’s a lot of thing that they can fix and all we can do is hope they invest money in it for updates and DLC

  61. Some things people aren't mentioning... The open world progression is so damn smooth. I was scared it'd be repetitive and Ubisoft style "find this tower, see new vision from it". Nahhh. I go to a town, tons of quest, tons I just naturally complete without having you grind out like an MMO fetch quest. Some really funny quests too (Mr Mime I'm looking at you).

  62. I think the biggest thing is that for adventure games, there needs to be reason to explore, and what you’re exploring NEEDS to look nice. So far there’s no reason to explore other than to figure out what spawns where, and then just do patrols of those zones to get materials/fill out the dex. And what you wander around in this game is FAR FROM a AAA dev, let alone the AAA devs for one of the biggest gaming franchises ever.

  63. These mechanics would be super easy to implement in future games too, with very little retconning needed! Every game you're told not to go into the grass because wild Pokemon are dangerous. That's the same thing here, albeit everyone is scared of them. But there are friendly Pokemon in Hisui Jubilife, so it stands to reason you can have this same set up where wild Pokemon chase and attack and harm you. Everyone knows wild Pokemon are dangerous, it's just that we can make them friendly.

  64. "Creating the Pokedex?" You say, as a child growing up in a world already accustomed to Pokemon to the point of most people's jobs revolving around Pokemon for hundreds of years. Oh my, you, little Timmy, are the first person to ever record the data of Ratata, we totally did not copy our data about Ratata at a convenient time to your pocket device to encourage/manipulate the youth.

  65. It's definitely the best one we've gotten since USUM. I bough Sword last and was disappointed in the unfinished state. This time they really made new Pokémon Models, just look at their eyes and how they follow you. GF definitely goes into the right direction.

  66. No they do not. Sw and Sh were definitely more divisive. While Arceus there has been a more uniform consensus of “game good graphics bad. This is a good step in the right direction.”

  67. I mean the gameplay seems kinda shallow ngl, you're just doing the same simple tasks over and over again for the dex, without much variety. If that's your thing tho, enjoy.

  68. You can have a legends style open area/ world and overworld battling and catching but with traditional features like gyms, towns, online battling, abilities ect... I the goal of the game is traditional but the world is more like legends.

  69. You mean like beating a gym, walking through a route to beat the next gym, walking through a route to beat the next gym, walking through a

  70. I can boil almost any game down to being shallow if you want me to, doesn't negate it being fun.

  71. Well yeah, but Pokémon are different enough, they behave differently and all of that is enough to feel alive and dynamic

  72. I'd say take the mainline stories (or change up their formula of a story) and mix in the gameplay elements of Arceus and that's what I've wanted for a very long time.

  73. They completely removed the competition from the game. Evs are gone and so are abilities. Its good as a one off but they shouldn't carry this into EVERY game.

  74. I mean I do miss levitate, but since its not my cup of tea, I honestly forgot it even existed hhaha.

  75. The competition killed any interest I had in the series anyway, "dunsparce BAD!" I like dunsparce. Competition ruins most games though.

  76. I love Legends and am having a lot of fun with it I hope they can make it more of a hybrid next time. I love the new game elements and am having a lot of fun with it but I miss trainer battles and gyms. I’m like 10 hours in and have had like 15 battles with various “trainers” and all they have is like 1 Pokémon. I’m hoping next time GF makes a Pokémon game it’s Legends style but set in modern times so we can have gyms, Pokémon league and standard battles more. I’m not putting any thought into creating an actual team because there is really no point. I’m just catching a bunch of Pokémon, researching and evolving them and then rotating for the next one to research and evolve. I’m enjoying the game and it’s super different but I just don’t really like the time it’s set in and the lack of emphasis on battles, especially since they made the battle mechanics so awesome in this one.

  77. It needs to be a mix of both. It needs the cities, towns, caves, dungeons, etc. of old, mixed in with the refined third-person gameplay elements of new.

  78. I don’t want all Pokémon games to be like this. I like the somewhat watered down, generic formula. But I would greatly appreciate a game like this every generation focusing on the past or future of a current region.

  79. Man the comment about actually feeling like we're doing research is spot on. In nearly every game we work as researchers (with or without the title of that) and nothing is ever done with it being made to catch things multiple times and see them do specific things makes it feel like we're actually researching these creatures.

  80. Game isn’t a pushover either. My starter Pokémon can’t easily one hit everything, and I often find myself surrounded by hostile Pokémon where it is 1 vs 3.

  81. this honestly feels like what people were expecting when people heard about the wild areas we got in sword and shield. Perfect blend of traditional gameplay with safari zone mechanics

  82. "(Not to mention that after gaaaaames and games of “creating the Pokédex” we are finally doing something that resembles actual research)"

  83. Just please put more effort into the environment and dialogue. Both feel so empty to me, and they can really afford to not make their overworld look like a student Unity project.

