A bug about The Daily Adventure Incense

  1. I've posted just now a long explanation or maybe here in shoet it's not the pidove I mean. It's the galarian slowpoke that appeared

  2. Since I've gotten the daily adventure incense, I always thoght "Why don't I get any encounter for the incense". Yesterday after I used it again and encountered a random pokemon I saw before I entered the screen with a wild ponyta I could see for a brief second a pupitar with the blue incense ring. I flew fast from the ponyta to get the pupitar after it disappeared. Then I encountered a wild buizel for then before I went into the catch screen seeing again the pupitar and again I flew from the buizel but the pupitar disappeared. Today I made a screen recording so I maybe could show it to you guys so maybe someone can tell me how to fix it. As you can see for a brief second the galarian slowpoke with a little bit of the blue incense. I already tried logging out while incense active same as closing and deleting the game.

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