My buddy isn't evolving even though I've hit the 15km mark, just a prompt saying "error" any time I try to evolve it. Any idea why this is happening?

  1. Keep walking a little more? The game rounds up so you may be at 14.8 or something but the display will say 15. Not sure that's the case but I've heard of it happening to others

  2. That's what happend with my Eevee. Was gonna be umbreon but chose not to be one. Did I mention it's shiny? It's now a flareon in case anyone is curious

  3. This is what I do whenever the game isn’t doing something it should be doing. Works if you stop getting Team Rocket balloons too.

  4. Update: swapped buddies and the distance went down to 13.8km, set it as my buddy again and walked the distance and I was able to evolve it. Honestly no clue why this happened

  5. same thing happened to me and my event happiny with the flowers. i contacted niantic and they told me to just keep walkin, which i did and then the evolve worked after a few days 💜✨ glad you got yours figured out!

  6. I wouldn’t evolve that! That’s such a rare Pokémon. Chancey is 1/64 shiny so you’ll find it eventually. Baby Pokémon are rare to get shiny

  7. Don't evolve it!!! A shiny happiny is much rarer and (in my opinion) much better than shiny Chansey!

  8. It’s an event pokemon. While “older” flower Pokémon did evolve, maybe there’s a glitch with baby Pokémon? Might be worth it to run it by support

  9. Toggle active sync off for a minute, then back on. Then leave the app open for a few mins. I find this works for eggs that show 7/7, etc. also works for tasks that are earn x candy with buddy. Sometimes the activity lags behind the game.

  10. Oh….100% don’t evolve to Blissey, it looks like a regular Blissey with a slight fade to the colour, I RRP each don’t do it. Chansey is fine though.

  11. This is a thing about your shiny happily, it is way rarer then chansey and blissey, personally I’d keep it like that ( I also did cuz I also have one) but if you want to, you should evolve it

  12. I have had this happen. Usually when I check distance walked under the actual buddy screen it isn’t quite there yet (which is dumb but here we are).

  13. Could be fate, better to keep it as Happ it’s a rarer shiny. Unless it’s a hundo you want to max for gyms.

  14. I believe because it is an event pokemon and a shiny it is so uncommon that Niantic may have just forgotten or done something with the code to evolve it though that's just a guess

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