  84. Same! This is now my favorite pokemon game ever! One thing i would love for them to implement in the future is more interaction with your pokemon, like have the ability to tell your zigzaggoon that has the pick up ability to go scavenge the area, or your pigey with fly to go find a pokemon, stuff like this would be so cool

  85. If we got a fusion of elements from PLA and Sw/Sh, I think we could have the best main line Pokémon game ever

  86. Add pokemon snap features - the photographs you take get added to the Pokédex, you choose your top four. Cmoooon you already have the camera 3D model

  87. I'm enjoying it but I don't want everything about it to become the default. I've caught all the pokemon several times over the years and at this point i'm far more interested in raising and battling then i am in catching things ad nauseum.

  88. I like that now the Pokémon have no idea your in the tall grass when you are in a blue outfit or just put in the open crouching next to a 10 foot tall monkey

  89. Yeah, I feel like this could be a really good example or stepping stone towards a pokemon MMORPG. I think if they put this game, with a dedicated stream if development towards multiplayer, and bring back elements like gyms, this would be such a money maker for pokemon.

  90. Yes!!! I’m honestly a lil tired of people nitpicking the graphics when the game is genuinely just so fun! I think its absolutely plenty engaging enough and I’m able to get lost in it for hours. I have a reason to run into pokémon and catch the level 3 bidoof more than to just fill out the dex 1 time and thats it. The other games get so annoying to run through the earlier areas because the encounters cannot be avoided. Not to mention honestly this is everything ive wanted in a pokemon game for the longest time. Being able to run around during battles a actually physically run away is just so cool to me

  91. I love completing the pokedex, it feels like your character is actually opening a book and searching threw the pages to find the correct thing.

  92. I was pretty proud of catching a level 69 alpha empoleon earlier with my starter being in its late 40's still. I like that you never feel too over leveled because the levels for areas are disjointed by guaranteed and random alphas

  93. I’m definitely addicted to this new formula and have already clocked 30 hours since getting the game. The fact that the only (super minor) complaint I have about the game is the kinda lame texture mapping goes to show how well GF executed this game. I never realized how dated the Pokémon formula felt until playing this game, and I might have to pass on gen 9 if they roll back to the old style. I say this as someone who has bought and played every single game in the series, mainline and spin-off: this is definitely the biggest change the series has ever seen to its core mechanics since the original Red and Green in 1996.

  94. Dude, I can’t tell an Eevee from a Bidoof until I’m so close they’re both running. The graphics AFFECT the gameplay. You get your head out of your butt. I dislike this game more every time someone raves about it because you seem determined to ignore its many shortcomings. Stop being such a fanboy. It’s not all binary. A game can be good and have shortcomings. Just acknowledge it isn’t perfect.

  95. It looks like it has potential, but at this point I'm checked out until they bring back the full national dex :(

  96. Same, a Pokémon game with about only 1/4th of the Pokémon for 60$? I’m glad people are liking it and it’s a step in the right direction but it seems a bit pointless and over priced

  97. As someone who is vehemently against getting any new mainline game without the whole dex, I recommend you grab this anyway. I look at it with the perspective of side games never having a full dex anyways. The nature of the game being a collect-a-thon scratches the same itch as completing the dex in Gen VII and prior.

  98. I wanted to get it but I just can't. I feel like they're getting there but it still feels cheap. Hopefully there next game with elements from this game will spark my interest.

  99. It gets tedious so quick tho. It's fun when everything is new but it's just a pain afterwards. There isn't enough in the world to make it worth exploring. The battle animations are a step in the right direction tho. Also the game looks so bad when you dock your switch to a TV . Can almost make out the pixels

  100. i agree with almost everything you said — this is the most fun i’ve ever had with pokemon. however, just because the gameplay is good doesn’t mean we can’t criticise the graphics, like what?? the graphics would be acceptable for an indie studio or something, but as others have said pokemon is one of the most profitable franchises in the world. it’s not that game freak can’t produce something better, they just don’t want to put effort in to do so when they know people like you will blindly defend it. it doesn’t look terrible all the time, but we should expect and should be demanding better from an AAA franchise.

  101. Dude the game is ok and its a step in the right direction direction. But im getting tired of people saying its "amazing" .... Like common.

  102. Man I love Pokemon. I've been a fan for 20 years. But I can't get behind this game. Triple A companies are doing worse and worse when it comes to releasing bare bones, half assed games and I won't support it.

  103. Wait what? "Graphics are literally one of the least important parts"?! Dude, we are 2022 come on. Just dont put this game in the glory sky because is not. Pretty sure that they could do a lot much better and anyone could say no to that. They have money, they have the tech... so. Please. Good game right but say that? No for sure.

