Which Pokemon has the best cry and why is it Kricketune?

  1. Jynx is definitely up there, it is so memorable and so long, first time I heard it I was like "Is her cry gonna end?"

  2. The fact that it can see the stars makes me think of some sort of cosmic being crying out from deep space when I hear it :o

  3. I think Gen 4 has the best cries in the series. Kricketune, Lopunny, Drifloon, Lumineon, Gastrodon, Togekiss, Staraptor, Drapion, Croagunk and Toxicroak, Chatot and several more all sound super distinct and iconic to me :).

  4. I actually kind of like Shaymin. It catches me off guard everytime. And there’s one I have in my head that I can’t think of who’s it is ugh I know it’s a sinnoh mom tho. It kinda sounds a deep “brrrrrrrr”

  5. Aurorus' cry is definitely memorable to me, it sounds so magical. Other cries that stand out to me: hippopotas, wailmer (oras cry specifically), jynx, krabby, skuntank (gen 4 cry specifically)

  6. The DS allowing for far more intricate sounds and music resulted in Game Freak going crazy with all the Pokemon cries for Gen 4. This does bleed over into Gen 5 as well, but I feel like Gen 5 was more focused on all the visual improvements available.

  7. Cannot. Upvote. Enough. My boyfriend actually audibly groans every time I crank the volume up to mac when I see a Kricketune 😂😂😂

  8. Finneon has a weirdly unique cry despite it being so forgettable. I'd definitely recommend looking it up if you don't know it because I heard it again recently and thought "how is this the most forgettable 'mon if it's got such a memorable cry?"

  9. When I heard alpha Lumineon’s cry in PLA I just HAD to go see what made that sound that made me think, this is something from the depths of the ocean. I like to go visit it in the pasture just to hear it.

  10. Any Mon that shares one with another. Not necessarily because it sounds good, but because it’s super interesting. (Charizard and Rhyhorn as an example)

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