Dear Niantic Please Hear Us.

  1. I cannot stress enough that while we allow complaint posts like this (you are totally fine op) We do not allow comments saying you are going to cheat, or that you want to cheat in response to these reversions.

  2. I would almost be on board with your post, but every one of your complaints were temporary adjustments in response to the pandemic that were always meant to be temporary.

  3. I’m also so siiiick of wasting remote raid passes… I’ve had 4 legendaries escaping! Several excellent throws and I don’t manage to catch them! So frustrating I’m considering deleting Pokémon :(

  4. I was so excited for Season of Alola. Now it is ending and it seems like they’ve introduced literally every Pokémon from Alola except by beloved Ribombee. I’m gonna be dying mad about this.

  5. I haven't seen charjabug either, and I want a vikavolt! It was not only my first pokemon caught in Moon, but my first shiny Pokémon in any game ever, and I've been playing casually since Fire Red and Sapphire/Emerald

  6. I live in a small town with little playerbase. Remote raiding and incense were the only things that made this game playable. I even considered buying something with cash but when I saw the incense was nerfed, i waited for a revert. Now I see that raids are gonna be more expensive to join remotely... my wallet is set aside :( I can walk the loads of kms to hatch red 12 eggs but at least let me raid. I have pokestops and gyms(a bit far from home but hey, at least I'm walking), but too few people play in my zone to be able to raid properly :(

  7. Someone at Niantic HQ probably printed this post out and the execs all took turns spitting on it. Niantic has shown time and time again that they actively hate the people who support their company. I don't think I'll ever give them another dime unless they do some MASSIVE restructuring. Playing Pokemon GO is straight up demoralizing when you realize the people who created it see you as a data point they can sell and nothing more.

  8. It's been said a bunch but I'll say it again. Niantic isn't a gaming company. They just want to sell your location data. I've been browsing the wayfarer boards and they flat out admit it which is why it's damn near impossible to get stops and gyms approved where people actually live and play.

  9. This. If you're rural couldn't care less about you if they tried. If you live in a dense area they still don't care about you or whether you enjoy the game, they just care that you walk around with their game open. That's why they started releasing good Pokemon in raids when they took away the remote raid passes, to convince people to start raiding without them now that they don't HAVE to give them away. The increase in cost isn't to make money, and it's CERTAINLY not to get people to play in a community, it's to increase data collection opportunities.

  10. Never thought about it this way but makes a tremendous amount of sense. Why else would they push so hard for us to get out of the house. Fuckers

  11. I just read your last point there, and had actually come to comment on how i thought it was kinda funny that one remote raid pass costs 100 coins and 3 costs 300. They have it packaged like it's a bundle and you're saving coins but it's still the same as buying 1....3 times.

  12. This has got to be the weakest excuse behind these God awful changes… and it’s not even true. The truth is they want more money.

  13. Slowly but surely they destroying my boy... oh snap. I've been into PoGo since start, but the direction they are going is wrong. The changes are bad, I don't know what the creators are doing (probably $) but that's not the way...

  14. I can't believe they are releasing Shaymin and real world regional specific Pokemon to paying ticket holders only. Whilst the rest of us have to wait.

  15. So where did we land on allowing discussion in the subreddit? The mods had a stickied thread asking if they should direct discussion to a stickied thread when it came to complaining about changes, and in the thread the consensus seemed to be people didn't want that. Now that thread is gone with no clarification. I've only seen one post talking about a boycott, and have also seen that the mods are taking down every thread trying to organize one (including one of my own). Does this seem weird to anybody else?

  16. Of all the changes in 2021 and 2022 thus far, my biggest issue aside from the PokeStop range reduction is that I used to get Legendary Pokemon encounters ~50% of the time through GBL, and now it's less than 5% of the time. I think this change occurred in November or December of 2021.

  17. Found this when i looked at the event box being 3 incubators instead of the remote raid pass. What a waste, stupid decision after stupid decision. Guess i’m never doing raids again

  18. I recognize priorities are different for everyone and that this may go against the flow of this particular post, but since this is the complaint thread about the weekly 1 coin box, I'll have to post here per the mod note about directing all discussion here.

  19. ..... You really think the new weekly 1 coin box is better because they disgustingly overpriced super incubators? Wild.

  20. Mate you're deluded if you think the 3 incubators is going to last. Sorry I'm not even going to comment to the rest l0l.

