Is this a joke…

  1. They're trying to get people to use their standard Premium Raid passes. Heck, I'm still sitting on 15 that I've had since before COVID.

  2. Why should i do this raid first? The shiny rates of the spawn is the same, i don't want waste a raid ticket for this lol.

  3. This whole in-person raiding crap might make a little bit of sense if Niantic attempted to make it easier to connect with other trainers or somehow funnel trainers towards the same gyms. I see familiar names in gyms, sometimes when I'm attacking a gym those people will actually jump in on it, but without running around in a 4 block radius loudly shouting, I'll never ever know who those people are. 10 gyms in that 4 block radius and 3 raids going on, even if people all went out in a 20 minute span to do in-person raiding there is a 0.05% chance all of the players congegrate at the same gym and join the battle in the same 2 minute window. Everyone just passes each other in this game like ships in the night.

  4. It's astonishing that there still isn't any in-game tool to let nearby players or friends know that you're about to raid or that gym has lobby going on. It's laughable that they're trying to make this social game while giving zero in-game tools to organize anything. I think this is nice attempt to incentivise players to raid together for mutual reward but you are right, if this succeeds, it's because of coincidence or group formed outside the game and most likely organized in app not made by Niantic

  5. Yeah, at the very least I’d be more willing to do in person raiding if when the egg pops up to announce an upcoming raid, you could indicate “Interested” or “Going” so I can get an idea if there’s other players meeting up at a particular gym or if there’s more people showing interest in another area gym I can walk to.

  6. For what it's worth, the Chinese rip-off of Pokemon Go has a chat-like function where people can click a button to announce that they're in a raid lobby and anyone who sees it can click to instantly open up that lobby and join the raid from afar.

  7. I'm in the same situation, and so I won't be doing these raids, but are we really missing out on anything? It's just gonna be basically the same Pokémon as the one spawning for 3h, so it won't matter for us.

  8. I'll be at a family thing around 2 gyms during the whole community day, a good handful of us play hopefully raids spawn there

  9. I'm in a busy college town and no one raids near me. I even joined the towns pokemon go Facebook group. They stopped posting there so I've given up in person raids.

  10. I mean if remote raids get phased out I'll just never do anything but 1-3* raids again. I've played since day one and have never done a local group raid and it will never happen.

  11. I mean same maybe once a month when im at the big gym in my city at maybe 17.00 excactly when a raid starts then i might get to do some legendary raids

  12. Exact same. I have kids and I’m not fuckin organizing a raid in person. I am in my local discord but it legit is not worth the effort to me. Remote passes are perfect.

  13. That's me too. I recently got my GF to play again (not sure if she will stick with it tho) but for the bigger raids, it's not enough. I know there are a lot of people playing around me because the gyms are always changing, but I haven't seen one (There are some offices around here, so they're probably there).

  14. Niantic acts like everyone who plays Pokémon has a group they play with or everyone gets together like some kumbaya circle jerk on community days. Stop forcing people to do things they don’t want to do and shouldn’t have to do to play a damn game.

  15. I think it’s because of the benefit that it comes with. It gets spawns of Deino in a radius of 300 meters. Though this feature being added is very concerning to the future of remote raids

  16. The bonus spawns only apply if more than 10 people complete the raid in person. Don’t know why Niantic seem to think I have more than 10 friends.

  17. It is not because of the benefits that come with it. Those "benefits" are smoke and mirrors. I believe Niantic wants everyone out, running around, and generating data for them to sell. This would then mean they'd really like remote passes to go away.

  18. We all knew from the moment and the way remote raids were introduced they would eventually be faded out. Not sure why people hold this idea theyre a permanent feature.

  19. And I have no doubt they want to do that. They want people to go to gyms to generate data, which is where they make the REAL money. COVID was their worst nightmare because it showed how boxed in/limited in scope the game was. All of the features they were forced to employ in order to stay afloat during the pandemic are coming back to bite them in the ass, because it goes against their whole “mission” with the game.

  20. With each passing day, they make the game less accessible to (semi)rural players, again... Although this particular instance is insignificant, I believe it marks the beginning of the end of remote raiding in general. I can see myself walking away soon enough, especially with lowered legendary encounter rate in GBL and their insistence on removing remote passes from the weekly box.

