Alolan Geodude as May Community Day.

  1. Given it is alternate forms of the same pokemon, I'd have expected something like the Sandshrew one where both appear in the wild en masse at the same time.

  2. Me. No seriously, i wanted this. Why? Because i like to shiny hunt kanto pokemon and then transfer them to Let's Go Pikachu, specially shiny alolan forms. I really wish alolan raichu comes back to raids.

  3. Honestly, just any ghost type would be nice. Maybe then I can finish the Halloween challenge from last year considering I get like one ghost a month in the middle of thousands of wurmples.

  4. The shiny and a high enery generating special move Rock types are awesome against flying types espexially articuno, moltres and hooh

  5. This one is definitely on my list of least desired, but the number one slot goes to Mankee. They make a CD for that asshole and I might just quit the game.

  6. In 6 years I only got one normal shiny, so for me this is a difficult one, similar to machop. I like the challenge of hunting them in the wild, although it may take years, but ticking them off during a CD gives some rest

  7. I prefer 11-2 where I am 2-5 is going to really hot fast. I have small kids so I take them for a park picnic and play while they eat and play. (2-4 is their nap.)

  8. I feel like there would be about half the people that prefer 11-2, and half would want 2-5 (I prefer 11-2). But switching around isn't the answer. You're still screwing over a bunch of people no matter which time slot you pick.

  9. i get it’s season of aloha, but please these things are stinkin everywhere. like season of aloha; perfect chance for the aloha starters? any of he better alolan pokémon? anything except this :T

  10. What is it with godawful Pokemon for CD’s this year? I only returned to the game recently after not playing for years, and Sandshrew, Alolan Sandshrew, Stufful, and Alolan Geodude (and their evolved forms) are all thoroughly unspectacular when it comes to their usefulness in PvE and PvP.

  11. To be fair if you are complaining about bad mons you shouldn’t want normal Geodude in this as A Geodude line has at least some usability in PvP and lower level PvE and I don’t think normal Geodude does.

  12. Honestly not a bad one but it’s crazy we are almost halfway into the year and haven’t had the first gen 6 starter yet. It’s a little concerning. This seems like it should have been the in between month like during the same month of GoFest or something

  13. How is this not a bad one? Alolan Geodude is not terribly uncommon anyway, and Alolan Golem isn’t especially useful.

  14. Timburr I definitely wouldn’t mind. Especially since a lot of the meta for fighting types revolve around conk. And I returned halfway I think through last year and got lucky to even get a lucario.

  15. Stufful/Bewear was actually a great choice. But this is just baffling. I didn’t think they could have made a worse choice than Hoppip, but here we are.

  16. Niantic is gonna lower community days to 5 minutes now because only 99% of players will play that long for this trash

  17. This is so disappointing. I've only been playing (again) since September, and I already have hundreds of candies for these, and stopped 7k eggs because I'm so tired of the same thing over, and over. I wish this community day were going to be something they don't throw at us constantly. Ah well, I can only play on weekends now anyway, it's time to manage the micro farm, growing season is long in the south.

  18. Honestly I don't really get why people are salty about this beside the community day actually being a 3h only day. Looking forward to get my mighty shiny mustachy pokemon !

  19. I know I’m one of the only ones… but I LOVE Golem’s mustache! I’ve wanted a shiny version of him forever!

  20. I know I’m one of the only ones… but I LOVE Golem’s mustache! I’ve wanted a shiny version of him forever!

  21. Am I the only one stoked about this I love a- golem. If this rollout isn’t a 4DPT/3EPT fast move tho it’s a bust cuz of volt switch. Hoping for like 2 turn move

  22. I haven't played in a while but i like to check in once in a while to see what's going on. I'm glad to see they're still doing nothing to make this game any better. Keep it up, Ninantic!

  23. I'm actually really looking forward to this one! One of the few pokemon that no one in the house has! Hoping for another retro com day in May also, seeing as we only started playing at the start of '21 so missed out on a few!

  24. While I understand the hate because it's not what we deserved, I'm still looking forward to it. My UL + UL Premier Cup team is Venusaur, AGolem, and Arcanine (yeah, I know it's trash - slightly better than Espeon, Vaporeon, Flareon though, and IDC to build a real team yet).

  25. Burn this game to the ground. Destroy everything, leave not even ashes. Screw you Niantic omfg this is the dumbest community day choice I've seen ever

  26. I'm so tired of seeing these pokemon ugh. I wish they would use more community days to introduce pokemon or for rare Pokemon. Not a Pokemon that pops out of so many eggs

  27. Meeehhh, I am not particularly interested in this. If they have a decent evolution move, I'll just evolve a bunch of 3* Alolan Geodude that I already have.

  28. Another shiny that’s already been out, 125 candy evolution unless traded, only one of the forms no Kantonian Geodude, still 3 hour comm day but EARLIER. But hey PvP move right? Right?!!

  29. Does Niantic just throw darts at a board to see what they pick? Or maybe it’s a wheel of fortune wheel with Pokémon no one asked for. I haven’t been excited by a single CD this year

  30. Are you level 50 already? These past few community’s have been crazy for xp, got about 2mil from mudkip and I think 2.5 from Stufful. Not to mention swampert is crazy good.

  31. So niantic has hundreds of Pokémon coded to choose from. Even removing a portion of legendary/mythic and whatever else might not fit as a general community day still leaves them with hundreds of choices. I get it’s a base evolution but nothing is stopping them from that.

  32. Need the full stats on rollout, might be an upgrade over Volt Switch. That and there's no viable high EPT rock fast move which is a gap Rollout seems to fill. Probably won't be viable in PvE unless Rollout is really good.

  33. Ah yeah. A fine addition to add to my collection of idfk how many that I’ve hatched from eggs. ESPECIALLY so that i can place them right beside the most fresh 100 hatched from the half distance egg event

  34. I have a hundo geodude and WOULD have been excited about this if I hadn’t maxed it out thanks to only ever being able to use 7k eggs

  35. It’s about the community day move. Hopefully it’s meta relevant in PVP…though it won’t take away from Golem’s glassiness in GL

  36. I saw 2 other people playing on stuffel cd, but my local discord has a few hundred members. If it were not for an excuse to go for walk, there would have been 1 less.

  37. Sucks for sure. But I’m playing hard to get my 3x stardust. They do some random boring Pokémon with no relevance and that’s been out forever on a 3x star dust day. Even if you don’t have that one shiny when you get one it’s like woo hoo I got it. I swear whoever is in charge of putting these events together needs to move out of the way for someone who loves the game to do their job. Or at the least someone who likes to make money. There are badges I can’t even complete because Pokémon aren’t even out yet but then we do a community day with a Pokémon that has been around since the beginning. Just because it’s Alolan time doesn’t mean we have to do an Alolan Pokémon that coincides with the event. At this rate we are never gonna see the new Pokémon because people are gonna get tired of playing this game. Sucks

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