  21. Keep in mind, they plan to also increase the cost the 1x Remote Raid Pass AND nerf damage from remote raiders in the future. It's also very possible/probable that 1 coin boxes will also be nerfed in the future, much like the Weekly Research Breakthrough.

  22. This is so frustrating to me. I have only ever managed to complete legendary raids because of remote raid passes and using PokeGenie to finding remote friends who are able to battle.

  23. Not trying to be annoying but new to this page. Is there a general thread I can comment in? Wanted to ask a basic question and wanted advice from the community. Can't seem to find a thread (using mobile).

  24. Mods haven't been keeping up with pinned threads lately. Is it a simple question? Try make a new thread or just ask here, I can try to help lol

  25. I think the argument, that raids should be pushed back to being a local thing for community forming purposes, is incredibly backwards and flimsy at best!

  26. And I didn't even notice till I wasted my last three just to NOT CATCH shitty tapu fini today:,) niantic you have a way of making my worse days worse ❤️

  27. I think the problem is, before the pandemic everyone was having fun playing together and not using raid passes as often. The pandemic happened and Niantic offered us a plethora of ways to play and keep safe, and now that most of the pandemic restrictions are being lifted they expect us to go back to the way things were.

  28. Yeah well don't bother posting this in silph road sub, they're removing posts and comments left and right.

  29. It's not just them, tried looking for a thread on a boycott, because it seems like there would naturally be one, but I couldn't find one. Turns out the mods have removed all of them. Seems to me they are actively suppressing discussion.

  30. Time to leave a one star review. It’s getting worse. Incubators are absolutely useless.

  31. They aren’t useless to Niantic. Go hatch eggs with adventure sync on so they can farm and sell your location data. I turned my adventure sync off permanently once this recent news broke. I’m fine never hatching an egg again

  32. Niantic needs to cut the crap. There is still a pandemic and even if there isn't, why does it make sense to cut community day times? I wish they were LONGER not shorter. I hate being limited. There's no reason why a community day can't go from morning until midnight. Myself and many others would still happily play.

  33. They got what they wanted; AR data. Now they will make the game unplayable until the pop is so low that shutting it down will have almost no backlash.

  34. Is multi-accounting considered cheating? Has anyone actually been punished for it before? Without it, is there anyway whatsoever for a rural player to participate? No gyms = No 50 coins per day which means that certain content is now literally paywall locked.

  35. They don't care about rural players. Like, literally at all. They make money selling location data, so rural players are worth about as much to them as an empty Starbucks cup, and they make it known.

  36. I too dislike Niantic, but they owe us nothing. They created and offered the game to us. We decided to invest our time. Their decisions are pathetic but it is very much a case of "Play the way we dictate or don't - Your choice". I only started in September 2021, I reached Level 40 inside 6 months and have quit already based on a host of recent changes they've made. The only thing that will make them give us more is if we all decide to give them less by quitting. It is that simple, no exceptions.

  37. Niantic really dead set on killing this game amazing how braindead and deaf the developers behind this game are. Surprised that pokemon company/Nintendo is even still allowing them to be so scummy with the property.

  38. Its incredibly disappointing to see this game get updates like this and call it content, heck they call releasing a new pokemon every few weeks “huge content” there is nearly an endless amount of massive changes and updates this game would benefit absurdly from, yet they choose to do stupid stuff like this and ship it. Makes me wonder where their money goes, their other games that barley succeed? Its quite humiliating almost looking back at what 6 years of active development has done for this game.

  39. I agree with you OP. Unfortunately I feel as though without the PoGo content creators sticking up for us Niantic just wont care. :/

  40. They won't care either way. Unless people stop playing and they stop getting our location to sell, they will do nothing.

  41. Player since 2016, disabled, suffer from chronic pain and limited mobility. Few months ago, I found this subreddit and pokémongofriends and the raid megathread and I finally started being able to do 5 star raids and actually feeling like I'm part of the community.

  42. Those were only temporary buffs for covid meant to be taken away later. Though I can say Covid is still not over and they took them away prematurely. Also so many people started playing just because of the buffs so it’s sad that they didn’t recognize how much more we appreciated the game with those. I can get over all of it because they technically hinder the true aim of the game (get out there and meet people and exercise(though I’m not sure how much of that is an excuse to justify the money grabbing)) but the community day 6 hour thing was honestly so great and so useful and included a larger portion of the community who doesn’t get to take days off(even with advanced notice). I doubt they’ll care though. Even people play just because it’s “pokemon” that they don’t need to do much to please people.

