Who is your favorite rival?

  1. That battle was iconically hard for me as a kid, basically solidifying her as my favorite rival.

  2. Brendan for me, but gosh darn kid me was stuck on that battle for ages. It's not that hard a battle if you have a diverse team, but of course I was 10 and trying to beat everything with my fire chicken.

  3. She is not strong, she just inconvenient lol. She literally challenges you after a Team Magma/Aqua battle and a really long route full of trainers.

  4. Yeah Silver had a better overall story arc and felt sufficiently like a rival rather than a friend. I think Gary/Blue kinda just set the best precedent for what a rival should be overall. Competent, strong, actually wants to beat you, etc.

  5. My first play through of Yellow I named him “Poop” and then he said that and I thought I unlocked some secret dialogue.

  6. This poll completely skips 5th gen, huh? Cheren and Bianca also aren’t there, nor N. Oh, and neither is Serena/Calem.

  7. Blue is the gold standard of what a rival should be always pushing you to make your team better.

  8. Silver is who I chose as well. Blue is iconic, but Silver, especially if you add in the battle where it becomes implied he is Giovanni's son. It really is a fantastic arc that really fits the theme of that game of personal choice, responsibility/duty and kindness, that sadly Blue just doesn't have time for in the original games.

  9. Other than Blue as the champion, there's really only two rival battles where you may have trouble if you are trying to rush through.

  10. Always and forever. This kid had a wonderful arc and is the perfect example of a healthy and supportive rivalry with no animosity.

  11. You see Wally has Pretty decent team in oras Is probably the calmest rival Not a jerk or a super energetic kid Very shy And His Battle music is so good!

  12. I don’t get why N isn’t considered a rival. You and him across the whole game are battling it out to prove which belief is correct. He’s practically the player’s Paul (from the anime), if I dare say.

  13. My name’s Brendan but I NEVER knew that was his name until my friends told me because I always picked to play as a boy! You can imagine how hype I was once I got over my initial disbelief

  14. Cheren and Bianca. They just are the most interesting to me, with Bianca especially having an interesting twist to her story with her father (even tho it gets resolved a bit too early).

  15. I just want my rival to 1: not be a dummy and pick the starter weak to me 2: be a real challenge through out my journey from beginning and to end (unlike say in gen 3 the rival disappears after the 6th gym) and finally 3: make me want to beat them.

  16. Probably the best written, or top 3, rival imo. Like almost all of the rivals are pretty one note. You can summarize their characters with less than 5 words, but with him there's just a bit more going on. He's serious and pushes you a bit but isn't a prick about it, but he definitely has a softer side that slowly comes out more and more and theres a reason he acts like he does, which I think only like 2 other rivals had anything like

  17. Read the Ruby and Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Red and Leaf Green/Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Adventures manga so much more Brendan x May/Ruby x Sapphire it's the best romance.

  18. Not sure if they count but I really enjoyed Bede in SwSh. It’s been a while since we had an “asshole rival” and having him was a nice change

  19. I didn't even realize Bede was a rival until late in the story. Which felt appropriate with how you and Hop react to them.

  20. Bede was also gearing up to have one of the coolest teams ever but unfortunately was tossed aside halfway through the game.

  21. bede is my favorite too, hands down. i loved silver for the same reason, they were both assholes that had actual growth by the end of the game and became better for it. i want more of that

  22. Is it weird I actually like Silver in HG/SS? Yeah, he's the son of Giovanni, and is a douchebag at first, but he seems to eventually mature, respect the MC, and has great music.

  23. Hau is great cause he's just a dude. Like hau is someone who you would legitimately hang out with for fun and he just lights up the room

  24. I think Silver had a cool arc. Specially in HG/SS. Is N considered a rival, If so, I would recommend him (them?) as the best rival tho.

  25. I kinda like when rivals are mean. Makes the victory sweeter. I just honestly felt bad for beating the nice ones....especcially Wally......like c'mon Dude has a condition and I'm taking his insurance money

  26. I’m not going to lie, the way the game mechanics broke swsh for Hop but I’ve never related to or felt shit in a Pokémon game before him

  27. I love Hop. He’s the only rival I’ve ever had feels over that wasn’t limited to just variations of annoyance. Not that he wasn’t also annoying but still.

  28. I like silver, because I feel like he has a lot more of a reason to be out to ruin you and has a really cool arc of learning to go against his fathers crime org and a really powerful team. Blue is just less flavorful.

  29. Silver is my favorite Rival. He is just epic. His father is the Leader of the biggest Criminal Organization of the world. He broke into the lab and obtained his starter Pokémon by stealing it. In Heart Gold and Soul Silver he has Great character Development and learns that he needs to treat his Pokémon nicely and well. He is just savage

  30. I actually really like Barry. As an ADHD fellow, I relate to him quite a lot. He's a little annoying, but he's a good kid, and is usually quite positive. He's a friendly rival that's still quite tough like Blue was, without rubbing it in your face even after you win.