  21. And Niantic keeps holding the 'we hate disabled people' sign. I can walk but I get fatigue and the weather can be a factor too. (Don't get me started on what feels like 60% of recent research and special tasks seeming to involve 'walking around a lot' as a task. They're tryng to brute force it.

  22. I'm so annoyed, i have like 18 local raid passes that i don't use. I don't have the ability to just go out places raiding, i usually rely on remote raid and invites. It sucks Niantic is trying to kill this aspect of the game.

  23. You can use your raid passes in GBL at level 20. You'll need just 1 win for a chance at a legendary, it's not great but it's better than wasting them.

  24. andddd disabled players lose yet again. I assume this means they're eventually going to do away with remote raids altogether and when that happens I'll be fully done. and because very few sympathize with that they won't give a shit either

  25. This is their blatant attempt in getting people out and stop remote raiding, it’s like they don’t like people shelling out remote raid pass money 🤨

  26. They like the millions they make selling people’s data. You even allow them to collect gps data when you ain’t using the app

  27. Isn't deino going to be the community day mon? Wouldn't that make this raid pointless to use any kind of pass on in the first place

  28. People are just being reactionary, if you're playing that CD there's no reason to do these and you only get the benefit of the post-CD spawns if you're there in person so there's no reason to do it remotely

  29. Would be a waste of a remote raid pass, why would you want use one for just one Zweilous after whole a community day of catching Deinos? Also the benefit of the raid is so Deinos spawn around the gym.. so again why use a remote raid pass?

  30. Exactly this. There is no benefit to a remote pass since the rewards are local to the gym. I suppose it would be nice to have them count for the people that are there in person, but this may be so they can mitigate any support requests.

  31. Not everyone lives in a place that has enough people doing raids, and won't be able to solo it, so they have to use remote raid passes to get into a raid with enough people to win it.

  32. What is the actual point of this? I can't see how they make any more money by people running around that just staying in doors. Like, where's the profit here?

  33. I was an on again off again player for years but lately Niantic has blown all popularity, loyalty, and good will with their greedy anti player moves. I deleted the app and don’t plan on re installing. Don’t be evil… late stage capitalism sucks.

  34. Had a serious medical problem come out of nowhere that has left me bedridden. Thanks Niantic for making this literally unplayable for me since I can't leave my house

  35. This is because the rewards are Pokemon that spawn at the gym, meaning you wouldn’t get any rewards if you use a remote pass

  36. I feel like if they're so determined to reduce the use of remote passes, a compromise could be that you can't use remote passes on smaller, solo-able raids from 1-3*. Or that you can use a remote pass to join a raid that you were invited to, but you need to be at the raid in person in order to send invites. That way you still have to go out in order to raid your local gyms, but you aren't being punished for not having any friends in your area who play.

  37. Why would you want to remote raid into a feature you don’t get the benefit of? If they allowed remote they would get spammed with “bug” reports that people aren’t getting their Deino spawns after 4 star raids

  38. I would say it would be beneficial for small/non-existent communities where they might not be able to get enough people together to raid. Of course the remote raiders still don't get the bonus, but I'm sure some moneybags people would raid Zweilous just for the XL candy.

  39. Yeah, I just think people are looking for things to be outraged by tbh. It’s been a thing the community has been doing a lot recently and go fest being a shambles has made it worse.

  40. I would love to hear more about why you think that. I don't see how adding a new feature to a CD shows that Niantic wants "no players", but maybe I am missing something.

  41. To be fair... The point of the raids is the unlock Deino spawns around the gym so that's pointless with remote raids

  42. I believe logical. Think about it..if you use a remote raid pass for a raid in say patis and you live in USA then how can you able to benefit from that 30 mins. deino spawn around that gym !?

  43. It actually makes sense though. The Zweilous itself isn't really interesting (because it's Deino com day and Zweilous can't be caught shiny), but the bonus it gives. You will be getting Zweilous spawns around the gym where the raid was defeated. This only makes sense if the players that defeated it are actually there.

  44. Niantic is not a game company. They are a data and analytics company. Remote raiding cuts into that data generation, so it reduces their profits.

  45. WHAAAATTT okay listen, I live in a place where there are quite a few Pokemon go players, but there is never enough people at one gym at the same time, you have to cycle through a bunch of different ones through the area. And I just can't do that on foot 🥲

  46. I just want 6 hour community days. I work weekends. I don't have time to sit at a random gym for 30 minutes catching Pokemon.

