I have never changed buddies.

  1. I was like that with a 3,000km+ machamp until I realized there was a medal for a ton of best buddys lol, now I have many

  2. I was kinda reluctant about the best buddy feature when it rolled out because I am also sentimental to particular Pokémon and couldn’t make a decision.

  3. Hey guys can anyone ELI5 to me how to encounter photo bombs from snapshots??? I’m really trying to get after that platinum badge with surprise snapshot encounters but I have no clue how to get photo bombed. :( would help out a lot. Thank you.

  4. Community days and certain events usually have 5 photobombs and you get encounters. Otherwise I think it’s just smeargle and it’s random.

  5. Smeargle will appear on the first click, if at all. When you click on your buddy and give him a berry, you'll see the camera icon. Click that to take a pic of your buddy. If Smeargle does not photobomb, then exit out of buddy interaction and try again. You don't have to give a berry every time you go in, but the encounter will only happen on the first pic (as in, no need to take several pics on the same encounter). And yes, as stated, many events will allow multiple photobombs a day - those are usually 5 guaranteed (definitely appearing on the first second third fourth and fifth encounter pic)

  6. I have but, now that I've had the same one almost a full year now I feel inclined to hit that mark before switching it out.

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