  104. It's a great first step towards what the future of Pokemon could be, but it still has a long way to go. 'd give it a 7.8/10. The graphics being the ugliest thing I've ever seen on the switch doesn't help the game's case regardless. It's like they made them bad on purpose.

  105. Posts like these are why other people complain about the games. Criticism is fine, stop taking it like it's a personal slight against you just because you do like the game. That doesn't mean they're wrong or that there's "just too much emphasis on its bad parts". It's OKAY to like the game and still have problems with it. It's when you just accept the product and say there aren't any shortcomings, that GF knows they can just be lazy again

  106. Ahh damn another praising opinion. Its really getting hard for me to rwsist now. The game has been praised literally everywhere and I want to play it. But I have a huge problem with the graphics. Now before you downvote hear me out.

  107. Another "this game is great" post, where everyone criticising slightly the game is being downvoted to hell. If it's not a delusional community I don't know what it is

  108. Well I can’t really reciprocate your feelings, as I prefer laid back calm way of playing there was up until now. I don’t want to sweat jumping and avoiding stuff in arcade adventure game. However, I do believe some sort of middle ground between the two could be the best game (not only Pokémon game, just game) ever!

  109. I’m pretty fond of the graphics tbh…kinda refreshed from being a graphic enthusiast. Plus I’m starting to lose my vision anyway lol

  110. I think we can have more of both. I personally prefer the original games tho, so i would hate if they stop making them, but i have no problem with more releases like PLA.

  111. I'm right there with you, I this is my favorite game in a long time. The graphics are just ok but they don't bother me one bit that they're not amazing but the updates to the game play and just how the whole game works in general is amazing.

  112. Gameplay is solid but it could stand to be improved. The biggest area of concern is just making the game less ugly and getting it to run decent. This is the most poorly optimized game I've played in a while and it's ugly as hell. People give the graphics shit because that's what the problem is with the game. Exploring and finding pokemon is fun as hell, I just wish it looked better, ran better, and had a better crafted world.

  113. I like the way PLA is going, good that it is a spin-off. Take some elements and implement it into the main series. But there definitely have to be lots of improvements. It feels fresh and exciting, yet empty and dull at the same time. But it's a step in the right direction IF they manage to merge both games (main series & PLA) into one game.

  114. I don't care about graphics so long as the game itself is fun, and Arceus is a good example. I'm someone who still plays everything from older games to games that are damn near ASCII-only for their graphics and still enjoy them.

  115. I loved Arceus and I agree that the next mainline game needs to incorporate the best elements into it. The only thing that would have made Arceus better for me was if toned down all the story elements by like 50%. There was so much puttering around at the climax of the game that it took the wind out of its own sails. Also the link cable item needs to come back in every future game. No one like trade evolutions.

  116. The only thing I don’t like about this game is how Pokémon who faint in battle gain no XP afterwards, even if the Pokémon who fainted defeated one during the fight. Other than that, I love it, i like Pokémon as a franchise, but can’t get into the main series too much (the two games that are exceptions for me are X & Omega Ruby), so this switch up in gameplay feels refreshing. I just wish they’d update the game for my little nitpick, as it can sometimes feel the only way to level up the whole party at once is by catching a Pokémon outside of battle, when a mix of both battles and stealth catching makes sure the other method doesn’t get stale

  117. I can't go back to traditional pokemon after this. Just for fun, i went back to sword and shield and its just so god damn dull and boring in comparison.

  118. I love the new game. Its great. It's a fine jumping off point to change the dynamics. The history of this world is unfolding in detail. Nice to see where the Pokemon world "starts".

  119. The reason we didn't get something better this time is because people are reacting like this. The Pokemon fandom gets so excited at any little change that this major change is blowing people's minds, when it's just a glimpse of what could be. Still paying full price for and praising it. This is why it's still not going to be great next time around.

  120. I think it's unfair to say graphics are the least important. For a lot of people it is very important especially when you tally the cost of the game and the system.

  121. I’ve enjoyed Legends so far, but I don’t want every game to be like it from now on. I think alternating between traditional Pokémon and Legends games is the way to go.

  122. I think it's a fun deviation from what Pokemon games usually are, but I still want "old school" Pokemon games going forward. I think there will be future "Legends" games in the future though.

  123. God no. Just continue to make both. 20+ year Pokémon fans don’t deserve traditional Pokémon to be shut in a closet. It’s great you and everyone else love PLA, but don’t ever wish that on people who still love and adore traditional Pokémon. I love my turn based rpgs, and that’s what Pokémon is for me.

  124. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's a no. Get ready for a pathetic sequel to sw/sh that has absolutely nothing to do with this game

  125. Do you like the constant framerate dips, 10fps Pokémon animations, warping grass, and ps2 textures?

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