  47. Welp I guess I'm done playing since this is probably going to happen until they phase out remote raids entirely. Before remote raids I used to use 3 accounts on 3 devices with a friend or two because of how impossible it is to link up with anyone that happens to be playing in my area. I'm not going back to that. That was far too much effort and money and time that I no longer have.

  48. Uh, the only people still playing in my area are weird adults that actually get mad that anyone has the gall to throw into a gym(even though they're gyms I have nominated for our small town). Guess I'll just skip these raids.

  49. I mean, if you don’t want my money Niantic, go right ahead. I won’t buy the remote raid passes and I won’t do the raids.

  50. This makes sense because why would you remote raid a Zweilous that can't be shiny (or even if it can) after having Deino for three hours at 1/25 shiny rates.

  51. How is it in anyway harder for a spoofer? A spoofer can be right there at the place of the raid. What, people would be able to tell they aren't there? What are they going to do? Report them? There's 80 meters that they could be inside of which could end up as a false report. You could say they could look at the gps data, but why would someone spoof on the otherside of the world for a Zweilous raid for Deinos? They would do one close to them. This does not effect a spoofer in any way. Niantic is not doing this for spoofers.

  52. I mean, why would people want to spend a remote raid pass on this 4 star anyway? You don’t benefit from the extra spawns. The only “way” I could see this if you ran out of other passes and remoted in from a distance.

  53. I can see what you’re saying since remote players don’t get the spawns around the gym, but allowing remote raiders to take part in these raids may give a person who can’t play during the regular 3 hours a chance to get at least a single Pokémon out of it compared to absolutely nothing

  54. So that then it can’t be soloed and you need to bring more people to take down the raid. 4-star raids were removed a while back because getting 3 people to choose a tyranitar over say a mewtwo just wasn’t reasonable for most people. Bringing them back this way forces multiple players to interact with a raid in person without allowing for players who aren’t there to even get a chance at the Zeweilos, for better or worse.

  55. Is there any difference between the way Koreans/Japanese players do raids? When I get remote invited, I see up to 12-15 players. I'm a Korean American newbie player who just started last summer btw so please be kind in your response or just don't say anything at all.

  56. Korean/Japanese lobbies are usually full. Americans use apps to invite people to raids or invite friends but the most I've seen is 12 players when the pokemon is new. Now it's less with all the changes that are happening.

  57. Y'all gotta be kidding to legitimately be mad at this. The deino spawn ring is AROUND THE GYM you raid, how tf are you even gonna be near if you're raiding from another town or country. Consider it an extension of the comm day not a new raid boss, stg y'all do anything to be victims here.

  58. Another reason why I am glad I quit. Niantic be playing games with us seeing how much bullshit ppl will put up with and still pay money. F that.

  59. The joke is your post, actually. 1st, complaining at A BONUS. 2nd, who on earth who want to remote raid this after 3h CD and no possibility of shiny or getting the 30 min deino spawns next to the gym with CD boost shiny rate??

  60. Never been in a raid with other people. Anytime I post about this game publicly in my community I get made fun of 💀 y’all just let me remote raid

  61. That makes me sad… I’m kind of the same but with other games but I don’t get made fun of or at least if I do they never do it to my face they just… stop playing with me so if I play a multiplayer mode it’s almost always by myself 😥

  62. This is the 2pm to 7pm after com day. Doing it remotely wouldnt benefit the person doing it remotely. After defeating the Zweilous in the raid Deino will be spawning around that gym for thirty minutes at the same shiny rate as during com day hours.

  63. Welp this is something I’m ignoring. I live in the suburbs and work in an industrial area. No gyms or stops accessible without driving and gas prices are too high to waste on a damn Zweilous

  64. Is the shiny even available on the mid form? If not why would I even bother when it's base form has a community day coming up?

  65. my town has a total of 5 gyms, all of them spread pretty far from one another, and i’ve never once seen a full gym here. WHO is niantic expecting me to raid with exactly?

  66. how do you even use the premimum battle passes? i’ve got like 30 and throw them out because i’ve never been able to use them. someone help a future pokémaster out 🙌🏼

  67. I’d understand if it was any of the 1-3 star raids but c’mon a 4 star raid you need a bunch of people… I guess not many of us are getting Zweilous

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