There’s always that one guy…

  1. Can you know which pokemon was put in the gym first? Imagine it started as a shiny Rhyperior and all the eevee's highjacked the gym

  2. I have often been made to look that "that one guy" in just that way... First pokemon in Gym.

  3. I have my gymbait pre-named (-AAA) so I can put them into a gym quickly on a drive by. One of them is a shiny rhyperior…so this could be me.

  4. Pro tip—if you’ve already clicked the button to add a Pokémon to the gym and then drive out of range of the gym, you can still drop your Pokémon in!

  5. This is late but I have a tag called “gym ho” for all my gym Mons so I can search that quickly when I need to drop one 😂

  6. Cmon, this game is meant to be played by everyone. Absolutely a middle finger to annyone who makes people feel bad for not adhering to a theme of a gym. Not everyone has to have the perfect pokemon to fit the theme, and it's absolutely fair to prioritize the actual combat ability.

  7. Don’t worry, it’s all good! Keep doing your best. I don’t think many people are truly super bothered by it.

  8. I like putting another quadruped like Delcatty or Houndoom in, just so that it's close enough but obviously still off.

  9. It’s the one type of themed gym that I will immediately take down EVERY TIME. I am so tired of Eeveelution gyms. The trainer who put in the Rhyperior is a hero.

  10. Probably a drive past drop. I’m guilty of throwing random low cp, high cp and odd recent catches too. Depends what catagory I have my Pokémon list showing as.

  11. Why, i am genuinely curious? I mean if you don't have a themed one sure, but if you do, why not. It's not like it'll take soo much of your time. I think it's a fun way to interact with other players and just looks nice

  12. Was this outside of Houston? I ran into a gym with the exact same set of shiny Eevee evolutions but no Rhyperior

  13. Ryperior - "Of course they are my kids, they are octuplets. What do you meant they look nothing alike? Of course they do they take after thier mother. The mother? Well she is short with brown and cream hair. What the hell are you saying of course they are related, look at the eyes! No a different colour eyes doesn't make them adopted, STOP UPSETTING THEM SAYING THEY AREN'T RELATED, GET AWAY FROM US......some pokemon have no manners"

  14. As a player who has spent no money on the game, lives in a relatively rural area, and doesn’t get out much, it becomes really hard to gain coins, so I take any chance I can get to put Pokémon into gyms. I know people like to have the Pokémon in gyms match each other but that doesn’t mean others can’t put their Pokémon in if they don’t match.

  15. Not alot of People care, i Just drop one in Quick while on my bike. Cba to match shinys of eevees of whatever

  16. This could literally be able the glaceon not being shiny or the Rhyperior not being an eeveelution

  17. Ugh! I had this happen-saw a shiny eevee gym and put my shiny sylveon in. Checked in it later....someone put a bidoof in.

  18. "Bruh, we're trying to do this arbitrary thing here with no commilunication and even less coordination. All you have to do is drop in one of three very specific mons that many people don't have."

  19. What about a Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior family. Ever think of that, OP? Of course not! Always about the Eeveelution family. Lol

  20. Rhyperior is as body beautiful as the reat of those photoshopped magazine Eeveelution bodies. Slay, baby slay!

  21. I did an eevee gym once before, now I'm over it and I think of them as passe and I relish in plopping in a big dumb garbodor or somebody

  22. I throw whichever one is at the top of my list into a gym. People in my town have no gym etiquette, they kick you out after 10 minutes, so as I use to try to do themed gyms or wait for somebody to get Atleast 7 hours I now just kick whomever out.

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