  43. As someone that raids locally all the time, I rely on people that use remote raid passes to raid with me. I count on online raid communities like Leek Duck or PokeGenie to do any T5 raiding. My local IRL raiding community is dead and don’t come out to raid anymore or just doesn’t play. The remote pass was a blessing for me. If finding people online to raid with me is going to get tougher because of this change, then sadly, most likely I’m going to quit the game all together.

  44. THIS! I feel like this is brought up so rarely. SOMEONE is going to these gyms to raid in person when remote passes are being used. I drive/walk to raids and invite real life friends remotely all the time, but if they don't have remote passes I'm not finding 5 and 6 star raids to do, and I know I'm not alone in this.

  45. This company will NEVER CARE about what we have to say. We have to prove it with our MONEY. We have to call for a boycott of cash shop items or black out days to make them see how stupid their ideas are.

  46. I agree with OP completely. It has steadily gotten worse. Remote raids prices need to be reverted back to the 250 coins for three.

  47. Geodude community was so dead that Niantic is tweeting out meetups from past events and acting like they were from today.

  48. this community is the biggest group of online whiners i’ve ever seen, this is insane considering the amount of games that are out there

  49. This sucks. I walked around for an hour before it started pouring for community day. Now for the remainder on the community day I sit inside while my incense does nothing. Looks like I don't get enough xl candies to max out 1 pokemon.

  50. It really looks like Niantic could not give less of a damn about it's community's opinions, I have yet to find ANYONE who's happy about these changes, which says a lot about their awful decisions.

  51. Thanks so much for shortening the CD window. Thank you so much for the ineffective incense. Thank you so much for ruining something my wife and I really enjoyed doing together. Thank you for ruining POGO. Had to work today was able to get a whopping 40 mins of CD in. Plus with my incense working so great I caught 18 geodudes. None shiny. You guys suck. Sell the game to someone who cares. And just stop lying. You don't care about us. You don't listen to us. You created a way for the community to talk to you and literally everything you've done since is the opposite of what you said.

  52. Shit, this is all valid. I'd also add that Community Day is far less exciting now than it used to be. They don't feature rare Pokemon anymore. Hell, most of the time now it features one that already has a shiny available! Like, Alolan Geodude? Really? Where's a Deino Community Day? Just kills my interest in turning out.

  53. The biggest issue with the community day nerf (besides how shitty the spawn rates are) is that the game completely craps out EVERY goddamn community day. You only get ONE hour (if that) where the game runs fine and doesn't freeze/lag.

  54. Send it to customer support, let's jam their mailbox. Seriously, it is ridiculous how they treat players in this game. The only reason why people still play it, it's because it is pokemon and they know it. They know they can do whatever they want to a community of addiction players who will carry on spending their money. For me, this was the last straw too. I am not spending another penny on this game until they come with better solutions that benefits us.

  55. The reduction in community day hours is awful, I think Niantic think that it forces people to make an event out of it. But the 6 hours gave people more flexibility.

  56. I swear this isn’t even the first or even second time they’ve removed remote passes from weekly bundles, and every time they’ve brought them back. I don’t see why they still insist on removing them

  57. Don't care about my local community, just wanted to play a game with my girlfriend, not meet up with the locals I didn't have any interest in meeting before you tried to force us together, please stop punishing us for trying to enjoy your game, Niantic.

  58. with community day coming please don’t let them sweep this under the rug. That’s what their plan is remember #HearUsNiantic

  59. Glad to see I'm not the only one getting frustrated with all of their shitty changes. They keep making this game harder and harder for disabled people like me to play. It's just not fun anymore! Not sure how much longer I'm going to keep playing this game if it keeps going down this road, which sucks to say 'cause I used to love it! :/

  60. I understand pulling back some things as to add more value to things like some shinies, rarity to Pokémon and such but even I feel like there should be a better give and take ratio. Niantic is taking more than giving and the balance is against the player.

  61. I hate that the community "day" event is cut in half. It's not even fun now because you're scrambling to do the research and grab shinies with only three hours to do it. And your incense isn't helping anything. I'm pretty sure Niantic will introduce a feature where if you don't use a Pokeball once a day, they take them from your inventory.

  62. I’d love to be able to trade. I’m rural player and now permanently working from home. Gas is too much to drive 1/2 hour to trade. 85 lucky friends that’ll never happen. Not sure why they are pushing us to play in person. Covid is still big where I’m living.