  31. Blue! Every time he trash talks you, I don’t think it’s because he’s malicious or a bully. It’s because he’s your rival and best friend. When he trash talks my character, I imagine my character trash talking him back. When he says “smell you later” I say “is that all you got?” and the two characters laugh with each other as they part ways until the next battle.

  32. Blue felt more like a rival. With the others, it doesn't really feel like a competition. It doesn't make me want to put in the effort just to beat them.

  33. Blue is nostalgia from the early games, the second best is Silver. But from a narrative standpoint point I loved Barry and Hop as characters. Barry over his Pokémon journey learning to slow down and take his time. Finding there is value in the journey and not just the goal. Hop represented the person who dreams do not align with their talents. He switched around his team to try and better battle you. And failure after failure, instead of giving up, he realigned his goals to become a professor.

  34. hugh, he had a purpose for his journey, wasn't a dick but still challenged and pushed u to be stronger and in the end never gave up.

  35. Kinda goes to show how just because something gets a lot of likes in the comments doesn’t mean the majority of ppl agree

  36. Cause people want to feel satisfaction from beating them. I want to say "Hah, take that loss and eat it!". I can't feel that way if my rival is a supportive bloke who can't even trash talk. It takes away the enjoyment of beating them. I'd rather fight the pokegangs in that case.

  37. Hau is just a super excitable guy who’s motivated and generally acts more like a childhood best friend than any other rival. In my opinion. He gives you stuff and he’s just a super nice kid. And he legitimately builds a great team

  38. Barry cleanly fits into the two conditions any rival needs: friendly (if just with a little childish banter) and intending to compete with you.

  39. Blue he actually had a strong challenging team and felt like a rival. He made you want to beat him as badly as possible because he was such a douche to you 😂

  40. Blue is my personal favourite because hes kind of a little brat. It felt good beating him, but the other rivals i felt terrible because they’re so nice. Blue also had some good character development over the series, whereas the other rivals just go “Oh, you beat me. Ill become a stronger pokemon master!” Or some other generic shit

  41. I really liked blue. Loved how hard the game was back then. Felt like no matter what I did, he was always ahead of me even if I won by spamming items.

  42. i really liked hop and actually wanted him to win the gym battle. i also really liked how at the end of the story we worked together with hop to take down eternatus

  43. I actually really enjoyed hop, he’s just a fun dude looking to become strong, and the fact that he constantly loses it in SW/SH but never quits makes me enjoy him a lot

  44. Hop. Imo his story arc is good but rushed. If swsh was a longer game I feel he would be more liked by the community.

  45. Barry cause he's energetic yet still has the patience to get a Munchlax and Heracross. Plus iirc he's the only rival to have a Heracross which just solidifies my appreciation for him.

  46. I was personally just disappointed in how his character arc (which was also handled pretty sloppily in general) ended. The moral of his story is: if you face difficulty in your life on your journey to reach your dreams, give up and settle for something tangentially related to your dream. It never really felt like he chose to become a professor, but just resorted to that since he clearly couldn't become the champion.

  47. Despite what alot of people say about Hop, I genuinely love him as a rival, only thing I wish was that we had more dialog options so we aren't forced to make him feel bad.

  48. Hop is halfway to being a good character. He makes a horrendous first impression but the slow progression of him steadily losing confidence and then eventually self-actualizing had promise.

  49. I strongly disagree on Hop. Yeah, his design is basically a copy of Hau (and his animations are literally a copy of Hau), but his character arc at least exists. Which is more than can be said for many of the rivals.

  50. Best character writing in this entire franchise It's still not really impressive just less bad writing than every other character

  51. Where’s my boy Hugh and all the other gen 5 rivals, also if you choose May/Brenden over Barry your actually insane.

  52. Hey, blue and silver aren't your rivals. The gen 1 and 2 rivals are obviouslt named assface and assface respectively

  53. Wally but ONLY in ORAS, cause that anime moment when his theme song changes is just * Chef's kiss *

  54. Must confess that if Bede was an option I would've voted for him due to his evolution etc. Silver and Blue were pretty interesting as well for me

  55. Gladion, I like how he starts out edgy then goes through a character arc becoming less edgy by the end of the game’s story. I also love his outfit and battle theme

  56. Silver is my favorite because the backstory and the fact that he actually hates you makes for such a cool and unique rival. Barry and Blue were great too though

  57. All of the Unova rivals (Hugh, Cheran, Bianca, N) are the best imo. Don’t know what happened to Brendan too. I feel like Bede and Marnie should have a spot as well, as I felt like they were some of the only well written SW/SH characters.

  58. Hop, exclusively because of how much he gets screwed over in the story, the man gets repeatedly beaten down, to the point where he's willing to swap out his first pokemon, nothing goes right for the poor kid, it's hilarious

  59. Barry. In my game, I named him after my best friend who lived next door because they’re both blond and really hyperactive, lol. My friend died when we were 17. Turning on the game months later and seeing my friend’s namesake is what ultimately made me finish the story.

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