I'm calling it now, feel free to roast me later when I'm wrong.

  1. There already is a theory actually. A male croc is called a Bull. Just like a Male Ox. Its a stretch, but it could work I guess.

  2. It’s people being overly literal thinking that they are smarter than everyone else. The zodiac theory is saying that the fire starters are inspired by the Chinese zodiac not that it’s a perfect copy of it.

  3. Yeah, idk why people argue so much they do count as dogs, people think just because they’re the same animal family means they’re the same animal, even though thats kinda bs.

  4. Foxes are canids, I think it’s totally fair to say the zodiac theory was legit until Gen 9. Obviously it’s not anymore, and it’s impossible to know whether it was on purpose or just a weird coincidence all along

  5. I mean, it’s name literally has “Fennek” in it because it’s a Fennec Fox . So it seems like theorists are in intense denial.

  6. I don't think the point is to look at them completely as they are. Is Fennekin a fox not a dog, yes. But they are both canines. Is Cyndaquil called a mouse but more share traits with hedgehog yes you can argue that. But there are also mice with that shape of face. And there are also mice with spikes on their back. You can argue quite a few pokemon are a mixture of different animals. And therefore could be both a mouse and a shrew and a hedgehog. But they specifically call it a mouse. therefore it's a mouse with other animal traits.

  7. It can fit as a dog if you squint your eyes and turn your head, since they are both canines. /j I'll admit it's a very long stretch, though.

  8. Man, the theory is that it’s “inspired” not 1:1 using your logic Charizard also disproves it because it’s not a dragon type and is the flame Pokémon.

  9. I'm 100% convinced that Fuecoco is going to be based on the Coco in Spain (it's in his damn name lol) The Coco is a boogeyman creature that steals children which makes the leak that one of the starters is a fire/ghost type sound pretty possible. The Coco is also a Crocodile esque creature with horns a Male/Female crocodile is called a Bull/Cow so like there's quite a lot of evidence suggesting what he is already.

  10. Still possible to get into a snake like or concider it a reptile i mean look like what they did with i think it was gen 5? The grass starter

  11. The theory has been a stretch since Gen 2 and the fire hedgehog/porcupine. Gen 6 was just the nail in the coffin.

  12. How many times do I gotta say this, Cyndaquil and Charmander disprove it. Typhlosion ends the chain for final evos due to being a badger, and Charmander doesn’t even let one begin for pre-evos

  13. The most they're going to deviate is to have it be some kind of a pun with a zodiac animal (Bull crocodile or something), or do something highly related but not quite (e.g. Fennec Foxes are still canids, so still a fit for the dog) the argument will continue because people will try to justify that being enough of a deviation to consider it not the pattern even though it always links back, while Game Freak continues to follow it in a way that's good enough for their own idiosyncratic logic (they probably just treat it as a theme for their artists and pick their favorite design that can match the theme, some of which are less of a bullseye than others, but either way, its still the starting point.)

  14. Xodiac theorists are gonna be looking at Fuecoco and be like "well it's a crocodile which is a reptile so it's basically a snake."

  15. Yeah, this generation taught me that the Zodiac idea, which I thought was just a neat, casual little theory that could work if you squinted a bit, had this entire frickin’ Discourse around whether it was legitimate or not.

  16. I will roast you (im from 201349078678 <-- joke) Your so stupid when you fell i didnt laugh, but the sidewalk cracked up

  17. It was disproved a long time ago. I would love for this to happen to 1:finally shut down this theory and 2:immediately screw with everyone afterwards.

  18. I mean, what were people gonna say once all the animals from the Zodiac were used? That they'll just start repeating themselves?

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