  63. We should literally flood their sorry ass customer service with complaints and make them starve by not buying ANYTHING. They want war? So be it. They’re nothing without us. Let’s boycott the game, for real tho. I’m gonna do my part and start my strike in this very moment. Hopefully I’m not gonna be the only asshole to do that.


  65. I sentiment with this. After you listing all those changes, I realized that they are slowly returning the game to how it is pre-pandemic. But to me, these changes during the pandemic has become the norm and any changes to revert it, I personally consider it a stab in the back. Once they implement these removal of 1 Pokecoin and increase cost of the bundle, I am going to quit the game. I also need some time for myself (because of family problems), and I'm having trouble which hobby shall I give up. Niantic is definitely making it easy to choose.

  66. If they were really reverting it back to pre- pandemic, give us the legendaries again during research breakthroughs.

  67. They won't listen to anyone. They'll do as they please and tell us it's what we're asking for. Like they have with reducing community day hours; people were TOTALLY asking for that.

  68. Just thought I'd check in again now that the weather's nice, I quit around the release of Zekrom and Reshiram. But holy shit Niantic is more braindead than ever. I had a lot of fun with PoGo but it's a shame that they suck so bad at managing a live service game. They are literally the new Game Freak, they struck gold with an insanely profitable game despite being bottom of the barrel in actual talent for game development

  69. What is wrong with all of you people? Was it not abundantly clear Niantic is a fucking scam company whos incompetence is only topped by more incompetence in the first few months of Pokemon Go being released?

  70. Tell me they aren’t actually removing remote raid passes from those bundles… I thought those were their way of saying ‘sorry we’re fucking you over in so many ways but here’

  71. I wonder how many of the outraged people in this thread will actually quit though? Unfortunately I can't see it. I already quit earlier this year but I am still subbed to this channel and saw this pop up in my news feed.

  72. I'm actually quitting because I've had enough of Niantic's BS, and it's pointless anyway since I'll be locked out of end game raids.

  73. I started spending money on IAPs for the first time with this game. Still is only one of two games/apps I have spent money on. I enjoyed participating in GO Fests, and the $5 battle thing from a couple months ago (still going on). But yeah, I think I'm done spending money on this app. They are moving more into more of a price gouging model rather than pay a little, play a lot model. So I'm not participating in GO Fest this year. I got my GF excited about it too, and this would have been her first GO Fest. But no. Enough is enough. I am tired of these anti-community changes. Niantic, you won't get our $30 for this GO Fest and I'm done spending money in game too, unless something changes.

  74. To me this is just greed, I imagine most people buy the 5 dollar coin bundle like me. And that 5 dollars got me 6 raid battles. Now, I can only battle 3 and I am forced to spend more money to get the other 3.

  75. And don't forget the reduction in rare candies in raids, especially legendary raids. Once I found Poke Genie, I was finally able to do legendary raids and got enough rare candies to build them up. I think over 50% of the time I'm getting zero and the rest less than 3 now. And since making Level 40, I've seen no XL candies in any raid.

  76. im waited so long hit 40 lvl and do more raids, but meh.. just hit 39lvl so one more level to go and finally start get xl candies. Now it seems better just quit this game not really gonna pay 1€ every time i wanna do raids. I got 2 gyms only in 5km area so its pretty rare even see 5 star raids. Like now i waited almoust 2 weeks see first tapu fini. And now they took 1 coin remote passes away its probably so hard host raids via pokegenie unless there some very good pokemon at raid. Not mention earlier incense nerf which took lot fun what this game offer when live rural area.

  77. Niantic doesn't care. They will do the absolute minimum required to keep at least most people from quitting but losing some, making the current players happy or even attracting more players is not something they are interested in.

  78. Man am I glad that I quit this game last december. These greedy bastards haven't learned a thing over the past 5 years. The only logical response is to quit this game and enjoy real life more.

  79. Their marketing team or something is surely lacking common sense or business acumen because I'll tell you what, getting that one coin remote raid pass a week encouraged me to buy more remote raid passes off the cuff if I was in a difficult raid and ran out. Without that 1 coin remote pass to draw me in and have me raiding anyway, I'm unlikely to ever buy remote passes on a whim again. Similarly, I never bought a single event ticket or anything before 2020, never did a raid, participated in a community day, nothing. It wasn't really available to me because of where I live and my life circumstances. But since things changed and were made more inclusive in 2020, I haven't missed one event or ticket... until now. Why bother? Niantic doesn't care about its players, why should its players continue to care about the game?

