Pokémon Scarlet & Violet | Pokémon Presents 08.03.22 Mega Thread

  1. Wait actually though, that's hilarious. People talk about unused type combos all the time but I wonder what others haven't been used that long.

  2. I wonder if they’ll have some form of seasons or just that the different forms will be in the different climates. Likely the latter.

  3. For the love of God please don’t make Cetitan another defensive ice type…. If ice type’s only resistance is itself we need less Avaluggs and more Weaviles. By the looks of it I’m scared.

  4. Personally don't really care if I can't use them from the get go but I am interested to know the in game reasoning as to why it'd be that way. Like, this Pokémon trusts you enough to let you ride it but battles are a no-no?

  5. It's pretty obvious, I don't know why people I saw reacting to the trailer thought you would actually have them on your team

  6. He's poisonous. And brown. He's Pooper, isn't he? Are people going to be calling this Pooper?

  7. I'm desperate to see Paldean Quagsire, but I'm half expecting it to have a new evolution like Galarian Meowth or Hisuian Sneasal.

  8. Feels like rock and ground types will look better with the gimmick. It’s kinda hard to make out the other Pokémon they actually showed off because of the crystal filter

  9. I don't know why, but Cetitan became an instant team member for me. Maybe it's because of its slightly goofy design.

  10. Yeah, I don't know whats worse. The flesh wheels existing but not being used, or actually riding* on flesh wheels.

  11. All I wanted was Ice Types available early in game...with it being open world I can get that so I'm happy

  12. Also, the character they brought up immediately after your “battle loving” friend was a great cook, so I’m thinking one of those other two main storylines is cooking related.

  13. If I understand the mechanic correctly, Shedinja could potentially have Any type with wonderguard..... Uh oh.

  14. Nah, not any type. The mentioned specifically that certain pokemon could have more than one type combination. I doubt they'd make shedinja that broken

  15. Honestly, I still think Gen 6 was best. Exclusive as it was, mega evolutions had a lot of personality. These generic solutions all just feel, well, generic. It doesn't feel special. If going full bejeweled is less overbearing than dynamax, that'll be fine. It'd be fantastic if smogon didn't have to ban it in singles.

  16. That Pokemon Masters anniversary start had me thinking it was a Let's Go for Johto. I was actually really happy for a moment.

  17. I hope they keep making legends of each game. Pokémon legends: Ho-oh and getting to see the Brass tower burn and the birth of the beast trio (or whatever actually happened)

  18. Same! It seems like they took everything that worked in SWSH and improved upon it too. Max raids, but no more waiting around, Co-op outside of battle, the entire game is basically an expanded wild area. It’s obviously early, but this game feels like it’ll have a LOT of replay potential

  19. Could be like Arceus/ride pokemon where you get access to certain pokemon to ride but can't actually use those in battle.

  20. It really looks a lot like the ride pokemon in legends arceus. I wonder If you'll have to unlock the various modes. I saw ground, water, cliff scaling, and flying.

  21. Steel Type Blissey Immune to Toxic, Dragon Gyarados tanking an electric move and then killing you with Outrage, literally any Normal type turning into a Fairy to smack Fighting type counters etc.

  22. Yes, innately. They're still their regular type normally but if you use terastalize it'll turn them to that other type so they get STAB for that element's abilities.

  23. They specified that eevee could get a grass or water tera type, which would be a little odd if it could get any type. I don't think it's off the table, but it seems more likely to me that each pokemon has set tera types they can get

  24. What is it supposed to be? I want to love it, but to me right now, I can't make out what it is exactly. It looks like an unwieldy blob of shapes. I feel like I'm missing a reference.

  25. Hopefully they do level scaling properly or else this will be the back half of Johto all over again

  26. I just hope the Raid Battle AI is better than in SWSH. Why did we have level 60 Magikarp and stupid Martin's Solrock post-Champion? :/

  27. It looks like a set object for each type, which I guess makes sense if EVERY pokemon can terastalize or w/e it's called

  28. I think it's to make it easier to see what typing they are from far away. Like you'd expect Gardevoir to be psychic type but if it has a big flower on its head you'll know right away it's actually grass type instead.

  29. Yes! I was so happy to see Sawsbuck, Pineco, Girafarig and Gogoat in the dex. A bunch of returning Pokémon I'm gonna want to try in subsequent playthroughs! It's gonna be fun!

  30. Looks to be very similar to the multiplayer in Dragon Quest 9, at least at first glance. It will be interesting to see if you can join someone regardless of gym progression/story progression. As that will probably be what will make or break the game.

  31. I’m guessing the Headmaster (he has a different color of each version). Also guessing the goofy home room teacher is the champ

  32. Pokémon with multiple heads should get a hat on each one but the central head will probably the only one that gets it. But... if Zweilous Tarastallizes, which one will get the hat?

  33. I prefer these to Dynamaxing at least. I know it's more of a "how I imagine the battles, not how they are in-game" thing, but I just never liked the new battle mechanic being to make your Pokemon big and slow. Plus, the ability to sometimes change types was something I really liked from Mega Evolutions, so I'm happy that's also being incorporated.

  34. They say we have the legendaries from the start but do we actually "have" them tho. Like we had ride pokemons for a few games now but we never "had" them, we couldn't use them in battle or anything less except riding.

  35. Going to guess you ‘meet’ them very early on and get access to ride and such, then the big side-plot-baddies require their intervention and that is when you actually obtain them.

  36. An electric type going to a flying type is an interesting dynamic. About to be hot with a ground move? Too late! I can imagine a weakness policy pokemon changing type to get buffed being a potential strategy. And predicting terra types would be impossible. The competitive scene is going to look cool.

  37. I don’t think they explicitly say the legendaries will be available right from the start. They just say that you will rely on them in your adventure.

  38. Just checked the Pokémon website. It makes specific mention that you can “challenge tougher Gyms first”, which may mean that the Gym’s don’t scale. You can challenge them in any order, but there’s still an “order” to them.

  39. Gen 4: Our gimmick is that certain Pokémon from older regions have new pre-evolutions and evolutions

  40. What's up with so many pure Fairy type Pokemon being based on desserts or baked goods? Swirlix, Slurpuff, Milcery, Alcremie, Fidough...is there something in the Japanese translation of "fairy" that would imply such a connection?

  41. Imagine trying to counter Gyrados with an electric move only for it to Tera into a Dragon and kill you with Outrage.

  42. Ok, this Tera mechanics is definitely interesting from the competitive point of view, but the execution of it? Lmao, dragonite with a bunch of flowers or Gardevoir with a sort of lamp on theirs heads

  43. The idea isn’t the worst but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the execution of it visually awful

  44. Penny shows off this game's ultimate flaws with the characters to me. The official art makes her look so cute but the in game model is like... something's wrong especially with the hair.

  45. I wonder if you can use the legendaries for traveling but don’t “own” them like for legends arceus

  46. The ability to change your type on demand is going to be pretty busted. Not only you can potentially dodge or reduce the damage on incoming moves you get to nab an easy OHKO on pokemon you normally wouldn't be able to OHKO. I hope the type change is available in team preview or certain types are limited to certain pokemon otherwise it's going to be a pain to battle. Imagine trying to thunderbolt a gyarados and it changes to ground and OHKOs your electric pokemon with a STAB earthquake.

  47. SAWSBUCK MADE IT!!! I am genuinely so happy! Saw Elektross and Hatterenne as well. Hopefully Galarian Slowking can also be transferred given the kantonian form is in as well!

  48. Cackling over the fact that there's a school in the Paldea region that gives out legendary pokemon like they're candy.

  49. The best thing about the trailer is the regular form Persian. After gen7&8 I was worried we'd get a new regional form every gen, but finally we can have the real Persian back.

  50. My only complaint with the graphics' is it needs Anti-Aliasing its really noticeable in this game unlike sword and shield and legends arceus.

  51. I noticed several of the pokemon animations in the world, not in battle, looking like badly animated gifs... You saw this at a far distance in Arceus, but these pokemon are right in front of the camera, so it's bad.

  52. I like that they're FINALLY doing a variation of the beginning where you aren't starting as some kid in his hometown. The Trainer school origin also makes more sense than some random kid getting handed a Pokemon and told to go fill the Pokédex.

  53. If anyone is interested in the naming of the "Terastal" Phenomenon, it's Japanese name テラスタル terasutaru which makes me believe it's a combination of the words 照らす terasu = "to illuminate/shine/light (up)" + クリスタル kurisutaru = "crystal".

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