  80. I was told that they don't even want every neighborhood to have a stop or gym. Even when there is a point of interest they get rejected almost every time short of it being some elaborate piece of art.

  81. Also the community day box is 975 coins. Why could it cost so much, what could be in it that would be so valuable? Well let’s break it down.

  82. I just came back to play two years ago because the pandemic but it seems now Niantic just doesn’t appreciate the new players.

  83. One step at a time they are making this game pure garbage. Why don’t they take a hint? Reverse the incense buff and reduce raid passes to 250. Too much at once.

  84. I have been speculating for a few months if they are throttling the game with intention of pushing the consumer base to their upcoming game release Peridots. It was suppose to be released last month now this month, but we'll see. It's said to be the next pokemongo, which in my own opinion would make sense that they would be making it a less enjoyable expirence on one game. I'm sure that the features we once loved having on pokemongo could be found on this new game.

  85. That would be pretty dumb considering all their other games are either failures or very niche games. They couldn't even make a massive property like Harry Potter work. Ingress has a cult following but most have never even heard of it.

  86. If this is a trend toward getting rid of remote passes altogether, then there's no reason for me to continue to play this game. There is no pogo community here. I have no choice but to rely on remote raiding for any 5 or 6 star raid Pokemon so if they are just going to be made unavailable to me, I'm done.

  87. Yeah its now more like community hour for community of elitist who dont have either job or family so they can play when wanted. Cant belive how bad decisions niantic made and they didint even bother wait till alola season is over to take 1 coin remote passes.

  88. I feel like I see a new post about this every month and every time there are hundreds of comments from people saying they are going to quit. Has the player count gone down?

  89. I stopped playing as much back when raids started. People were suddenly rushing around in their cars all over the place instead of sitting and hanging out in one spot. I didn't have a car, and never really cared much about battling, so I just kind of... fell out of playing.

  90. It always shocks me. They were handed a great IP, concept for a game and it was WILDLY successful at first.

  91. Guys look. They don’t care about you, and they don’t care about Pokémon as a brand or game. They have data collected from and they tweak the numbers to maximize profit. THATS IT. The gameplay loop is designed around maximizing profit through micro transactions. They use the same techniques casinos do.

  92. Buying raid passes in the raid screen still shows the bundle as costing 250 coins, but it takes the 300 anyway. I would demand my 50 coins back since it wasn’t properly listed but I know they won’t give them to me.

  93. Niantic doesn't seem to realize how barely fun this game is in the first place. Like, it's already hanging from a thread over the pit of stuff that is not worth my time.

  94. I’m in the process of moving. My current place has a gym and a pokestop I can reach from my living room. My new place has nothing. I guess I won’t be raiding anymore if I can’t get free remote passes, because I’m F2P with some very few exceptions. Probably will quit playing soon altogether.

  95. They have done nothing but try to force their vision on the player base, when its clear everything they are taking away is what the community wants. This will defiantly not let me participate in raids as I do not have time to go out and find a group of people to raid with. It was nice to be able to raid from home using the remote raid pass.

  96. Holy shit. I stopped playing right around when they made the incense change but not because of the change even though it kinda pissed me off.

  97. you have earned my medal! 🫡 less important but i’m also upset about the lack of hairstyles and customization

  98. I know I will get burned for this comment. Personally, I'm much happier without Niantic in my life. But you do you, whatever works for you is all that matters.

  99. Eyo, I live downtown in my city but don't have any gyms within a 2mins walk. (Although there are plenty if I got 5 mins to walk one way). Taking away the 1 coin remote raid pass in the store will make it difficult to get legendaries at all. I'm not running down the street every time I find 4 players in a raid and definitely not playing enough to afford the increased cost of remote passes.

  100. They’ve been trying to kill the game since the beginning. Constantly making the worst decisions and never taking community outcry or suggestions. It’s really the saddest game story ever.

  101. the most annoying thing (in my opinion) is that the passes are now more expensive and the legendaries are still very hard to catch. so you may spend a lot more and not even catch something unless you’re lucky and it’s shiny. not every player can land multiple excellent throws in a row at least I can’t lol

  102. The loss of the 1g remote raid pass is an amazingly stupid business decision. Why? Because it's exactly what got me back into the game after so long. I played a lot before and would only pop in every long while to mess around. But the ability to join up with friends for next to nothing was too good to pass up.

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